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  1. Seeing Correa fail (when he does) is one of the best things in baseball.
  2. Why first pitch swing that? Let Robert get a steal there and go oppo.
  3. Agreed. Why bother anything after the 7th currently.
  4. I didn't mean it as an attack, but i had just read twitter and Facebook before coming here...and the quiet racism towards moncada, robert and eloy is a thing unfortunately. I want Yoan back also...i just get really perturbed with people always questioning his injuries. Sorry i wrote it that way.
  5. so is Jake an unmotivated p**** also for being out with an oblique? I swear that people just don't give players slack if they aren't white.
  6. Holy series win.... against the Twins. Oh man. Why am i doing this.
  7. Oh no. Are they remembering how to play again? I was really looking forward to a stress free summer ahead....
  8. incredible human all around. Rick Hahn's very best FA signing
  9. At this point it's safe to say Rodon's career is close to over. Yankees are so bad at Free Agency half the time.
  10. Haseley helps win last game in a number of ways....Sheets starts very next game. And Grifol is good because???
  11. Chris Getz...show us something....Oh, sorry, didn't realize this was just a Wendys.
  12. If they send Colas down...what an absolute failure once again from the front office to not have a contingency plan in place outside of Billy freaking Hamilton.
  13. Abreu at a .537 OPS is almost making him a DFA candidate. Seriously. For a team trying to win back to back titles...if May improvements don't happen, how quick does he get benched?
  14. Haven't watched since i knew this was gonna happen. Got the mlb logo alert and immediately new what was gonna be the case. Hahn must go tomorrow or Katz since its the pitching just blowing every game
  15. Can they just quit MLB? I would rather not have a team than this.
  16. I don't ask for much. 1st pitch deposited in the LF bleachers...please. Pretty Please.
  17. This is worse than any TLR lineup I can remember. Honeymoon is over, this guy wasn't ready for manager and going to destroy any chance of this "window" ever happening. FML, it's all over.
  18. this is almost where I am at now. Win a series before I even begin to care again.
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