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  1. You spent the White Sox prospect capital, won 70 games, and still didn't accomplish anything of substance.
  2. It's almost like this team isn't good enough to be kept together.
  3. It's almost like things have changed and you can't run a team like you did in 1980.
  4. That puts the onus on scouting and development which scares me
  5. And free agency with a team that doesn't add the players who would make a difference enough.
  6. Look if someone can give me a realistic path with some specifics, I will listen, but I haven't seen it yet.
  7. Two players make almost no difference. This team needs to make up 50 wins. 50. Arraez at his mid season price means you still miss him for 2 months.
  8. 5 wins? Maybe 10? So now we lose 110 games instead of 120, and gave up a ton of prospect capital to do it. You also now lost Lopez to free agency.
  9. Who is going to add 50 wins that this team will spend to add next year?
  10. I mean seriously. People keep saying this, but 28-70.
  11. I wonder if the Dodgers would be interested in a slightly used Crochet?
  12. Cleveland has done a great job of hiding their cards.
  13. The Padres prospect took a big step back this year too Lesko, Snelling and Mazur have all had bad seasons. Salas is hitting under .200, and DeVries has been meh.
  14. This is really part of the calculus. Best available might change if it allows you to get another player or two later. Sox did this to perfection with Wolkow.
  15. $$$ is it. But the Sox are going to have another minimal spend off season and for good reason. You can't polish a turd.
  16. The Yankees top position players mostly flopped this year.
  17. Fun with math. Taking only historic levels of inflation, If the Sox were to issue the equivalent of the Albert Belle contract today, it would come out to just under $108 million. If you followed baseballs average salary inflation it would be worth about $206 million. The Sox aren't even keeping up with historic inflation, let alone average baseball inflation, forget top player salary inflation.
  18. I kind of liked the accidental idea of not signing this year's pick and getting it back again next year, lol.
  19. Did not see that, only he was on the 7 day IL.
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