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  1. The Sox have started 16 position players accumulating 35 > 2.0 fWAR seasons since 2012. 6: Jose Abreu (2014, 2015, 2017, 2020, 2021, 2022) 5: Tim Anderson (2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) 3: Adam Eaton (2014, 2015, 2016); Yoan Moncada (2019, 2020*, 2021); Luis Robert (2020*, 2021, 2022) 2: Tyler Flowers (2014, 2015); Yasmani Grandal (2020*, 2021); James McCann (2019, 2020*); Alexi Ramirez (2013, 2014) 1: Alejandro De Aza (2013); Adam Engel (2020*); Todd Frazier (2016); Avisail Garcia (2017); Eloy Jimenez (2020*); Alex Rios (2013); Yolmer Sanchez (2018) The Sox have fielded 14 pitchers accumulating 25 > 2.0 fWAR seasons since 2012. White Sox > 2.0 bWAR 2013-2022 4: Jose Quintana (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) & Chris Sale (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) 3: Lucas Giolito (2019, 2020*, 2021) 2: Dylan Cease (2021, 2022); Reynaldo Lopez (2018, 2019); Carlos Rodon (2016, 2021) 1: Johnny Cueto (2022); Miguel Gonzalez (2016); Liam Hendriks (2021); Dallas Keuchel (2020*); Lance Lynn (2021); Evan Marshall (2020*); Ivan Nova (2019); Jeff Samardzija (2015) By Season: 2020: 11 Players (8 Batters & 3 Pitchers) 2021: 10 Players (5 Batters & 5 Pitchers) 2016: 7 Players (3 Batters & 4 Pitchers) 2014: 6 Players (4 Batters & 2 Pitchers) 2015: 6 Players (3 Batters & 3 Pitchers) 2019: 6 Players (3 Batters & 3 Pitchers) 2013: 5 Players (3 Batters & 2 Pitchers) 2022: 4 Players (2 Batters & 2 Pitchers) 2018: 3 Players (2 Batters & 1 Pitcher) 2017: 2 Players (2 Batters) Note: Over 0.74, or 0.8 fWAR, was the threshold used for the 2020 season due to the owners 102 game lockout. Abreu and Anderson exceeded 2.0 fWAR, even without this adjustment.
  2. Yes, those are my favorites as well. I've never purchased a Reinsdorf era jersey/cap (1980-current uniforms). Still have my 1976-1980 Sox cap, but it's retired (both personally and appearantly not even for sale anymore). I only wear / purchase the 1971-1975 red cap with white lettering. The caps were previously sold under the Cooperstown Classic series, but are now sold under the New Era brand. I don't like any combination of black/dark navy blue with red and white. The only red/white/blue combo I'll wear across any sport are Montreal related (Expos and Canadians). Looking at the historic lettering on the White Sox website, I also like the 1932-1935 home logo. https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/history/logos-and-uniforms Favorite home uniform: Favorite Road Uniform:
  3. James Click is a 30 fWAR per season upgrade over Rick Hahn. Do. It. Now.
  4. “You did good Pop. You did real good.” No Norman Dale (old guy with prior success) today. What I’ve read of Grifol I like. Katz staying and everyone else (hopefully) going makes this an excellent day. For the first time in two years, I’m not embarrassed being raised a White Sox fan. Hope Espada also gets promoted this off-season or after one more year of Dusty. He also deserves a chance.
  5. I first heard of Joe Espada in October 2019 after listening to an interview of Theo Epstein on the Score. David Ross was hired, but Theo said Espada impressed him and Jed so much, they had a really difficult decision. Said they really learned a lot during their two interviews with him, both about the approach of top organizations like the Astros, and they were also very impressed with him as a person / candidate. Liked what I saw and read about Espada since then, which is why he was my top option pre and post Tony. Regardless of who is hired, I’m glad the Sox have finally taken the time to conduct their first external interview process for a top position since Ozzie vs. Cito nearly two decades ago. Hopefully Hahn and Jerry have been exposed to the way successful people and organizations operate and perhaps begin to make some long overdue changes internally.
