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  1. I live 45mins from the Braves stadium. One of the best run organizations in baseball is essentially right on my doorstep. Meanwhile, I'm a fan of one of the most incompetent and ineptly run organizations in professional sports. These last couple of years are really putting my Sox dedication to the test.
  2. Crochet is a guy you keep. Yes, the injury bug has gotten him. But this is a guy who came up in 2020 with just a few IP in the minors and made ML hitters look silly. He looks composed and dominant now that he's back healthy. He's worth the investment, imo. Kopech? Along with Eloy, the MOST disappointing of our rebuild hauls, imo. Incredibly gifted arm who pitches well when he's in the right headspace. Unfortunately, we're learning that, more often than not, he's in the wrong headspace. He's aware of it, too, and has taken measures to better prepare himself mentally. No dice...he just can't get out of his own head. He should be dealt the moment we can get something for him.
  3. I wasn't tuned in for all of the game, but did catch him telling viewers Moncada was batting lefty against a new reliever while the camera showed Moncada standing in the LH batters box against a righty. I thought I was listening to the radio call for a moment.
  4. If you're sending him to Charlotte to stretch out his innings as a starter, why can't he do the same thing in Chicago on a 110 loss team? Serious question...not being a dick.
  5. Pretty nice return for '23 Cease, very underwhelming for '22 Cease. I guess that makes it a net fair deal.
  6. Live round recovered at Gate 4 which is the opposite side of the park? And how the f*** does a gun go off in the stadium and the game goes on, like no one noticed or something? Nice security, Jerry. You're on a roll, pal.
  7. Nashville isn't happening. First, taxpayers just ponied up a s%*# ton of money for a new Titans stadium. Second, the southeast is Braves country. It would be very difficult for a different team to make inroads into that longstanding Braves fanbase. The threat to move is just a negotiating tactic. With the current lease ending in six years, this is a good time for the Sox to start negotiations on a new stadium deal. For one, with the Bears basically headed out of Chicago, the political climate is good for the Sox to negotiate. Second, Jerry knows the team will be sold when he dies. If he can secure a sweetheart deal from the city/state now, he'll up the franchise valuation significantly, just in time for the sale. Point being, the media is taking normal due diligence by the Sox and creating a whole bunch of clickbait sensationalism.
  8. Wins mean something when you're Pedro Grifol, praying this first season doesn't result in 100 losses and assuring he'll never manage another MLB team in his life. This is just a matter of self-preservation. And the funny thing is, it's not going to matter. No one will hire him.
  9. Kopech had Ramirez wrapped up. Instead of handling business, he tried to gingerly separate he and TA, which led to TA getting knocked out. Kopech had a responsibility there and failed.
  10. This isn't a playground full of second graders out on recess. This is professional sports. It's an absurdly bad look not to retaliate in a situation where reactions are read as indicators of pride, culture, cohesiveness, and brotherhood. No manager is going to punish his guys for suspensions they may receive while sticking up for their teammates. Outside of, apparently, Pedro Grifol, most managers would applaud such a reaction. And TA didn't start that s%*#, Ramirez's soft ass started it. TA didn't stand over him long enough for Jose to get in his feels about it. Then he poked his finger right in TA's grill. It's game on at that point. I'm not a violent person and don't condone violence or fighting, in general. Sports are different...teammates are closer to family. Again, brotherhood. If my real-life brother were involved in a brawl, I'm going to be right there beside him serving pain to whomever I can. I'd do the same for a teammate.
  11. My man looked like he'd seen a ghost. Accountability can be a beautiful thing.
  12. What will be interesting is watching them tie themselves into knots trying to dismiss or minimize the rumors.
  13. Any ideas where an out-of-towner may be able to catch this?
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