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  1. LOL I can never forget Jim's replacement Lamar Johnson. Spencer was a gold glove. Lamar you'd think was one of Kenny's type of player.
  2. I've enjoyed watching the Marlins. Let me guess the is no love for possibly seeing Madrigal in the post season?
  3. Not much to read there that isn't new under the sun. It's still the Reinsdorf way. Two roses grew out of a bed of s%*# and Reinsdorf is hoping for a 3rd but I still smell a turd. I remember Grifol talking about what he seen from the Royals dugout concerning the Sox. I guess he forget the habitual pile of s%*# in his own. Obtaining people and players from habitual losing organizations seem to bring it with them. Any players that come from winning organizations are often the ones a team has no issue with them leaving. Wake me for the parade. Meanwhile I'll look for a new team.
  4. Maybe they forgot Herm and Cooper are no longer around.
  5. Look at what Bell is doing. Marlins are fun to watch. They are an underdog to make it to the post season. I'm glad he was traded so I don't have to tempt myself watching the shitty White Sox.
  6. Trade should be a forbidden word for Sox fans. There's logic and then there's history. History is ignored and always points to bad.
  7. He came from the Cub's farm system. The DH wasn't in the NL yet so I have to wonder would he have been traded. Sox are pretty bad at reducing players deficiencies. Sometimes I think they enhance them.
  8. If Jerry likes him he'll be here.
  9. The Rays make it work but they are unusual. Not everyone can model them and be successful.
  10. Red Sox owner tried the Reinsdorf method large but small market approach. Not really spending money.
  11. Like, "Hey guys I'm use to losing baseball. Losing 90 is part of baseball"
  12. They manage to find players who are clueless about fundamentals and have this belief they can teach them. Stupid on the bases is a constant and it will probably never change. I don't think they will intentionally tank but it will somehow work that way. They seem to have luck with dumpster diving. Funny how the free agents they sign are ones teams will think long and hard. Fans thinks building baseball teams are like in the NFL.
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