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  1. Hopefully pham keeps up his solid play ans can net a decent fringe prospect at the deadline. Its one of Getz better moves honestly
  2. I liked what I saw. mechanics look good and his demeanor on the mound was outstanding. I think his constant struggle is going to be trying to amp up 2-3 mph of fastball speed to keep his other pitches honest. I would rather him be pinpoint at 91 with it and mix in MORE changeups and cutters. At the very worst he will be a solid #4 type for many years as he should be low on the injury concerns. He won't be an ace, but with Schultz and maybe Crochet (if he stays) he wont need to be.
  3. Lee and Quero solves Catcher the next 5 years hopefully.
  4. We got a real one. Locked into the next couple years of the rotation for sure. Love it
  5. Dude was still a better pickup than Maldonado. That is how bad he is and how badly Getz should be fired for thinking those 2 were serviceable options.
  6. Exactly my thoughts. We have promising pitching in the minors, a few players that can be decent and the best free agent class in years....oh wait.
  7. If this is truly the case. I am done. At least until Jerry dies. I can't take this anymore.
  8. 2-3 good FA position player signings can mask bad drafts. but that requires jerry to die.
  9. this is too weak of a draft to underslot first round. get one of the top 11 sure thing pieces and then just pray beyond that they find some diamonds later.
  10. I was so excited when they signed Colas. I really wonder if it's their system that ruined him or he just doesn't have it in him to be more than AAAA fodder. but this constant stream of has beens from other Orgs is reason enough to know that Getz is awful at his job and this team is going nowhere for years.
  11. Let the kid play. At this point who cares about the future, they will mess that up also if Jerry still is alive
  12. Love getting a sweep and seeing some decent starting pitching out of a good FA pickup by Getz. Also sad because Grifol just got a leash for the whole season now unfortunately
  13. Caught in an andrew slide...no escape from reality
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