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  1. I get there are some of these guys in every class, but it just feels like this specific group of them was much worse than usual, and we didn't get much for it. Hopefully some of them make me look back, but it is basically a 5ish man class as it stands now, and it seems to lack the group of guys who maybe could break out if something interesting happens. There just isn't much in the way of either high ceilings, or even high floors.
  2. I definitely don't hate the guy like a lot of people do, but he is not even close to the quality of Benetti.
  3. Plus there are more physical specimen's and one loud tool type players. I know you probably aren't drafting real players here, but I do like them looking for something they can try to work with. Go back to a guy like Duke Ellis and his 80 speed, or the guy who hits 101 and can't find the zone. Give me a tool you can't teach and see if we can do something with it.
  4. So you randomly picked the number of ranked players for one year in the 10th round to come to the conclusion that 5 rounds worth of those picks is normal? I am not sure what you are on, but sure. Roll with it.,
  5. It's wild to me that we are getting more interesting senior signs now than we did yesterday.
  6. From Russia? lol, wat? Lyle Miller-Green Austin Peay (TN) Russia TWP R/R 4YR 5S -- 6' 5" 237lbs DOB:09/04/00
  7. We brought in a lot of live arms at the deadline last year, plus a whole of grind in the system's upper levels this season.
  8. None of those guys have gotten to the majors right? I also don't see any of them in our top 30, at least at MLB so far.
  9. is that because of player's increasing velocity, or players we brought into the system like Grant Taylor throwing 99?
  10. Yeah back to this. This is the exact same draft we have done since 2020.
  11. For the record, if the choice is between a specimen with flaws, and a 5'9" reliever throwing 92, give me the flaws all day.
  12. Front page of MLB.com will have a link to the stream, though the draft tracker is typically the fastest thing during these rounds.
  13. Jason is really, really, really good at what he does. It took me hearing him with other guys and some time to really appreciate his style, but he is one of the best there is.
  14. I hope they are right, because even the seniors seem worse than usual
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