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  1. Hold on...louder for the filters... F U C K Jerry
  2. glad to hear. you know your stuff...but butt heads with so many...I can never really tell. 😎
  3. yeah...anyone who has an account on soxtalk and POSTs somewhat regularly being called a casual is the biggest case of message board virtue signaling I can imagine. All hail Ray for being a REAL DIEHARD
  4. His agent is going to ask for MORE now that Verlander got that deal...and I agree...he should ask for it. If anyone does give it to him...well...good luck.
  5. I will take that bet. I was WRONG about last season...I guarantee you he doesn't pitch over 180 innings on more than 2 years of the 6. Shoulder issues will always linger and Carlos really isn't the model of diet/conditioning that can overcome it.
  6. So the rate for an Old Ace on a short term deal is 43 mil a season now. And people were complaining about 8/12 mil a year for Clevinger...🤣
  7. Verlander 2 years 86.8 million....🤣 OUT OF CONTROL spending https://www.instagram.com/p/ClxL2tsrHHw/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. So this deal is outstanding again. Bravo honestly
  9. The rangers have spent nearly 750 million on 4 players that aren't even close to top 25 players in the league (maybe not top 50) Great plan...this totally won't blow up in their faces...
  10. what is the best corner outfielder Gio would net with at least 2 years of control? That makes sense...as well as signing a lefty LF if they can't find a good OF match and go prospects and a 2nd base starter instead. But 2nd base trade would need to be really good to make it worth it.
  11. This is either going to be a Carlos Lee type trade that we all hate and leads them to greater things...or it's going to be a disaster and close the window most likely. Strap in.
  12. I can't believe people are this passionate about Cueto. He's a guy.
  13. does he deserve a second chance...sure, we all do. But to do this with an at risk manager at the helm just makes you an asshole that only cares about self...which is 95% of the issue with every covid denier.
  14. 2022 FA WAR per million was 8.5m. so if he is 1.5 WAR this season ( he averages 2.5+ when healthy) he will be worth 12 mil easily. I dont love the 4 mil loss here as far as other additions for the team...but in the grand scheme its not an over or under pay...its probably just about right.
  15. Nothing. They still have a top 10 catching duo and limited funds. Grandal post knee surgery and rehab should be better. Hahn made this bed...he can sleep in it.
  16. Not a popular opinion here...but Vaughn will outplay him by a decent clip over the next 3 years. Sad to see him go...but you HAVE to play your farm guys when they are ready. No more Vaughn in the outfield will be a very good thing
  17. This is where I am at. at 8-10, this was a great deal...once you get 12 or more...and it shouldn't be a prove it deal anymore. Let's hope he gets 3 WAR and its good value
  18. 1 year deal apparently. So i am expecting 8-10 mil or so. https://twitter.com/jonmorosi/status/1596973607342682112?t=QlhybJyokKN7XtUhdNfa8Q&s=09
  19. Really good on this one. You subtract 2 bad outing against the Dodgers and pitching in coors field and the dude was sub 3.50 era coming off TJ. I think he is a really solid add.
  20. yeah, that is absurd. not interested at anything over 14 mil at absolute most.
  21. Can revolution (weed maker) make a Belly Sativa this weekend to convince a cheap signing? Like 8 mil a year and endless pot for the life of his time here? Win win.
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