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  1. I love that. Exactly. The Sox need a left handed hitter, not a left handed "wiffer".
  2. Last season, the biggest weakness of this team was offense. How does losing their best hitter to free agency and then adding Joey Gallo do anything to strengthen that weakness? That would only leave second base, as a hole to fill, which is not likely to net any significant improvement in scoring runs. The only other pathways to a better offense wold then be better performance from the current core and, or trades.
  3. There is no way to ascertain whether, or not, missing the playoffs would lead to the changes that most of us believe need to be made. However, it seems logical that winning the division would likely diminish the prospect of those changes occurring. Therefore, based upon the probabilities, I'd vote for missing the playoffs.
  4. I'm pretty sure that few would recognize the Sox as deserving champions, in that scenario.
  5. Any team can win a series against another team. Would you honestly delude yourself into believing that the Sox were the better team? I wouldn't. I would just call it luck. How long has it been that the Sox have been playing .500 baseball? So winning the worst division in baseball, with barely a winning record, would make you very happy, as long as they won a few post season series and the World Series. It wouldn't be very satisfying for me, after watching an entire season of mediocrity. I guess that I'm harder to please.
  6. Perhaps the front office intentionally floated the idea of a possible return, in an attempt to gauge the reaction. It's hard to believe that they are so obtuse that they haven't figured it out yet. However, why should we have confidence that they know what they're doing. I don't care how this all plays out, as long as the Sox have a different manager, next season. Loyal fans deserve better than all of this unnecessary drama. This organization has managed to become very difficult to support. Frankly, even if they win the division, if their record is just a little over .500, and they succeed in the post season, it would be a hallow, tainted victory, for many. The Sox don't belong in the same company as great teams, which have compiled significant winning records, during the season. What if they played the Dodgers, in the World Series and won. Would anyone really think that the Sox were a better team than the Dodgers? Just get this season over with, and try to fix it, before this window closes.
  7. As bad as Moncada is with the bat, that's how good he is with the glove. Problem is, great fielding, terrible hitting infielders are not that hard to find.
  8. Moncada has left 6 guys on base tonight. He has simply become an awful hitter.
  9. Do any of you actually think that this team deserves to be in the post season, even if they somehow end up in it? This team doesn't deserve it, nor fan support. Let management be required to fix the obvious and egregious short comings of this organization, before the fans support it. I didn't watch, but reading the account of the completely mishandled Kopech's injury caused first inning debacle, only reinforces the notion that the people running the organization are inept.
  10. Although Payton bats left handed, he actually has better numbers vs. southpaws, this year. At least he's a real outfielder. He homered last night, as well. It was a blast. He was interviewed during the MLB Network broadcast of last night's game.
  11. Since he already has the money guaranteed on his contract with Oakland, money is probably a much less important factor than playing time and a chance to play for a team with realistic post season potential. If the following report is accurate and we compromise with an expected return date of the middle of September, that would mean that Andrus would get about a month of playing time: 'The earliest Anderson will return is the first week of September for a series against the Seattle Mariners. If he's sidelined for the full six weeks, he won't return until late September, when time is winding down in the regular season"
  12. Assuming he becomes the starting SS, until Anderson returns, where else would he get that opportunity? Are there any other contenders, that have a need at SS? There really aren't many competitive races, at this point.
  13. Rodriguez is only 21. There's no hurry. Colas is the guy who needs to be promoted. That's enough rookies, in a year that they hope to be in the playoffs.
  14. Especially when the Sox have such an obvious need for some LH thunder and a competent right fielder. They can't keep playing Eloy and Vaughn, or Sheets, in the same outfield.
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