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  1. I was with you until the moronic reference to Don Denkinger.
  2. That was Tony LaRussa’s idea.
  3. Wants the team to move to be rid of the owner. Spoken like a true White Sox fan.
  4. Not quite. The original site folded shop last spring, but a new iteration debuted later in the year and is still going.
  5. NO!!!! If they don’t go 11-0 in the postseason and win every game by blowout it’s failure! Failure! Failure!
  6. Why, you two must be giddy-widdy fanboys! Boy, I can’t wait until the Astros sweep in the first round. I’m going to be the first to point at you and say HA HA! I rubbed it in when Eloy got hurt, when Robert got hurt and I’ll do the same when the season is over!! And I’m a lifelong Sox fan so don’t you dare question me on this!
  7. The White Sox fan base seems to have quite a few of these. I can’t say if others do, as I don’t read postings of other fan bases.
  8. Yes. And there is boo hooing and crying over Babe Ruth, forgetting that Comiskey paid $50,000 for Eddie Collins and $35,000 for Joe Jackson. But that won’t do when you’re determined to get a good anger going about shit from 100 years ago
  9. Where in the hell do you see that she was anti-anthem?
  10. Oh Good freaking Lord. The internet is obsessed with this stupid crap.
  11. Not going to happen. And remember when many media members were indignant when they thought the Sox were refusing to trade with the Cubs? They will be equally indignant at the thought of Kris with the Dreamy Smile being traded to the Scum Team.
  12. You lost me with the “goof” comment and how they would win because Hoyt and blah blah. Cannot take the rest of this post seriously.
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