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  1. If he was a position player he would get far more criticism.
  2. Very good at getting NL players who don't perform for them. Fans are getting to the point of considering any outsider with a pulse. More dumpster diving. The Dodgers have superior coaching and somehow the Sox would turn him around? Amazing how are conditioned to a failed value system. Over half of the games Sox scored 3 runs or less.
  3. How much crack is required to even think that idea. Of course JR probably created that rumor. It was like when he was serious about signing Roger Clemens when he was a Red Sox. Somehow if they got Judge he would go on the IL.
  4. I bet the Sox told him if he takes the option he would get traded. Lucky for the Sox he didn't take the option which only makes the Kimbrel trade even worse.
  5. We can watch another veteran NL player struggle his first season facing AL pitching and wearing the cursed Sox uniform. How long would it take before he would get on the IL? I think you are finding most NL free agents prefer stay in the NL.
  6. Frees up money to be spent elsewhere.
  7. LOL! Huge and Hahn are opposites.
  8. So who be the closer for the Sox? Seems odd to fill a hole by making another one.
  9. I find it a mystery with this new age of players getting hurt in baseball. I wonder what some of the modern greats before the turn of the century did in the offseason.
  10. Unfortunately that's the only thing the Sox think about. I don't consider Vaughn was a wise pick either. Burger had too many injuries to play a solid 3B. He fits that revolving door of never ending 1B/DH.
  11. It wont be the end of the world if he becomes manager.
  12. I know a manager like that except his team didn't make it. Some guys are great post season performers and then there are future HoF guys that can't get it done in the post season. That happens in all sports. Houston might have entered into a dry spell. The odd thing about baseball is the best team hardly ever wins it all. There are kneejerk reactions over one game. I do admire the Astro since they can let big names go and have replacements that become big names. They also are not afraid to spend money. Solid organizations don't end up with a Moncada because the message is there is someone on the farm to take their place. This is the problem with the Sox. There is no pressure to perform. The organization is stupid in many ways.
  13. I guess this book is not endorsed by Bo. Hey lets bring s%*# up about people 30 years later. If they are dead you can pile it on since they can't defend themselves.
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