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  1. Oh, Getzy is waiting to pounce on that claim. You can never have too many Ex-Royals!
  2. Fewer chances to get hurt and or crater his trade value.
  3. Simply more opportunity. When you're good at drafting, extra picks will go a long way. The White Sox on the other hand, wouldn't get it right if they had 5 first round picks.
  4. Tongue in cheek as I intended that, you're not wrong. Not to mention the question of whether that would be attempting to circumvent draft rules.
  5. Yup. Baltimore hit on so many of their high picks durning their rebuilding years. Meanwhile the White Sox picked Andrew Vaughn and Nick Madrigal in the first round during their "tanking" years.
  6. No way they are smart or savvy enough to pull that off.
  7. The last thing the Mariners need is another physically maxed out low power low average 1B. Houston I could see out of desperation, but i don't think they are that desperate.
  8. None of these guys start on a contending team. If fringe Major Leaguers are the barometer for success, oh boy...
  9. Are you competing for the best minor league system, or trying to build a playoff caliber team? Dominating A-ball is great, but it's still A-ball. There's a damn long way to go from good in A-ball to manifesting success at the Major League level.
  10. In what realm is topping out at a .700 OPS out of 1st and 2nd round picks a win. Holy s%*# the delusion...
  11. The White Sox do neither, which is why they are in the mess they are in.
  12. I think we would all love to build around Robert and Crochet. Just like we all would have loved to build around Sale and Quintana. It is the build part that is the issue. The Chairman refuses to actually build. Which is to say he refuses to build in a manner that equates to winning in the era we are in. He refuses to pay for top tier talent in free agency despite the large market, he refuses to invest in building a minor league system that produces MLB regulars, and he refuses to invest/build a talent pipeline in Latin America. Things that all good teams do in one facet or another. The build around X player arguments are hollow and toothless when they refuse to acknowledge very entity that prohibits this org from actually building a winner.
  13. I have my doubts he even makes it out of AZ.
  14. If that was an act for all of those years, bravo, it was convincing.
  15. Towards the end, he was repetitive catch phrases and sound bites. But in his prime he was as authentic as could be IMO.
  16. I'm not mad at him. I think he is really bad at what he does, and the bad team and the toxicity from the org compounds it.
  17. A good announcer can make bad baseball more enjoyable, and at worse, more palatable. The White Sox are an extreme case in how bad they are, sure. But I'm not subjected to nails on a chalkboard cringe when I listen to out of town baseball, even when it's two bad teams.
  18. This part. The action on the field is already unwatchable, the last thing we need is to be assaulted with intelligence insulting cringe inducing nonsense on a game to game basis.
  19. It has been the org's M.O. since Reinsdorf and Einhorn took over.
  20. I did not realize this is what people were referring to on Twitter. Holy s%*# this guy gets worse with every passing day...
  21. Must throw in Schriff as well. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
  22. And my point is that acquiring Westburg does not fix their offensive issues, especially at the cost of losing George Kirby. The drop-off between Kirby and Hancock is massive. You are creating a big hole without really solving another. The hole at 2B is not the primary reason why their offense struggles. Your trade idea is a net negative move that makes no sense no matter how you try to explain it.
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