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  1. Let the kid play. At this point who cares about the future, they will mess that up also if Jerry still is alive
  2. Love getting a sweep and seeing some decent starting pitching out of a good FA pickup by Getz. Also sad because Grifol just got a leash for the whole season now unfortunately
  3. Caught in an andrew slide...no escape from reality
  4. This team is so bad I think I am quitting baseball altogether. What a pathetic group of losers.
  5. at this point hope you can string together a couple nice seasons and help the team. they are god awful enough to watch already, moving on from him completely for a whelming return would be dumb at this point. They should have done a full rebuild last off-season but I think Getz was fully overwhelmed and delusional.
  6. Hiring competent Management when you are a cheap-ass owner..."Easier Said than Done"
  7. Has Getz started his "we have faith that Grifol will be our guy with a healthy team" presser yet? Because this is going to be the narrative coming soon and it's just so predictable, frustrating and White Sox. I am this close to just quitting this team until Jerry dies. I liked Yoan and this sucks.
  8. What a stud. This team is roping me in ...damnit
  9. This series is going one of 2 ways imo...they sweep Detroit, their pitching looks great and we all collectively go, wtf? or they get swept, have horrible fundamentals that lose basically each game and Grifol bumbles like the idiot he is and we all can write off the team before people even sit in their seats. I am hoping for the former...but the latter gets Pedro fired mid-season and maybe just maybe Jerry will sell before he dies.
  10. The good news is us optimistic ones can finally officially punt on the season. 60 wins is really possible
  11. He can go to Miami and get Jiggy with Will Smith
  12. Imagine that they will have competitive ownership that cares about the onfield results as well. This location, concept and idea will change Chicago baseball forever if it happens. Kids will be Sox fans and Wrigley will be the old dump.
  13. Why does Minnesota get so much love? I just don't get it with their current roster. I know it's a division of attrition, but seeing them holding near last year with all the pitching turnover and Polanco loss...I just don't see it.
  14. This contract is going to be a big hamstring for the Royals...but Bobby's kids are SET for life. His on field performance hasn't warranted this payday, but the pedigree is there and interesting to see them put so many opt outs to make it all come together. Is this the first Pre-Arb deal that hasn't had some type of hometown discount?
  15. Colson at 42 behind 5 other SSs is laughable though based on last years numbers.
  16. I love this move. Guy raked in the bigs last year and D-Backs have some of the best outfield talent evaluators the last 5 years. His defense will play well and he can be a solid #2 hitter. Mena loss stinks, but to hopefully have our outfield resolved for the next 3-4 years is pretty huge considering how big a hole RF was.
  17. Andrew Vaughn confirmed as opening day RF...
  18. If they don't do a puff piece like this...what will you have to talk about? But it's seemingly looking like Cease may NOT be traded...and if Fedde is decent and Soroka can be healthy...sure they can improve off of last years god awful. I am more optimistic than most on this board, so will be fine until the inevitable 5+ game losing streak. Then it's back to complaining.
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