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  1. Saw this. Hilarious. And Cohen already publicly commented on the signing so they are stuck with it. Eat s%*# you loud moth billionaire
  2. That was some amazing work by Boras to get that much imo. Totally understandable why Sox locked up Benni
  3. He is a difference maker that could take a competing team over the top, but also f*** Bauer. 100% that Clevinger got a text already trying to test the Sox waters. But zero chance for all the reasons. The only fan base that would accept him is a texas team...because texas.
  4. giving up 40 HR DH potential doesn't seem wise to me. If he is out of the field...he is going to absolutely mash.
  5. Or Baty is 3rd Baseman, SS Correa (where he freaking should be) and Lindor moves to 2nd as the worst contract in the history of baseball (it kinda already is even at SS)
  6. Graveman as closer scares the heck out of me. It also makes Bummer your primary set-up man. Good god.
  7. Can cohen email it to him to start the proc....nevermind.
  8. If you are trading for Baty...you might as well move TA this offseason as well and retool for 2024. But then pitching is at a deficit. Man, they really screwed this window in 21-22 with TLR
  9. They will have to dump Escobar & McCann and potentially more . If they truly want Hendricks as rumored, conversation has to start with McNeil imo. I still think Correa signs with Giants anyways, so all moot speculation
  10. Mets want Correa. Mets will need to move some money to make that signing. Sox could benefit from this salary dump exercise from this including McNeil potentially.
  11. as they should be. for how much Sox fans want to complain about this off-season...theirs is absolutely comically bad.
  12. Colas is ready. Watch the highlights across 3 levels, look at the production...and remember he already played in Japan. He is NOT a developmental player...he is an asset they paid handsomely for to move thru the system very fast. His swing is beautiful and even if he only hits .225, his power and ability in the field will best anything they have internally or left on the open market that is realistic (they all have question marks). Embrace Corlas, Colas or Cola...it will all be refreshing in the end.
  13. If you do this...you are the villains. Maybe that is the swagger they need to overcome the Astros boogeymen. But also, f*** Bauer.
  14. Okay, that is decent deal for them. For some silly context though....Dansby has one more season of at bats than Benitendi... And 1 less WAR in a premium defensive position.
  15. Your definition of stud is different than mine. His power has slotted in nicely the last 2 seasons...but he isnt worth a 10 year overpay...and I think he is gonna get 10/230 here.
  16. Tendi/Robert/Colas for the next 5 years is pretty solid actually. Defense alone will make the sox ERAs drop about .50 across the board the next two seasons (it was that bad). With the contract others got this year, you really can't complain.
  17. make it kid friendly as tendi and that way wife wont raise an eyebrow either
  18. and give the sox the balls that judge got last year...
  19. Literally the best #2 hitter they can get on the market that is Lefty. Robert in the 3 hole will be a MONSTER with TA and Beni setting the table.
  20. depends on the player's injury history and risk analysis by insurance companies. Way I have seen it is that most get covered around about 65-75% of their annual value, so the risk to club is not that much in the grand scheme of things.
  21. McCann back at around 6 mil a season and coinciding with Gio's contract year...may not be the worst thing ever. Yaz/McCann is serviceable and Yaz can DH a bit so while I don't love it...i could see it solely for Hahn thinking it's a brilliant buy low move.
  22. This is going to be hahns genius move isnt it. James coming home...😆
  23. this is ridiculous. The sox have won recently and TLR finally gone and a KC connection Grifol in tow...why wouldn't he expect to win here? WE are very jaded as fans, but if the sox are willing to pay they are very desirable as a city destination, a team with an easy division, and a clear starting opening.
  24. yeah this is ridiculous. the twins have gotten much worse so far this offseason and the Indians still have flaws. the TLR affect alone should lead to 5-7 more wins for the Sox
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