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  1. The chances of that happening are bout as good as the Sox winning 90 games. The day he was hired he didn't set the table correctly. He mention things he seen from another 90+ loss dugout they need to improve. Then recently he mentioned he didn't like the team which Laurence Holmes pointed as nothing but being a kiss ass. Somewhere during the TLR era the team morale started to regress. Who knows why but it appears some players couldn't wait to leave. Girfol is not the answer. Maybe an experienced manager would not even want to bother with this team.
  2. Especially when you start adding more Royals.
  3. Maybe that's what you get for $15M these days. It's not the first WFT contract in baseball.
  4. Some seem to forget how to do that once they put on that uniform.
  5. Players are far more brittle than they use to be. The ability to stay on the field or never miss a start is now a high value. Then there are guys like Judge and Trout who will still get higher contracts despite never playing a full season. Look at the Gio contract, Did he ever really miss a start? As for the pitch clock the aging pitchers were having trouble. I doubt any of those legendary pitchers would have an issue with a pitch clock. It works both ways. He hitter isn't allowed to take their sweet time.
  6. I never understood why people think you can run a MLB organization like the NFL or NBA. Drafts are a much higher risk in MLB since you have more choices. The level of talent in the NCAA isn't as big as a divide from the NFL or NBA.
  7. Just another example of how bad the modern media is.
  8. This is an example of why teams are reluctant to trade their decent pitching prospects. Below mediocrity has a high price in baseball.
  9. Seems like another member for the Sox IL roster
  10. I'm trying to figure out the point of this decision. I guess it's roster filler so thy don't have to use Charlotte as the roster filler. It screams White Sox.
  11. I'm jealous of their organization. They might be one of the few Chicago teams that is trying to do something right. They don't have an owner that is so out of touch with baseball reality.
  12. I liked him netter when he was with the Royals. I didn't even know who he was.
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