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  1. Hawk is whining like he did on some broadcasts. He spent over 30 years with the organization in various capacities and made a great living. Perhaps things didn't end like he wanted, but overall, he had to be happy with the experience as a whole. Regardless, it was time for him to go. I am not really interested in anything he has to say.
  2. Big men like Eloy have trouble with pulled muscles and other similar injuries. I don't see him playing 162 games, and I don't think keeping him out of the outfield will make a difference. As for Moncada, I don't expect that much offensively. Put him down in the order to give him less at-bats.
  3. Reinsdorf and Einhorn knew that they had to get some name players on the club. Fans were not coming out to see Wayne Nordhagen. Fisk was a great signing, but the Sox won only one division title with him.
  4. Melton was one of my all-time favorite players and a decent guy, too. Would have had a better career if it wasn't for his injury.
  5. The White Sox should win the Central, but that doesn't mean that they will, and I don't think anyone can make a prediction about this team. What we do know is that 2023 is a key year and will help determine if this rebuild is successful or not. The difference will not be any of the few off-season pick-ups. The core group of young players will have to step up and produce. Then we will see if the FO doesn't anything smart and effective at the trade deadline.
  6. This makes sense. The White Sox can have a big year and win their division, maybe even advance in the playoffs. Or they could be mediocre again. They're that hard to predict.
  7. One of my favorite Sox teams of all time. Had no business winning 94 but they did. Even nasty Dave Stewart gave them credit by the end of the season. Maybe someone should tell the current team about the 1990 club.
  8. I posted that Tim should shut up and play didn't mean he didn't have to right to speak his mind on anything. Sometimes I just don't like what he says. Obviously, he can say what he wants about anything. From the first time I saw him play years ago, I was convinced that he had a world of talent and the Sox were lucky to have a short stop like him. In 2021, he was a real sparkplug. Last year, he appeared distracted for whatever reason. I think Tim still has the potential to be a real superstar. I just don't know if it will happen. It would be a shame to have potential wasted, and I think that is very possible.
  9. Normally, I wouldn't think Buehrle would be a Halll of Fame candidate. But if you compare him to today's starting pitchers who think they do their jobs with six innings, Buehrle stands out. You can't argue with his consistency and durability. Drysdale is in with two less wins. Buehrle also has two no-hitters and came within one batter of having two perfect games. The guy knew how to pitch.
  10. Of course, the franchise has to make money, and it has to do what it can to say in business. But one way to stay in business is to provide a team that wins, and not have long stretches of not going to the playoffs. It makes no sense to tell the fan, who is a consumer, to keep paying for a bad product. Secondly, player salaries are going up no matter what JR does. If he can't compete in this market, he should sell.
  11. A long time ago, it was obvious that HIS WAY wasn't working. Instead, he gave us Robin Ventura, Tony LaRussa, and a tank job. Regardless, since 2008, this team has won next to nothing. If JR wants to win so badly, he isn't showing it. And the Bulls have done squat since Jordan and Pippen left. If this guy really wants to win, I have seen no evidence of it.
  12. I don't think that Anderson will bring what some think. He just came of an injury-ridden season and there were rumors of personable problems. I hope that Sox players how important this season is. Anderson should be one of them. I also hope someone impresses upon him how good he can be. Skip the theatrics and play ball.
  13. I like what Grifol says here even if some of it is the usual stuff. It will be interesting to see if his presence in the dugout will help change things. He has to be better than LaRussa.
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