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  1. Want: ROY Expect: solid rookie season claiming RF for good. Need: competent defence, staying healthy, and lefty power from the bottom third of the order.
  2. I don't care how out of synch the audio will be, I will be listening to the radio feed without question.
  3. I wouldn't, but I feel like Yaz will be higher than Moncada. I do hope Colas gets the start.
  4. The rotation is the biggest question mark heading into the season for me. I'm sticking with the number I had in my head before spring training. I hope I'm wrong, but too many things have to go right IMO for me to share your optimism right now.
  5. Not sure where to put this, but found it interesting.
  6. 78-84 Astros, Blue Jays, Rays, Yankees, Mariners, Guardians Lose the division by 12 Starting rotation struggles with health and consistency. Sox lose a number of high scoring games. Shitbag starter #5 DFA'd by mid May and the 5th spot becomes a black hole that haunts the team all season. Yaz makes it a week before an IL stint. DFA'd by June. The rest of the starters remain mostly healthy. Not trying to be doom & gloom, just gut feelings at the end of spring training.
  7. Zero hate. He was great. Genuinely great, passionate, and memorable. But by the end he was bad. I say it with no ill will. I still love the Hawk of old, but it was time for him to go well before he finally did. It's just reality.
  8. He was the voice of the Sox for my entire fandom from when I fell in love with the team until he retired. I loved Hawk, but you sum it up well, his last few years it was a chore watching the games he called. It was a sad decline and he should have retired sooner than he did. It’s unfortunate that our most recent memory of his calls were such a sound bite driven self parody. He shaped my fandom like few others, but it was time.
  9. Sorry Hawk, it was time. It was actually past time. You were great, until you weren’t. They did you and everyone a favor. I appreciate that you went out magnanimously and didn’t make a fuss, but the interview sounded like a lot of sour grapes to me. It’s too bad that you’re crotchety and bitter about it, but it was for the best.
  10. Yeah, I don't know how many bats he will miss if he has to come at guys with a FB low 90s.
  11. I just hope he can be effective with that FB velocity, if that's where he is going to be now.
  12. I don't doubt it. I don't see him lasting at 3rd for long though.
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