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  1. This feels like a very good depth move. Now if they can just find something similar on the SP front, they at least can pencil in something.
  2. for all you doomsday haters...don't bury them too much (this is vegas we are talking about)
  3. Wacha wants 2 years, 30 million apparently. Makes sense why he hasn't signed yet...and most likely he holds out a bit more until someone either gives in or gets desperate due to injury. Won't happen with Sox at that price. Buried in Nightengale around the league section
  4. A weedtender outfield spot sounds dope. Just not on the 500 level...
  5. Yep. And as several of us have said...Vaughn will outproduce Pito in power numbers over the next 3 years and is cost controlled. The big issue here is that Eloy sucks in the field and so the roster was squeezed. Blame Hahn for that.
  6. At least we get some good news on 35th. Kind of sad that this is what we have to look forward to currently over you know...the team.
  7. I thought about this deeper. When you scrape for discounts, reclamation projects and small commitments...you get the bottom of the barrel. This whole situation is a product of Jerry Reinsdorf's cheap ass reluctancy to give out big deals and you end up with big pieces of s%*# like Clevinger. Window was never open and won't even unlock until the man behind the curtain croaks.
  8. This is what I see here. The only caveat to this is if Colas stinks. then Eloy WILL be starting in RF until he kills himself again.
  9. Everyone is quick to blame the Sox front office for this...I think the bigger picture here is how awful the MLB truly is. Bauer process played out awful, nearly 2 decades of steroids mishandling, Astros getting a hand slap for admitted cheating – why do any of us love this sport ran by either morons or just plain greed? Gosh I hate this scenario, MLB, the White Sox and MOST importantly that piece of trash human if he is indeed guilty of any allegation here (he is).
  10. FML. well if he is gone...Bauer...step on down to the disfunctional family of cretons
  11. If they actually trade something for Madrigal....this is officially the worst off-season in White Sox history.
  12. I'll take that bet...He wont. But getting the prospects also make minny win this trade. They are better, but that top of the lineup takes a beating without Arraez and when the annual Buxton multi month DL vaca starts
  13. Minny has bad pitching. Now they have better pitching. They also dont have a leadoff hitter....and if Buxton misses his annual 1/3 of the season +, they have really weakened their offense. Bold strategy, this could make them the division favorites, or really blow up in their faces if Lopez doesnt translate well in AL.
  14. Bryan Reynolds is the plan all along /sarcasm. Robert...this is your year to stay healthy and shine. IF NOT...Hahn is fucked.
  15. If he does they win the division most likely. So let's all root for him to dominate!
  16. Absolutely. No insurance would definitely be a hangup for many teams. High risk, high reward indeed. If Cohen backed out... it's risky....that dude doesn't GAF about money often
  17. Reasonable back end to that deal for Twins...makes me confident that Boras KNOWS his ankle is hanging on a tendon and had NO opt outs. With all this physical history...zero chance this is getting insured as well, correct? What a devastating contract that would be if he gets hurt badly in any of the first 3 years.
  18. 33.3 mil a season. He helps make them better no doubt...but I wonder how much left they have to spend. Also...isn't it freaking weird that they didn't sign anyone else after he got those high priced contracts that fizzled...almost like they knew his medicals were bad...
  19. Correa to Twins makes too much sense. let that dude rot on a 3rd place team as an albatross that prevents them from getting good pitching.
  20. Unless La Stella's Achilles healed 100%, his career is basically over.
  21. Oh, Sheets and Eloy is the backup plan...so don't get too excited.
  22. Elvis will be the twins starting SS...and help them be awful....and we all rejoice
  23. Segura's deal is 3 years with a 10 million option or 2 mil buyout. Not that great of a deal anymore for his age and declining bat. Roll with the youngins and sign Duvall as RF insurance and power. One of Romy/Sosa/Rodriguez is going to be league average, just hope it doesn't take 2 seasons to figure out whom.
  24. Atlanta and White Sox both have an amazing culture of early contracts that give generational wealth opportunities...but definitely benefits the teams' financial ledgers. Braves difference is that they are much more aggressive in getting the talent in whatever avenue best fixes the roster (Trades, FA overspends, Farm risks), while the Sox are much more conservative in their pursuits and more about just getting "deals" with what they have for JR cost certainty
  25. Every article about the difference between last year and upcoming is like Fegan taking a giant dump on TLR's head...and I love it. what an absolute disaster we lived through
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