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  1. That was the plan we all wanted. And insurance if Tim went down (which he did already). Romy coming around is a real good thing.
  2. Really good execution across the board this inning. What team is this?
  3. First page to second page is so soxtalk. Carry on!
  4. At this point you need his bat. Honestly trading Eloy should be on the table as well...
  5. If Moncada stays healthy and Robert keeps this up...they might be something offensively the rest of the year.
  6. Giolito will never get this contract he thinks he is worth
  7. Vaughn and Seth Beer were both "polished" college bats that were can't miss on the offensive side coming out of the draft. Seth just got DFA'd and Vaughn can't lay off outside sliders and isn't near the 300 type hitter that was promised. I like him, but def feel that he won't be a foundational player at all, which is really sad.
  8. Hahn should apologize to the city of Chicago and the fans tomorrow and resign.
  9. A really nice boring baseball win...just like it should be with these expectations.
  10. If cease sucks this much...its a full rebuild incoming. Yikes.
  11. What a difference yesterday would have made. 5 in row and gaining sure would have been nice. But good bounce back and seems like hopefully good joe kelly is back?
  12. Imagine if there were like 5 elite FA SS's available before this season...oh wait.
  13. this one is on one Tim Anderson. You claim to be the heart of the club...do your job. yikes.
  14. wasn't sure if the throwing the bat is why they said he did. that was a pain reaction. but yeah, looks like he crossed plane.
  15. Seeing Correa fail (when he does) is one of the best things in baseball.
  16. Why first pitch swing that? Let Robert get a steal there and go oppo.
  17. Agreed. Why bother anything after the 7th currently.
  18. I didn't mean it as an attack, but i had just read twitter and Facebook before coming here...and the quiet racism towards moncada, robert and eloy is a thing unfortunately. I want Yoan back also...i just get really perturbed with people always questioning his injuries. Sorry i wrote it that way.
  19. so is Jake an unmotivated p**** also for being out with an oblique? I swear that people just don't give players slack if they aren't white.
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