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  1. I agree. This player should never have been on the field. This is just negligence and risking the future of a promising player. This organization is beyond bad, and there is no credibility whatsoever. Someone should tell JR he doesn't know everything.
  2. I don't want to speculate because I have so little faith in the organization. So many things need to change that a simple hiring won't have much of an impact. Just so it isn't LaRussa or Cairo.
  3. Yes, and this is just an indication of how this situation was botched. This team is so poorly run and needs a strong manager in the dugout badly. Preferably, a manager with experience and no ties to the White Sox.
  4. There is already some talk about giving Cairo the manager's job, and, if that happens, that is just another indication the Sox won't be fixed. The organization should do an extensive search for a new manager not just hand the job to a convenient man just because he's already connected to the team. There has to be some self-examination. But that would mean people would have to admit they have made mistakes, and I don't see that happening. Right now, this FO just doesn't have credibility. They are too busy blaming fans. The Rebuild is a failure.
  5. I'll say what many others have said: This team just isn't baseball smart. The same mistakes are made over and over. Good teams just don't have talent; they know how to play in certain situations. A new coaching staff would help. Getting rid of some players would also help.
  6. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if JR does not fire Hahn. He'll fire the fans first.
  7. Hopefully tonight it is even less. Time for fans to stay away in huge numbers. Then we can sit back and wait for the Sox to complain about attendance.
  8. Wow, this sure makes me feel better. It's amazing that a man so successful can run an organization into the ground.
  9. Perhaps Cleveland is not likable, but they are better than the White Sox.
  10. I really don't care about anything Hahn will say after the season. I have lost total faith in him and this organization. The rebuild is failing, and it was something they staked their reputation on. I have no expectations at this moment.
  11. Maybe he should start caring less. I don't know what the attendance was for game #2 with Cleveland but the stadium looked half-empty. And it was quiet. Absolutely no emotion. In the middle of a division race. I don't get why he doesn't care less. I wouldn't my name associated with this fiasco.
  12. The Sox cannot go into the off-season thinking injuries were the only reason the team disappointed in 2022. That would be the height of denial.
  13. The very least the Sox can do is show their fans they are not giving up and win the next two. Yes, I know how unlikely the division title is, but they are not eliminated yet. Other than that, I don't have high expectations and haven't for a long time.
  14. Last week Cleveland sent in a minor league pitcher because they apparently didn't think a game against the Sox was all that important. Always feel good when Cease is taking the mound. Hope he can go deep into the game and that Sox don't allow themselves to get shut out for some reason.
  15. It's possible that the Sox can sweep the Guardians, but I don't see it. The Guardians are playing well, and I don't see them losing three in a row here. Also, the Sox offense tends to shut down at least once during a series. But at least there is meaningful baseball for the Sox in September. Many years that is not the case.
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