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  1. Ugh I had hopes for a baseball forum not to deal with sexuality. So I guess in the Sox organization if you are bad at something they move you around positions hoping it will work. They tried that with Viciedo and Fields.
  2. I'm not so sure with myself. It's getting more difficult each year. Winning fixes everything. I think it will be a great year to watch baseball.
  3. Meanwhile passing on Cueto looks really bad to me. This organization seems to find new lows to where it challenges being a fan,
  4. I don't think there is nothing new under the sun with the gazillion "what's wrong with the White Sox" posts. Just everything and accept it.
  5. Great let's use this as an excuse to push leftist politics.
  6. I dismiss this rumor. If it were remotely true you would hear Bernstein and Holmes all over this.
  7. If that were the case you would not see Leury treated as an everyday player.
  8. Which eventually was working at 1B/DH in Charlotte. This is the Sox biggest weakness.
  9. Tony rarely played call ups since Leury is on the team. Plus not exposed to that hitting coach. I hope they tell Colas the goal is to catch the baseball.
  10. I doubt it. Red Sox seem to be in conceding being competitive. Dodgers always seem to have their own replacements. Do you really trust Hahn in making trades. I don't see how removing Anderson makes the team better unless you are a Leury needs to play more fan.
  11. I'm talking about replacing the current closer.
  12. Unless that hole becomes bigger. Reylo's success last season what due to having Cueto around. I forget the other option but the pen was a crapshoot last year.
  13. Still part of the 3 headed monster. Organization fail.
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