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  1. For a cheap franchise this should be the top priority and not another Tim Hill.
  2. Here's the thing. If they really blew it all for these two high school kids and Smith, they have changed absolutely nothing about their draft philosophy. This is the exact same thing that happened under Getz.
  3. Showing some work... If we sign the Seniors for 10k, which is typical Sox behavior, we save about... 6th- 365k 8th-222k 9th-189k 10th-175k That totals out to 951k in savings. The 7th round pick Fox is also the Jr 5'9" reliever who goes 89-92mph, so I can't imagine he gets full slot either at 293k either, but even if I don't count him, that is where the extra million dollars comes from. I would guess we have an extra million dollars to spend today, as a complete educated guess.
  4. The 2nd round pick comes with a $2.173m slot on its own merits. The next is $1.2m basically. There is probably some overage, but I don't think they will have no savings from Smith AND $1.7 million in overage from these two picks. Say Smith is $7.2 million (slot was 7.7, next pick was 7.2, so he wasn't getting more than that if he went past the Sox. If he got past KC that number dropped to $6.8m. That is an extra 500k. If Bonemer is $2.5m and Larson is $2, that leaves the Sox about $500k over there, which would leave them like $1.2 more past their overage plus late round savings. If Smith is more like $7 million, his savings alone would basically pay for Larson at $2 million.
  5. The sentiment going in was he would be full slot.
  6. They get an overage of about 730k, plus they saved around a million dollars on the back end picks. They almost have to have room for SOMETHING
  7. At the very least between this kid and Wolkow, we are going to see where White Sox player Dev is. They are toolsy af and need a lot of work. Now is the challenge.
  8. There is obviously Shull and Farr as the top 2 HS position players. Franco is actually a two way player, who sounds like he is leaning towards pitching, and not hitting.
  9. Soon we see if the Sox saved enough cash to make some splashes today in rounds 11-20
  10. The USA Today said the highest paid in the game is Melvin at 4 million. (Pre the Counsel deal) It also didn't list him in the 3 million crowd. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2023/10/08/major-league-baseball-managers-grossly-underpaid/71106218007/
  11. I could have made this exact post to say how bad things have been. This also has to be more than an occasional 1st round pick who isn't awful to mediocre.
  12. Especially if you are trying add talent to win in the next few years
  13. Who have we drafted as a position player in say the last 10 years who has dine anything?
  14. There is no way that's true. Earlier reports were something like $800k.
  15. Have you seen our bullpen? It's a dumpster fire. It isn't like we are hiding good relievers or something. The minors aren't any better, hence this team being awful.
  16. Was thinking the same thing. Once the seniors start... he gawn!
  17. It's always vs slot value, so if it is a 500k slot vs 150k slot, that is 350k that doesn't have to be made up. The other thing is if someone doesn't sign in rounds 1-10, you completely lose all of those dollars from your pool. If it happens in rounds 11+, nothing happens to your pool.
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