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  1. Giolito was absolutely rocked by Cincinnati last night. He has nothing in the tank. Basically, he has morphed into nothingmore than a pitcher (thrower) serving up beach balls to the hitters in a home run derby contest. It is remarkable how far he has fallen this season. He may only get a spring training invite next year without any guarantees. He can forget any possibility of a lucrative long term free agency contract. Who is the "real" Lucas Giolito? Maybe Donaldson was correct about the sticky stuff. His fastball velocity has dropped to the 91 range which eliminates the past effectiveness of his changeup.
  2. i am not giving up on the White Sox. But I have expanded my scope to include a seasonal subscription to MLB Extra Innings. Following only the up and down White Sox would swirl me into a deep depression. I am finding the Reds, Orioles, Pirates, and Tigers to be more enjoyable to watch as a supplement to the unpredictable White Sox. Of course, I do wish for the White Sox to be successful.
  3. and tomorrow the lineup will have TA and Elvis playing while Remillard sits.
  4. The catcher was blocking the back half of the plate. Unless he is holding the ball, the catcher is prohibited from blocking any portion of the plate. Viewing the route Elvis was taking towards the plate, and as he confirmed in his post game remarks, his intent as customary for him was to slide towards the back of the plate and extend his left arm. The positioning of the catcher impeded the toute to the plate forcing Elvis to redirect his body and slide to the front of the plate.
  5. Wonder if the absence of the guidance of Johnny Cueto is having a negative impact upon Reylo this season.
  6. Thank you, Zach R for restoring my faith in the goodness of baseball played the correct way. Take a walk, lay down a perfect bunt, catch a difficult foul ball over your shoulder, drill ahit through the left side to even the score, smash a ball to right field to tally the winning run with two outs in extra innings, and field flawlessly a blistering ground ball to second base for the final out. Humility is a virtue,
  7. where is Romy? why is Elvis playing ahead of Romy?
  8. It would be interesting to have a person knowledgeable about pitching mechanics to explain to those of us who lack such knowledge what the heck is wrong with Crochet's arm. His velocity has dropped from near consistent triple digits to a pedestrian low 90s fastball. He no longer pitches at the level of MLB standards.
  9. soxmath and singing the Nationwide jingle have become tiresome, silly, and pointless. Jason and Stone are among the best when they stay in the game but can be irritating when they drift away from the game taking place on the field, and ramble off topic. Gordon is insufferable and his reliance on hyperbole and platitudes is distracting.
  10. The Detroit Tigers was my favorite team until they dumped their best players around 2015 except for Victor Martinez and Miggy. Purging the roster was an insult to the fan base. After the death of Mike Ilitch his son, Chris, controls the purse strings and he is tight fisted. Payroll dove from top 3 in MLB and attendance sunk from near 3 million annually to average of 1.4 million. The Tigers have morphed into a small market team. Searching for another team to follow I discovered the White Sox in 2018. The team was fun and entertaining to watch in 2019 and 2020. Sinnce midyear 2021 the White Sox have been as enjoyable as a daily root canal. Ownership will not change until Reinsdorf dies because only then will the tax basis of the value of the asset (franchise) step up to its then fair market value. To sell before Reinsdorf dies would result in a significant tax liability for his survivors. It seems that the White Sox have a mediocre roster which has been poorly constructed. The expectations for greatness are unrealistic. MLB is full of stories of underachievement similar to the actual on the field performance shown by Eloy, Yoan, and Luis, all three of whom have been grossly overpaid up front based upon expectation only rather than proven performance. Eloy and Luis are similar to Avi Garcia and Jorge Soler. Moncada has shpwn that he is above average fielding but mediocre at the plate. There is much more that could be written about other players and the front office, but the bottom line is that the White Sox today and likely tomorrow is a team mired in mediocrity.
  11. I am fatigued reading about Moncada. He was grossly overpaid up front and due to the effects of human nature he lacks motivation and desire --- at least that is my interpretation of his rather casual performance on the field. As most of us posting here, I do not know Moncada on a personal level and my reading of his personality might be unfair and inaccurate. But, what I see on the ball field is a rather mediocre player who has had only a single season (2019) of impressive statistics. My preference would be to package him in a trade with possibly Vaughn or Roberts in return for multiple AAA level pitching prospects. Burger goes to third base on a daily basis, Sheets plays first if Vaugn is traded, and Colas plays centerfield if Roberts is traded.
  12. After Eloy returns it is a certainty that Burger will be inserted into the regular lineup at 2nd base. A player who has experience at third base can adjust quickly to adequately playing second base. Assuming Eloy resumes hitting, Sheets continues to furnish a power left hand bat, and Burger maintains his run producing output, the experiment with Jake at second base is necessary and unavoidable.
  13. My recall is that Cease was calling or selecting his pitches in the opening game against the Astros. He was using the inside cap device which became necessary to attach to his belt during the course of the game. He was making his pitch selections without any delay or hesitation. He seems to have abandoned that arrangement since opening day and his performance has declined steadily. Am I incorrect as to my recall of how Cease was self-selecting his pitches on opening day against the Astros? If I am correct, why has that method been abandoned in favor of having the catcher determine the pitch selection?
  14. Let's keep the boys ready and rested for the post season.
  15. Tony was an unintelligible corpse but Pedro is uninspiring as displayed in his post game press conferences. Let's remember that Pedro is a product of the post World Series KC Royals.
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