  6. Carlos Mendoza’s background: 42 Year Old Venezuelan Played in the Minors 13 seasons. Played 28 games in The Show. Began coaching in the minors in 2009. Managed the Yankees 2011 Gulf Coast team. Served as a roving defensive instructor until his promotion in 2017 to Yankees infield coach. Replaced former Yankees bench coach Josh Bard, who left to move closer to his home in Colorado, after the 2019 season. Served as Yankees interim manager after Aaron Boone’s pacemaker surgery in 2021. Interviewed for the Boston and Detroit jobs after 2020. https://www.pinstripealley.com/platform/amp/2021/3/6/22316467/yankees-future-manager-carlos-mendoza-interim-mlb-baseball-aaron-boone-spring-training
  7. Personally, I see no indication Jerry, even if he is batshit senile at this point, has any more or less baseball acumen than Rick Hahn. Kenny Williams has his faults, but he is the only person with input who has any clue about Major League Baseball in the FO. The problem is he’s gone after next year, and I’m not sure how involved he is at this stage. The more stupid rumors we hear, the higher the probability is: 1. They will make yet another stupid hire. 2. Teflon Hahn will do all that he knows how, which is to s%*# blame to others. 3. Hahn will be promoted after 2023 when Kenny leaves, an equally unqualified Yes Man will take his current spot, and both will remain as the new new White Sox Gar / Pax until Jerry is gone.
  8. The only twitter account I look at for White Sox rumors (look to James Fegan for actual news) is Bob Nightengale, and he hasn't tweeted anything Sox related for nearly a month: I don't expect anything until early to mid November at this point. I don't know much about Kevin Long, though would take him or almost anyone over Ozzie, Shildt or Washington among the rumored candidates in the thread. Still hoping Joe Espada is viable and eventually hired.
  9. https://nypost.com/2022/10/27/frank-thomas-called-out-as-douchebag-by-ex-teammate-in-new-book/amp/
  10. The few years I've been here, people have been staying a healthy (insert core guys except Abreu) will bump up their WAR to the 4-6 range if they "stay healthy". These players can improve, but they should not be expected to significantly increase their availability or WAR production per game. White Sox Players - % Games Played 2019-2022 (545 available games 2019-2022; 384 2020-2022) (# seasons / Average bWAR) 96.9% Abreu (4 / 3.2) 80.6% Vaughn (2 / 0.0) 79.3% Moncada (4 / 2.7) 68.6% Anderson (4 / 3.2) 62.0% Grandal (3 / 1.0) 58.0% Jimenez (4 / 1.3) 57.8% Robert (3 / 2.5)
  11. Player manager, taking over for Abreu at 1B. Cito Gaston vs. Ozzie Guillen was the last legitimate interview process for the White Sox. Think the Marlins got a solid candidate to lead their young rising team. Kudos to Kim Ng! https://www.mlb.com/news/skip-schumaker-named-marlins-manager Joe Espada has been my choice since 2020. Happy with a few other mentions. Don't want Washington, who was outmanaged by Tony 10 years ago, or anyone else in their 70s.
  12. Is that primarily to help prepare for the amateur draft, free agency, spring training, or really just all of the above. Fascinating world few of us are privy too, I've only read a few articles about it, including the Cubs significant analytics department of solid college graduates agreeing to work for nominal sums just for the glory and ring. I believe it is more important to chase your dreams, especially when you are young without significant commitments. When you look at your life 30 or 50 years down the line, you will reflect on the good times despite the hard work and settling for cheap beer and wings night as a rare social escape among the hard work you put in. Few other industries would command that level of commitment for peanuts financially. Yes, just guestimated with my 50-60 + hour statement. Had a busy season throughout my career, but never more than 3-4 months throughout a calendar year (either quarter ends or the Winter/early Spring). Don't think I would be happy with 75 hour weeks six months each year, unless I knew it led to "f*** you money" and could retire before 30. Never understood how the "Big Four" people who worked on our engagements dealt with it, though many were on work visas and don't really have an option.
  13. Assuming the Kevin Long talk would be for the manager position and not a lateral move which nobody in their right mind would leave Philadelphia for the White Sox. TV dictates, also need date certainty to accommodate the hundreds of hotels required for players, media, sponsors, etc. This new schedule avoids NFL Sundays vs the Thursday & Monday off day format. Since the 87 win Phillies prove how meaningless the 162 game exhibition game schedule has become, they really should target 140-154 games, expand the division series also to seven games and wrap things up in October. Couldn’t avoid this year due to the late start caused by yet another owner lockout.
  14. Yes, in season I would imagine 50-60 + hour weeks the norm (excluding travel), not the exception. Not sure how the off-season works. Many intern jobs pay these days, but I would estimate in this instance you might not be getting much more than the below poverty level minor league players, sans the “free” slumlord conditions Jerry houses his players. These four jobs are foot in the door, hope you are financially wealthy enough to cover your expenses outside of the meager pay we give you jobs. The data engineering job is entry level, but after you break down your hourly with uncompensated OT, you likely would be compensated at a higher hourly in a different industry. Posted primarily because some will still think it may be worth it for the experience and perhaps future opportunities for people passionate enough about the team / sport that they spend time here.
