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  1. Last year would have been a black hole with our lineup. Now that we have true righty/lefty balance, i feel like they sneak out some good hits and Beni, Yaz and Colas all get an XBH today.
  2. this is hilarious....as most pundits were all crapping on him just last week saying last year was a numbers fluke and he isn't really an ace. nice about face Buster
  3. Feel decent about today and REAL GOOD about the season. Let's Go!
  4. No concussion is all that matters. Healthy, good to go
  5. Family night - with Mike Clevenger
  6. The Yankees are so F**cked right now. Like seriously the injury bug is ravaging them, and it really opens up the AL. The Astros clearly the team to beat, but any team that can stay healthy in AL east could potentially knock them out.
  7. Safe to say that Colas is opening day RF.
  8. Sox 88 Wins Guardians 88 Wins (black-out game 2023 version incoming) Twins 84 Wins Royals 76 Wins Detroit 72 Wins
  9. This was a great share. I have always thought he has more potential than Cease. If both hit their peak this year....wow.
  10. Vaughn...so washed up. 🙄
  11. Dylan Cease is so damn likable.
  12. Are ticket prices gonna reduce? I am not paying 100+ a game for 2 hours. sorry
  13. Oh you just looked at Kelenic's big league numbers tonight?
  14. This is the dumbest take I've ever seen on this site. Literally your franchise SS vs a 3 mil economy deal. Are you personally gonna ask Tim to move to 2nd?
  15. The trade deadline this year is going to be INSANE. The Reynolds of the worlds (stars with escalating arbitration values or near FA times) will be given away if these teams lose this revenue. Smart GMs with some savvy are salivating.
  16. MLB trade rumors has that breakdown as well from Rosenthal. It's pretty insane. But also totally reasonable. Hopefully the trend of get paid what you are actually worth becomes the norm with contracts.
  17. It's a slogan. in 2005 would they have died if they didn't win? 😃
  18. This feels like a very good depth move. Now if they can just find something similar on the SP front, they at least can pencil in something.
  19. for all you doomsday haters...don't bury them too much (this is vegas we are talking about)
  20. Wacha wants 2 years, 30 million apparently. Makes sense why he hasn't signed yet...and most likely he holds out a bit more until someone either gives in or gets desperate due to injury. Won't happen with Sox at that price. Buried in Nightengale around the league section
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