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  1. Then they can do that to the guy they traded for.
  2. I bet he's on a lot of GM's easily duped lists.
  3. You nailed it. Unfortunately you follow the myth of several years away. Anything could happen. The "core" could go on an injury spree or that young arm has TJ surgery. You treat the actions of improving as a given. I'd say it happens less and you forget the organization we are talking about. We seems to be conditioned to this mindset and seem to ignore the results.
  4. That's because we have the standards of a habitual losing small market. Maybe people in Nashville could tolerate that for 5 years.
  5. It's a mental illness among fans in the belief trading to get better. It may work for some organizations but not this one. I'd say the ones where it works is they improved in scouting and development.
  6. How do you know you will? Trading to get better is more of a myth with this organization. But.......We can Make Birmingham Better.....every fan wants that. What is decent? 75-87? If this trade fenzy really worked in baseball the habitual losing small market teams (Sox are one of them) have to get better but they don't. They may get lucky once or twice but if the constant is below average development and coaching you might as well keep a star player for fans to watch. Anyone good goes - isn't going to help an organization or the game. Most fans don't care about a stocked or good farm system. Say if they trade Robert and Crochet......what will it take and how long for a fanbase to forgive that? JR has a history of telling the fans they can't have nice things.
  7. It's simple. White Sox fans can't have nice things as long as JR is the owner. He's created a habitual losing small market franchise. If you look at his history as the owner you can make a nice list of fans can't have nice things.
  8. I'm changing mine slowly as in finding another team. Owners are bad for baseball anyway.
  9. Fans buy into that. That is the problem with baseball. If we have someone good and don't win with them, let's trade them for some possible prospects. More often failure than success. Why not keep a player win or not to have fans watch. You get a player that has some cost control and is a once in a generation type player when they are on the field you don't trade them. Rare do those team ever get better. Not gonna win so lets trade is another myth in baseball. A lateral move at best. That would be so Reinsdorf to do something like this. It's pretty much what he's done. Start with Sportvision, strike, TLR manager. If there's a parade he'll piss on it, Funny how some fans keep/organizations keep up with these mythical formulas and their teams go nowhere. The average doesn't even care about a farm system. Trading Robert will probably be the end of my fandom. They will still suck and trade the next Robert. Hard to belive Thomas lasted that long as a Sox.
  10. Probably long term as well. How many of the other habitual losing small market teams get better with trade frenzy? We buy into this mythical formula. You still have to develop those players.
  11. I have to wonder if players don't really want to play for Grifol. He doesn't seem to have a leadership personality. When the lowly Royals don't want to give you an opportunity that has to speak volumes. He says all of the wrong things even the day he was hired.
  12. The trade frenzy prospect humpers think he will bring some kind of value. He's basically a fragile player physically and mentally. Maybe there is a GM that is naive at the Getz/TLR level. The organization's hopes are in Birmingham. Will they be rushed? Then when they make it to the big league roster there will be some growing pains.
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