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  1. Supposedly Hahn had a trade in place for TA but Kenny trading Burger to the Marlins ruined that.
  2. DId you forget to add that TLR is back?
  3. cant wait for the day he topples over, i have a bottle of champagne for the occasion
  4. Gun to head Soxtalk: Getz or Moore for GM
  5. I feel very uneasy. Happy KW and RH are gone, but feels like a very dark cloud over this franchise, and I feel its going to be dark for a very long time.
  6. I think Chris Getz oversaw one of the worst development programs in MLB
  7. The problem is still at the top. Getz takes over, so what? KW and RH were bad but the bad will keep coming.
  8. This settles it, the Sox are going to move out of Chicago. I have been calling this for a while now. The franchise has a failure BECAUSE IT IS DESIGNED TO BE!!! How else would they entertain the thought of moving out of Chicago if they were a success?
  9. 15 ERA in 3 starts in Birmingham lol
  10. This is PR. It is coming from Bob who gets his orders from Jerry himself. Its going to calm the fanbase, another 'carrot on the stick' approach by Jerry. Get everyone thinking change is coming when it most certainly is not.
  11. A's fans are making this happen all by themselves, white sox fans aren't engaging too much unfortunately.
  12. Vaughn 1500 ABs - 0.9 WAR Burger 600 ABs - 2.5 WAR Vaughn is untouchable, Burger got traded for a broken AA prospect
  13. Lifes short, might as well raise hell. Almost 20 years of straight futility while the owner kicks our dicks in. Baseball is important to me and cheering for a Sox brand I can be proud of is what I want. Cubs fans calling us trash and we roll with it like cuckolds. Years ago it we wouldnt. I want to be a proud sox fan again and I know there are many out there like me who are tired of this and just want their voices heard for one night. A's fans are more excited about it than Sox fans so far, the latter apathetic and barely engaged. Maybe the wrong franchise is getting moved.
  14. See post in the whitesox subreddit:
  15. I do remember them, and I would always remember a crowd of 30000 yelling SELL THE TEAM. It will be burned in my mind forever and it would be amazing. A banner held by 2 kids and a small billboard wouldnt compare.
  16. Pedro is clearly not the man for the job, but this mess predates him. It starts at the top. Sox fans need to organize and do a Sell the Team night like in Oakland. Hell, we play the A's soon. It would be amazing to get a sellout playoff type atmosphere chanting SELL THE TEAM. This would embarass the FO more and also show some love to our A's brothers and sisters. Anyone know some big Sox personalities to get this rolling?
  17. Im ready for a fresh restart. Core, FO, everything.
  18. What i love about this post is that it was at 1:30 in the morning. Ive been there after a few drinks myself. Ive been there sober too. This is the darkest era of my White Sox fandom. I was born in the Chicago suburbs. My dad was a Yankees fan but I wanted to cheer for a team that was local. I watched both the Cubs and Sox growing up and loved both of them. I regret not ultimately picking the Cubs. I dont see us crawling out of this rut the FO and Jerry put us in. It will take YEARS for me to find my passion in cheering for baseball again. I will drink the best champagne when JR finally croaks.
  19. I had dinner with a former Sox player a few years ago andthe topic of JR came up. I mentioned that as a fan that I couldn't get behind JR and that I didn't like him. You would think I just talked s%*# on this guys dad. This wasn't even a major player for us, but JR SET HIM UP for the future. He had him take economics courses, and got him to invest in real estate down in Houston. This player was in the league for only a few years and now owns about 15-20 rentals in Houston. He thanks Jerry for it. Its no wonder there are so many players who admire and stay loyal to him. If only he gave a s%*# about the fans.
  20. lol Eloy grimacing after running down to first base, im so sick of him. Injury #40
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