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  1. Need a win today to stay relevant heading into a very winnable stretch
  2. Dont know if anyone mentioned this earlier but the 1st game of the season vs the Astros where we gave up 13 runs and got rocked, Giolito started that game as well
  3. Lol Kelly's hurt i bet you we give him a raise next year cuz thats what this org loves injured bullpen arms and DH/1st
  4. I salute you sir! I can barely make it to 8 pm CST with this damn team
  5. IDC how but Yaz no longer can be a White Sox after this year. idk how you dump that terrible contract, but a catcher who cant call a game or even catch the majority of the games and cant be healthy has no place.
  6. Bases Loaded and not gonna score a run while a pitcher who has been in the league since god damn 20 years ago almost strikes out the side lol
  7. I would if I should play the mega millions now that Leury just got picked of on a walk because the odds of that...
  8. I think the reason that the cubs have the attendance they do is the younger crowds that pulled towards Wrigley for the bars and surrounding areas that are easily accessible before/after the games. To me, its almost more of an event go down party go to game party again. Looking through the lens of being under 25.
  9. What do we think is Montgomery's floor/ceiling at this point?
  10. Would love to see Colas continue to improve in AA now that he has been promoted and crack in that top 100 with Montgomery.
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