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  1. Every athlete is different. I hate comparing other pitchers especially. Is lynn 6'6" with a 100mph heater and a 1 inning reliever?
  2. Above all they just need to be healthy, consistent and productive, which hasn't happened...but our GM will spin this. Unfortunately Hahn will hang on to "the team we have is on the field" and disappoint once again. But here is what the offseason needs would be if they had a decent GM: Most pressing: Starting Catcher - MUST be pitch frame excellent based to get most out of what could be a very different staff. Starting Pitchers - 3 potentially needed - Giolito is gone. they have to address that with a #3 starter at worst. Clevenger very well may walk. Lynn could be traded or declined on club option since it will be his 37 year old season. 2nd baseman - I am not confident Romy is the answer. Sosa should get every chance to show his worth, but enough is enough, sign someone if both of them fail in 2023. And that is it. Obviously they will need to address the bullpen some, but the core is set for 2024 (before it either get's absolutely nuked or Jerry Dies)
  3. 1 RBI and 5/15 - all slappy singles. I am good without him.
  4. but optimizing what you have is what makes a good manager. this is the 3rd game in the last week that was more about getting people rest than trying to win.
  5. Easy. LF - Beni CF - Robert 1B - Vaughn DH- Grandal 3B - Burger RF - Colas 2B - Sosa C - Zavala SS - Andrus This is a really needed win vs the division rival in first place. You do Not put sheets in RF (he could swap for Grandal at DH) and you don't put Alberto at 3B (why is burger even up if he won't start for yoan?)
  6. I was giving Grifol a chance. that is GONE now. his lineups suck.
  7. Elvis and romy is a big problem. This bottom of lineup is putrid.
  8. Good thing they won yesterday...because the rest of this series...you know where it's headed...
  9. this lineup is gonna be crap without TA. Beni should leadoff honestly.
  10. Joe Kelly was a luxury signing that was an overpay at the time...and now, along with Leury's release IS THE reason they couldn't sign a real starter or 2nd baseman star. Just threw money away here.
  11. Glad to see it was tipping. Jomboy da best.
  12. Yeah, hilarious in a game where only 1 hit in four innings and a ton of routine pop ups and flyouts is "crushed"
  13. Kopech looks sharp. 96 on the heater and slider has good movement. He clearly was tipping first start
  14. I have noticed almost a dozen pitchers this year with a "sweeper"
  15. I know the pitching is bad....but this offense is elite right now
  16. Legit question. Is it just katz asking players to tone it down or did the entire staff lose 2-3 mph on their fastballs all at the same time? Cease is the only pitcher who hasnt lost significantly
  17. So does diekman get DFAd tomorrow...or will they let him lose 2-3 more games?
  18. For the record...conforto sucks. He has gotten 2 absolute gift pitches this series, but is awful outside of the those 2 pitches
  19. Vaughn looks so good one at bat and so so bad the next 2. it's weird watching his approach.
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