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  1. I would really like to know if the signing style is because of him, or someone like Kenny or Jerry? We have heard in the past how close we were to top guys, but came in 2nd. Would be interested if someone is blocking him from working to sign the really young kids, or if someone above was forcing him to keep dollars open for the Cubans.
  2. 100% true here. Either they go big, or they blew it.
  3. For sure. Liked the top of the draft a lot. Today was scary, but if they get in 1 or 2 more of the high end HS kids left over, this will work out as an OK draft. Still hopefully for a guy like Garrett Shull or Sawyer Farr if possible. https://www.mlb.com/draft/tracker/2024/undrafted
  4. Well, if we came out even in the first three rounds, we should still have something like $1.5 to $2 million to spend tomorrow (including the overage) after all of the savings in at rounds 6-10. Got to imagine they have at least 1 million left.
  5. Another another senior Cole McConnell Louisiana Tech (LA) USA OF L/L 4YR 5S
  6. In baseball that really hasn't changed. We at least stay with them in football and basketball.
  7. Lake Central high/St John Indiana in the house! Our HS is in their conference.
  8. The one really big kid made it to the bigs for like a month last year, which is a month more than any of these other guys will make it. Lane Ramsey, that's it.
  9. These last few guys haven't even had a reason to be interesting. They aren't something like big, or fast, or wild or something you can maybe work with. They are physically limited RHPs and relievers with mediocre stuff. If we are looking at relievers, give me the big kid throwing 95 who can't find the strike zone instead of a 5'9" guy throwing 92.
  10. Apparently Young is a RHP. No idea why MLB doesn't list that.
  11. Jack Young U Iowa (IA) -- -- R/R 4YR 5S No position listed?
  12. Did it bump up to 150? I thought it was 125k, but yeah, the idea works the same even with a different number.
  13. Anything over $125k counts against your allotment. Anything at or under that number does not. So a million dollar signing means you have to find $875k in savings somewhere else. That isn't counting the 5% overage which can also be utilized, and for the Sox looks like $730k.
  14. It either means Hagen Smith was much closer to slot than we thought, or they have someone set up after the 10th round.
  15. Well this is probably half a million in savings in the last few picks. Hopefully that means they have a bead on someone in 10 or 11.
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