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  1. Hahn doesn't have a lot of credibility, but he has said he is not going to drastically reshape the team. Of course, he also said that he would do more with trades than free agency. If he trades Tim, would he do something else with a trade? I've always thought Tim should quit the macho stuff and concentrate on developing as a standout major league player. Perhaps a different manager can help. I am not going to speculate further on a tweet.
  2. I can't get excited about a .199 hitter. Hahn said the Sox wouldn't do anything dramatic in the free agent market, and he was telling the truth about that.
  3. Exactly. A lot of empty words. To go along with a lot of empty actions. I wish this guy would just not talk. I don't appreciate being taken for an idiot. No fan should.
  4. I have no faith in Hahn or this organization right now. If something major happens, I'll be surprised.
  5. I think this is the most significant offseason. The Sox already have a pissed off fan base, and if the team does little, the tank and rebuild will look like a big con. Starting with LaRussa, this FO has lost a tone of credibility. Saying they tried but couldn't pull the trigger on trades won't cut it.
  6. To me, Sale had anger management problems that he sometimes brought to the mound with him. This trade was, and is, still fine with me. As with White Flag Trade, the tank showed again that the Sox failed to develop young players, and that is one reason they had to trade for young players on other teams. If the team doesn't want to spend mega bucks on free agents, they have to spend it on developing a farm system and building from within. Are they doing that?
  7. You may have a point. He went six weeks without hitting a homer. There is no way I would have ever re-signed him. They didn't draft Vaughn so high so play him out of position.
  8. Jose was great but it was time for him to go. Maybe that short porch in Houston will help him, but otherwise, I think his best years were behind him, and it is time to get Vaughn out of the outfield. Still, he was a real pro, and he'll be missed by fans and players alike.
  9. One of my lasting memories of 2022 is Lynn limping around the infield during his last start. Couldn't over to first to get a throw. Still has his stuff, but I wonder about his knees.
  10. Justin Fields can score from anywhere on the field. The Bears have never had a quarterback close to that. Watching the losing is tough but Fields is at least entertaining. The team finally has a quarterback after decades of assholes.
  11. Right now, I can't imagine any team that would have significant interest in anyone on the Sox roster except for Cease and the Sox are not going to deal him. To me, saying the team will be improved with trades is saying the franchise doesn't want to spend money in the free agent market. Unless Hahn does some creative things, I don't have much hope for this off season.
  12. The team was already in place, and the division was weak. Even LaRussa couldn't blow that one. I have few expectations of this organization. I think it needs to prove itself, and I have bid doubts about that.
  13. The image of the White Sox organization has taken a beating the past few months. Money is always the main motivator, but players still like the idea of being on a winning team. It will be up to the FO to convince the players and the fans that the team is serious about turning things around. The hiring of the manager went okay; at least the team tried to give an appearance of a detailed search, and no ex-Sox player was hired. But the Pollock thing was not good.
  14. I don't know how much the FO realizes how much their credibility is at stake right now. I don't expect them to spend gobs of money, but this has to be an active offseason. Another disappointing season in 2023 will result in fans labeling the rebuild a failure if they haven't already. Denial and blaming the fans will not work.
  15. I don't know anything about Anderson's personal life, but he just didn't look like the same guy. His average was okay, but he wasn't providing the spark he did in other years. A malaise seemed to surround this team. New manager has a real challenge in front of him.
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