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  1. Imagine that they will have competitive ownership that cares about the onfield results as well. This location, concept and idea will change Chicago baseball forever if it happens. Kids will be Sox fans and Wrigley will be the old dump.
  2. Why does Minnesota get so much love? I just don't get it with their current roster. I know it's a division of attrition, but seeing them holding near last year with all the pitching turnover and Polanco loss...I just don't see it.
  3. This contract is going to be a big hamstring for the Royals...but Bobby's kids are SET for life. His on field performance hasn't warranted this payday, but the pedigree is there and interesting to see them put so many opt outs to make it all come together. Is this the first Pre-Arb deal that hasn't had some type of hometown discount?
  4. Colson at 42 behind 5 other SSs is laughable though based on last years numbers.
  5. I love this move. Guy raked in the bigs last year and D-Backs have some of the best outfield talent evaluators the last 5 years. His defense will play well and he can be a solid #2 hitter. Mena loss stinks, but to hopefully have our outfield resolved for the next 3-4 years is pretty huge considering how big a hole RF was.
  6. Andrew Vaughn confirmed as opening day RF...
  7. If they don't do a puff piece like this...what will you have to talk about? But it's seemingly looking like Cease may NOT be traded...and if Fedde is decent and Soroka can be healthy...sure they can improve off of last years god awful. I am more optimistic than most on this board, so will be fine until the inevitable 5+ game losing streak. Then it's back to complaining.
  8. Ha. Never even caught that spelling error. But yeah, great BB plan there.
  9. why is everyone saying 2 years? the sox have him for 4 (they own the club options). if he is healthy, he will play out the contract and Boras will get him a huge bag. that ALWAYS was going to be the deal with him based on health. There is zero reason to trade him now unless they trade Cease and anyone else with a slice of value. like it or not....they need to sell SOME tickets and he is going to be the driver of that until his contract is up.
  10. yeah, seems like a get outta here before the market is diluted play
  11. 1. Fresh coat of handrail paint at GRF 2. Beggars pizza multi-year contract 3. Anticipated Promotional releases including a Fedde Krueger Bobblehead 4. New play by play guy probably wont do a nationwide jingle 5. Moncada reporting to spring training in the "best shape of his life" op ed 6. Ohtani's dirty underwear obtained by spring training equipment manager 7. "Be Royal" team mantra sign installed in locker room 8. Defensive WAR scoreboard live tracker addition at Getz request 9. Soroka 10. 3rd Dog day added to the calendar
  12. And add in the mlb.tv and Internet revenue and there is ZERO chance JR is losing money no matter what the payroll is as long as they don't go into luxury tax. Plus the Bulls continue to have great attendance even with a meh team, so the JR family funds are very good.
  13. same thoughts here. since it's a minor league deal I can stomach it...but it also is ridiculous that they don't have any no bat, toolsy guys in their own system already for league minimum.
  14. smart move by Braves IF the Boston 17mil is still in play (I'm 99% sure it is) basically they get him for league minimum this year, 19 mil next season, and 18 mil in 2026. at pitcher salary rates and the way Braves maximize pitcher value this seems much more reasonable on why they gave up Grissom
  15. Royals, Detroit and even Cleveland are not too far ahead. and Minny is best in division at 17...
  16. cheap ownership isn't possible when franchises cost over 2 billion to own now. You either have to see real value in money generation via TV deals and partnerships or be a freaking lunatic like Cohen that just want play time. The only concern I would have would be a committee ownership group...they definitely tend to be more conservative to the bottom line.
  17. I am definitely looking at the Karma points for saying they will get first (it was a bit of a joke to cast that), but I really don't think any team in this division is miles ahead of anyone. The Twins lost their pitching and I just haven't seen enough out of Cleveland or Detroit to see them on the 90 win path. I doubt the Sox win anymore than 75...but stranger things have happened in baseball (and my assumption is with Cease on roster...they trade him and yeah, it's for sure last place)
  18. I tried to add some optimism. Whomever wins...it won't be with more than 80-84 wins, so I honestly think it will be whichever teams starting pitching stays healthy. that could literally be any team...this division blows.
  19. This is why Sox settled for fedde and Flexen. 16 mil for Montas is bonkers. Jerry might as well sell. If #4s are 16+ mil on prove it deals, Sox will never compete again
  20. That seems excessive for the 7 era he carried in the second half. Cease will get a bounty.
  21. Relievers are the biggest crapshoot in baseball. At 1.8 and under Bannister maybe he can show some improvement and easily net a flier at trade deadline or digest some lefty innings. The crying over this one makes you all sound like whiny know it alls
  22. Royals are spending some money...but is it good money? These seem like mid tier moves to me. I know the Sox suck, but this division even with the Royals and Tigers getting FA signings still feels winnable by anyone...Twins are taking a step back and the Guardians are just meh. Seems like a really odd time to be rebuilding when the next 2-3 years of the division will be won by the team that gets injured the least.
  23. Tampa's method of business is just unreal smart. How has Jerry not realized he can MAKE EVEN MORE PROFIT if he just hired all of the Rays staff/executives...
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