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  1. Look I know those numbers exist, but if they weren't willing to give him in a Cease deal, there is zero chance it happens in a Fedde deal.
  2. Narrator: Last time greg made this post, the Sox had a team record losing streak. Let's see what happens now.
  3. 1 in 6 outtings being "bad" is a really bad thing. That isn't like saying oh he had one bad outting where they left him out there to die and it skewed his numbers. That is a really bad outting about every 2 weeks.
  4. He's talking about Vaughn and Tork.
  5. The beach function never forgets.
  6. Sounds like the college baseball stats are crazy skewed this year too.
  7. I get the feeling that there are plenty of teams out there who think getting Robert of out a toxic situation might just be the medicine he needs.
  8. I think everyone is trying to say this area is a different vibe. People are looking for positives and hope, along with more deep discussions, not just dwelling on failures and bad days. People aren't looking for the negatives here.
  9. Hamstring injuries and the Sox? What could possibly go wrong?
  10. It's not about one bad start... but back to his one bad start.
  11. It's also about more than SSS. Looking for reasons to jump off of bridges with one bad start is overreaction theater
  12. And that is just from his own players wanting to leave.
  13. Thorpe had one bad start. One. He also had one were he was very good. He also just skipped AAA. Patience.
  14. But think of all the failed minor leaguers he DFAd and traded, while forgetting he was responsible for their development.
  15. Podcaster vs people who actually are playing the game. Hmmmmmm. And yes, plenty of people with an incentive for clicks are saying it. Weird right. But the people actually involved said it was nothing. Who to believe...
  16. And on the IL again by the 4th of July.
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