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  1. https://www.fansfirstsports.com/sox-populi/white-sox-select-phil-fox-in-the-seventh-round-of-the-2024-draft-no-199-overall/
  2. Seeing everything about this pick, this better be a money saver as well.
  3. I can see him getting called up for 2 appearances now.
  4. They just mentioned that Fox is a guy the metrics like a lot.
  5. Little guy who was a reliver in the ACC, 45k in 36 IP
  6. Because of cap spaces for each slot are bigger earlier. This Sox pick has a slot value of 375k. Sign him for $10k that is $365k, left over they can use later. The Sox pick in the 10th round is for $185k, so the same senior signing for 10k only saves $175k. By making this pick they generate $200,000 extra dollars they can use later. Once you get past round 10 there are no rewards for coming in under the slot value, which is $125k, but they will penalize you for anything over that number.
  7. 2 college seniors picked in the first 3 picks of the 5th.
  8. If the Sox have cash left, the OK HS OF Shull could be interesting. He is dinged because he is older, but so was Montgomery
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