  15. Here is your chance to help the White Sox if you have a background as a data engineer. Chicago or Glendale are the listed locations. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/instagraphs/job-posting-white-sox-operations-data-engineer-player-development-affiliate-intern/ Link also lists their four minor league locations and a job posting for Player Development Affiliate Interns.
  16. This is not true for his core guys in terms of having any relevant baseball executive or managing experience before being hired. Hawk Harrelson was Jerry’s first big hire, straight out of the broadcast booth with zero executive experience to replace the competent and beloved GM Jerry inherited. Kenny Williams was hired as a scout by the Sox in 1992 after he retired as a player. Rick Hahn was a players agent for two years before being hired by Jerry in 2002 to handle contracts for Kenny. Don Cooper was hired in 1988 after retiring as a player, promoted to pitching coach in 2002 and outlasted four managers. Robin Ventura retired from playing in 2005, dabbled in TV and had zero experience beyond player until he was hired four months prior to his manager job as Buddy Bell’s “special assistant” in June of 2011. Harold Baines (2004) and Daryl Boston (2001) also have lasted multiple managerial terms as coaches after being hired after retirement with zero outside coaching experience.
  17. Out until Hahn, Kenny and Jerry are gone. Had enough of this s%*#.

  18. Dead $ contracts are gone. Top 10 Farm System. Smarter Front Office. Payroll likely going up. Sox should still be better at least on paper for at least a year or two, but then what?
  19. Most of that seems plausible. Setting aside the past, my take on the future: Good: Jose 1 year offer Nimmo interest Nobody is untouchable Training staff out Hahn upset, may quit Bad: Jerry vetoing Espada Kenny is still involved No big changes planned, including coaches
  20. It was Mendick, who had to turn his back to hide what he was saying to avoid being optioned to AAA for mocking “The Big Guy”.
  21. This is why time is of the essence. It isn't as much about somehow fixing roster and budget, it's about creating a successful domestic scouting, farm and player development system to create the legitimate window which should have occurred over this decade. Jerry World Draft Picks who signed with the White Sox (Player, Year and Round Drafted, Career bWAR 10+ considered) Italics = Still Active Hemond (5 years): Ron Karkovice (1982 R1 14.6); Doug Drabek (1983 R11 29.2). Himes (4 Years): Jack McDowell (1987 R1 27.8); Robin Ventura (1988 R1 56.1); Frank Thomas (1989 R1 73.8); Alex Fernandez (1990 R1 28.5); Bob Wickman (1990 R2 16.9); Ray Durham (1990 R5 33.8) Schueler (10 Years): Mike Cameron (1991 R18 46.7); Chad Bradford (1996 R13 10.1); Joe Crede (1996 R5 14.7); Aaron Rowand (1998 R1 20.9); Mark Buehrle (1998 R38 59.1) Williams (12 Years): Chris Young (2001 R16 16.5); Brandon McCarthy (2002 R17 10.0); Gio Gonzalez (2004 R1 28.3); Marcus Semien (2008 R34 34.6); Chris Sale (2010 R1 45.5) Hahn (10 Years): Tim Anderson (2013 R1 18.2); Carlos Rodon (2014 R1 16.7). Potential additional players: Madrigal (2018 R1 2.4); Vaughn (2019 R1 0.0); Crochet (2020 R1 1.5); Montgomery (2021 R1); Kath (2021 R2); Schultz (2022 R1).
  22. Kenny had a plan and a much smaller budget (14th) than what Rick has had to work with (7th). Kenny was able to identify several low priced veterans which still had the desire and ability to contribute. The pitching staff he assembled is among the greatest assembled in the 50+ years of division based playoffs. Rick Hahn also signed a couple solid bargain veterans (Cueto, Elvis), but not the level of a Postseason MVP and the other stars assembled by Kenny. Most of Hahn's veterans came at an above market rate. There were no reported bids close to what Hahn handed Keuchel and Grandal. People blame Tony for the FA mess, but Tony was with Anaheim when $12M Parrot and $6M on Cishek were signed. Not to mention the $50M he pissed away on Herrera, Alonso and Castillo while tanking.
  23. Not to be critical of your post which has merit, but want to clarify a point regarding my analysis and sticking solely with WS and Pennants. I don’t use divisional or playoff appearances in my analysis because they do not translate over the majority of years MLB existed (69 League Based, 53 years Divisional). The Sox could/would have had many playoff appearances if they split the American League in two, based on 4-5 team divisions. The other point is the fact that Harry Grabiner may have finished with one of the best records in Sox history if his entire core, acquitted in a court of law, were not banned for life. Landis’ destruction of the White Sox devastated the organization for decades.
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