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  1. Fun with math. Taking only historic levels of inflation, If the Sox were to issue the equivalent of the Albert Belle contract today, it would come out to just under $108 million. If you followed baseballs average salary inflation it would be worth about $206 million. The Sox aren't even keeping up with historic inflation, let alone average baseball inflation, forget top player salary inflation.
  2. I kind of liked the accidental idea of not signing this year's pick and getting it back again next year, lol.
  3. Did not see that, only he was on the 7 day IL.
  4. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/phillies-remove-all-star-center-fielder-trade-target-insider/26f32346f621941fb05cc68e
  5. Honestly? Even if it were true, it would mean that I was right by the idea that the SSS Holliday flop could have affected his value and put him on the market when he wasn't before. But it sounds like it is being disavowed.
  6. Goes by worst to first by league and then switches to the opposite league worst to first if unclaimed
  7. I see them having around 28 wins the first half of the season...
  8. You want to immitate the Royals? The Royals spent half a decade tanking to get their franchise player before they had enough of a team to spend a minimal amount around.
  9. Unless you are willing to pay him 200 or 300 million in a couple of years, there really isn't much of a choice.
  10. They are also waiting 5 days after the break to pitch him again. Feels like they are giving themselves a couple of weeks to trade him without risk of injury to me.
  11. Glad to see Eloy rushing back did something for that trade value.
  12. Apparently Keener was placed on the IL today.
  13. It's a short Crochet night for the Sox. Also of note, the Pirates currently have 20 less losses than the White Sox, while still being 3 games under .500.
  14. 27 wins. That what this roster has. 27 wins. It is one a pace to win 45 games with your precious stars. You give me a JR proof path to putting 50 wins on the field in the next 2 years while Crochet and Fedde are here and I will listen. Otherwise, you are asking the Sox to commit baseball gross negligence by sucking and not getting anything for their players the same way the Bulls just did.
  15. First prize in a White Sox contest. Of course the grand prize is winning a baseball without Benintendi's autograph.
  16. Most of the problem is that this is just a bad bullpen. Seriously at least 2 of the guys aren't on any other mlb roster but the Sox. One of them is a kid learning on the job. Another is a head case who doesn't listen to coaching.
  17. And in case it needs to be said again, LAD extended him for 5 years at $27.5m per season with his health history.
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