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  1. I blame all of this on wheeler's wife. It's all her fault...🙄
  2. zero excuses here. I didn't plan on flying up for the fest...but it surely doesn't seem like a good PR move - which to me equates to almost no additions coming this offseason with the exception of a manager and hahn saying "the team is on the field"
  3. Agreed. Now cueto is back on the table at the least. Bummer, was rooting for Davis
  4. Giolito will have his best performance of the year...when it doesn't even come close to mattering. so White Sox.
  5. yeah, it means JR made a profit because fans had high expectations with middling results. WIN WIN for him. FML
  6. Hahn should probably be fired for the Joe Kelly signing alone. It was the worst of the off-season by any GM.
  7. I was a Hahn guy until THIS season. f*** him and his obsession with overpriced relievers and "seat at the table" BS. Clean house completely or this rebuild is going to be a study in GM school for what not to do the next 50 years.
  8. ALL the money needs to be spent on replacing the entire coaching staff and especially building a world class sports medicine training team. Chicago has incredible talent in that realm, but it seems preventative maintenance was horrific this year. Get them on a plan in Oct/Nov, and build a philosophy geared to each player. They may do this already...but it seems light years different than the herm era.
  9. Agreed...but with Tony's contract on the books...they wont hire someone new. And Cairo proved this series he is clueless as well....so its the last year of window (2023) that is gonna be wasted again. Unreal.
  10. So last night was meaningless afterall. Put a fork in em...thank goodness it's over
  11. Some pollock crow eateth? (I know it was rosario's gaffe)
  12. 2nd time through they will get Civale
  13. Eloy, Robert, TA, Moncada all healthy next season and performing how they should...it's a 10-12 game swing. That's it.
  14. Yep. Season has been a comedy of injury errors and TLR buffoonery....but if they win 3 games here...just 3, they can do this.
  15. This is 100% where I am as well. Sheets could just be Palka 2.0. They HAVE to improve the outfield defense and Robert being healthy is a huge part of that. Pollock should be LF only moving forward even as a 4th outfielder, which kind of limits his usage. LF FA is key to this offseason.
  16. this is what I really actually love here. Bring back "Win or Die Trying" as that literally is the case. Hopefully it's Leury or Tony as the baseball gods sacrifice.
  17. Twins win tomorrow and they did what we expected 2/5. Sox have to win all 4 vs guardians. Always was gonna be that way
  18. Yep, him at full time DH, Vaughn as full time 1B and Colas as full time RF has to be the near term future. They really should think about picking up a LF FA next year to compliment the Cuban outfield. And i really dont see Pito having a place unless he wants like 8 mil a season.
  19. Given how flexible he has been this year with moderate MLB success - 1.18 Whip, good fastball spin and chase rate...does he have a future as a 5th starter next year, or just a taxi guy? Sox probably will need to replace Cueto and I think Gio is on the block, so interested to see what people here think.
  20. Well. If Minnesota doesn't win both tomorrow it doesn't matter...but nice effort i guess
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