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  1. and give the sox the balls that judge got last year...
  2. Literally the best #2 hitter they can get on the market that is Lefty. Robert in the 3 hole will be a MONSTER with TA and Beni setting the table.
  3. depends on the player's injury history and risk analysis by insurance companies. Way I have seen it is that most get covered around about 65-75% of their annual value, so the risk to club is not that much in the grand scheme of things.
  4. McCann back at around 6 mil a season and coinciding with Gio's contract year...may not be the worst thing ever. Yaz/McCann is serviceable and Yaz can DH a bit so while I don't love it...i could see it solely for Hahn thinking it's a brilliant buy low move.
  5. This is going to be hahns genius move isnt it. James coming home...😆
  6. this is ridiculous. The sox have won recently and TLR finally gone and a KC connection Grifol in tow...why wouldn't he expect to win here? WE are very jaded as fans, but if the sox are willing to pay they are very desirable as a city destination, a team with an easy division, and a clear starting opening.
  7. yeah this is ridiculous. the twins have gotten much worse so far this offseason and the Indians still have flaws. the TLR affect alone should lead to 5-7 more wins for the Sox
  8. Swanson is one of the luckiest benefiters of timing and want in baseball history.
  9. It is absolutely insane to have predicted 2-3 years ago that after 2 surgeries...countless injury stints and a really good season on a 3 mil contract would put him on the path to 200 million dollars. Good for him, good luck for the Giants or Yankees...
  10. how do you say you like white players with lesser skillsets that try hard, without having a screen name Grind.... oh wait.
  11. Did you steal this from Reddit...or did you post this on reddit? 😎
  12. someone will give it to him....and be out of a job in 4 years.
  13. Look .. should Jerry greenlight deals like this....yes. should it be Brandon Nimmo getting a contract like this...hell no. This is STUPID money. He is a good fielder and makes good contact, but Trout is worth 80 mil a season at this rate
  14. Jerry Reinsdorf should be dead in 2-3 years (statistics people), so I don't know what to think. I freaking love TAs swagger and hitting, so I don't really know what to think here. ZERO chance they upgrade to something meaningful...Hahn will totally sign Elvis and try and justify it which is attrocious.
  15. Oh how things change... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1116278-mlb-free-agency-who-wins-a-cheapest-owner-in-baseball-tournament-bracket
  16. Their owner and GM take copious amounts of cocaine and literally dont care.
  17. This story should be the end of professional baseball. Instead the main beneficiary of this just got a 9 year 360 million dollar contract. f*** Manfred and everything he has ever done.
  18. Sounds like a great gamble and the Katz connection is golden. Makes me wonder if ReyLo could be a trade chip
  19. The reliever addition is complete...so any cash needs to go to 2B and LF PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
  20. Q at that price makes me think Sox could have had him for 2/24 easily...and in a division that cant hit lefties....why didn't you still do this....in case Kopech/Lynn have lingering knee issues. Worst case is if all are healthy you get a nice ransom at trade deadline. Oh to be a GM with foresight...
  21. Kenny at least always used to talk about his "big board" and targets they had. Kenny always got his guy was even stupidly annoying...but wtf is Hahn's MO?
  22. yeah...the only chance you have in the current meta is to draft and develop EXTREMELY well (ie Rays) or you have to pay up. That is it. No other real options. Sox suck at Free Agency...and are mediocre at drafting and developing...Trading is about all Hahn seems like he can do...and now it's starting to feel like baseball hell (not nearly as cryptic as the Bulls basketball hell)
  23. Padres are nuts...in a why the f*** aren't we all on padrestalk.com right now fun?
  24. Bellinger is most likely just a guy going forward. Would rather they go Nimmo or Conforto for the Outfield anyways...but they probably are gonna ruin it all and let Sheets and Colas die out there
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