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  1. When they spend it turn out to be stupid. They are the neglected step sister in a large market city so they can't compete with the big boys in spending. They are really cheap in spending with coaching and scouting. So they should do what the other small market successful teams do.
  2. Now he will have to adjust to another league of hitters. It can work for or against the 1st season. This is one of those not so often situations where a pitcher changes leagues. Maybe this is the Met's version of the Sox with Rodon.
  3. Few people make mention of this. Sounds like a perfect fit for the Sox IL team,
  4. Try to fill a hole by making another one. The screen door on a submarine.
  5. Amazing how the Astros will invest in older players. They should resign Verlandere and add Cuteto.
  6. It never ends. Collins was terrible behind the plate so they started working him at 1B in Charlotte. Burger doesn't have the mobility for 3rd. Rumor has it Grandal may play more at first. They might be stupid enough to trade Vaughn and wouldn't surprise me if they did it for another pen guy. I no longer dismiss stupid with this organization.
  7. Unfortunately fans treat MLB like the NFL where after 2 years there is never an upside. There are plenty of knee jerk reactions and this organization sometimes does this.
  8. Yep why didn't they replace Cueto with............Cueto? He gave you innings.
  9. I see this as another fail. They like veterans that make the IL.
  10. If he was a position player he would get far more criticism.
  11. Very good at getting NL players who don't perform for them. Fans are getting to the point of considering any outsider with a pulse. More dumpster diving. The Dodgers have superior coaching and somehow the Sox would turn him around? Amazing how are conditioned to a failed value system. Over half of the games Sox scored 3 runs or less.
  12. How much crack is required to even think that idea. Of course JR probably created that rumor. It was like when he was serious about signing Roger Clemens when he was a Red Sox. Somehow if they got Judge he would go on the IL.
  13. I bet the Sox told him if he takes the option he would get traded. Lucky for the Sox he didn't take the option which only makes the Kimbrel trade even worse.
  14. We can watch another veteran NL player struggle his first season facing AL pitching and wearing the cursed Sox uniform. How long would it take before he would get on the IL? I think you are finding most NL free agents prefer stay in the NL.
  15. Frees up money to be spent elsewhere.
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