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  1. Angel Bastardo. Oxymoron. Greatest name I've ever heard.
  2. If his ERA is under 4.50 at the break, flip him for a prospect.
  3. Kelenic improved quite a bit last year. How good can someone get while striking out more than 35% of the time is the 64 dollar question.
  4. always thought jerry manuel was a dope too. his bullpen moves were head scratchers most of the time.
  5. nothing. dodgers keep real prospects. the guys they trade become magic beans real quick.
  6. if i were him that's where i'd go
  7. Seby was bad, but he had a flair for the dramatic. One or two games a year he did something cool.
  8. and his feelings. poor tim.
  9. middleton might work out.
  10. Bobby Knight fan. I've always thought you don't have to be a jackass to succeed.
  11. not to change the subject, but the bears are a bunch of stiffs too. so it's not just the sox.
  12. the one thing that makes me think we may regret this, is that the Braves hire and retain coaches based on their ability to instruct. if we had traded Bummer to someone like us, i wouldn't worry about a possible rebound. part of me wants Aaron to have a good year just to spite the Sox' good buddy coaching staff of recent vintage.
  13. location: alley behind my house. BYOOld English 800 40.
  14. bummer might be the best launch into the sun so far. he had a way of crushing my soul like no one else.
  15. ladies and germs, meet your new starting ss. nick lopez. he will play solid defense. should help out the pitchers a bit.
  16. ladies and germs, meet your new starting ss. nick lopez. he will play solid defense. should help out the pitchers a bit.
  17. he's the answer to my walgreens security question. who was your childhood hero?
  18. statistically speaking, AB was a league average RF last year .986 field % vs league .987. range factor 1.99,1.88 vs. league 1.92,1.89. his defense was average. historically he has been a little above average. he was nowhere near awful. AV and GSheets were awful. when people over state facts they begin to lose credibility. look for a small bounce bank this year. he is overpaid, but he didn't offer himself the contract. when you have a rotten organization, you have to do some thing to attract employees.
  19. I hope it's one of those chimpanzees that knows sign language. face it. if he's any good he'll leave in 2-3 years if not before. don't wish for anybody too good.
  20. if the twinkies lowered their payroll to 26million, we could probably break out the greatest line in dumb and dumber. "so you're sayin' there's a chance?"
  21. he was at his best with the sox. "reinhorn" duo drove him into the cubs open arms.
  22. the opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy.
  23. drink more. it might help a little.
  24. god i hate hearing the truth. that's why they shoot the messenger sometimes.
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