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  1. Wagner and Andruw Jones deserve it more than Rolen. Fight me.
  2. Look, we KNOW the Sox history here. They HAVE actively hired and employed people with active investigations and charges going on. We KNOW the Sox have kept that information to themselves until which time they couldn't hide it anymore. We KNOW they employ people with extremely questionable histories and backgrounds. We know the Sox and the front office are currently the target of as discrimination lawsuit. We also know that we don't always get the whole truth in the moment from this organization. I am not going to pretend to know what effort this franchise made, and what knowledge level they really had here, but I am also not going to begrudge anyone who doesn't give the Sox the benefit of the doubt here because they sure as hell haven't earned that right.
  3. I almost wonder if the AJ experience makes the Sox think they can fit anyone into the lockerroom.
  4. They claimed they knew nothing, and I have yet to see a follow up.
  5. It isn't his job per se, but in his position, you ARE responsible for what happens underneath you. That's why Hahn gets generic blame here from people. Yes people understand that it isn't Hahn himself out sleuthing each player, but someone under his should be doing it and reporting back to him. If it isn't happening, that means Hahn isn't doing his job by making sure he has all of the information he needs to make good decisions.
  6. It's obvious that the Sox looked at his pitching history and convinced themselves they were getting a bargain, instead of looking at everything else and realizing there was a reason everyone else was looking past his pitching ceiling.
  7. The Jaime vs Beth thing needed to happen, but after that?
  8. If we are going to have a sucky 2b, I would rather have one who can field.
  9. His bat is terrible, but at least his defense picks him up for some value. He had the 13th best defensive WAR of any 2B with more than 500 innings at the position. Somehow he was almost a 6 fWAR player in 2022.
  10. Rick: You see the news boss? What do we do now? Jerry: Change the narrative, what do we have? Rick: Just leave that one to me! [dials phone] Hey Ken, have I got a story for you!
  11. AJ Preller is also the GM that kept two sets of injury records and used them to screw over other teams. I am not sure what obligation teams have to report these types of things, but I can definitely see how Preller would keep this to himself either way and use it to screw over other teams. He quite literally has a history of doing exactly these kinds of things.
  12. I am not sure the Sox could have planned any worse of a route since the off-season of 2019 if they sat down and knew what the result of each action would before making plan. It is surreal.
  13. And guess what the busiest thread was yesterday. Don't worry, I will give you some time.
  14. Right. I am not worried about the abuser here. That's the difference between you and me.
  15. Yes, a player committing crimes is going get some attention. I am not sure why this would surprise you.
  16. At the very least you need to quickly suspend him pending the results of the investigation, even if it is with pay.
  17. To take this out to the next step, if you are willing to defend this as oh he COULD be innocent because of this small rate of false reporting, literally no one should be mad about what the Sox are doing, because they also have this small percentage chance of being right, even if you assign them a 95% chance of failure. Seeing as no one is actually applying this same standard evenly for way less important things, I have zero interest in pretending that this is a real thing.
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