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  1. 1. Tanner Banks looks to be the 27th man tomorrow. 2. Jimmy Lambert in Charlotte on injury rehab. He gave up a hit, two walks and three runs in one inning of work tonight. 3. Not sure games will occur tomorrow. 4. Billy Hamilton pinch ran today and of course scored a run. Struck out in his one at bat. https://www.milb.com/gameday/knights-vs-stripers/2023/06/07/723658#game_state=live,game_tab=,game=723658
  2. The air has completely devastated Eloy after 30 hours of exposure.
  3. Surprised they are burning a Seby start with Lynn on the mound. Wonder if anything is wrong with Grandal. Burger is starting, so Soxtalk will save 1TB of bandwidth today, partially offset by the Northeast contingent whining about air quality.
  4. Yes but Joe lived as a monk, swore off sex for his final three seasons in an attempt to maximize on-field performance. Yoan Moncada made a music video, deserves no quarter.
  5. I’d say most fans agree, but teams, or at least this particular team, encourage or direct their players to do this. This became widespread under Tony, continues this season. Fans can b****, have the right to expect max effort, but anger in this case should be directed at the organization, not the players following the procedures set by the organization.
  6. They should play both games, allow fans the option to exchange tickets for another game due to the conditions.
  7. “We literally have five of the nine guys who are playing under trainer instructions that if they make a routine out, they slow it down” “If you watch closely, there are extra bases we haven’t taken and you can sit them, but they’re key offensive guys,” La Russa said. “So as long as the fans understand it, they’re not lazy, but their legs are important.” - Hall of Fame Manager, 6/25/22
  8. Why lookie here 24. .435 Chicago A. L. 25. .433 Chicago N. L. 26. .419 Colorado 27. .417 Washington 28. .403 Saint Louis 29. .295 Kansas City 30. .206 Oakland
  9. Who built the Sphinx and Pyramids, who built the Eifel Tower Then who tore down the Berlin Wall with Marvel Superpower Who fought off giant asteroids to keep the Earth from dyin' Who led the Troops in World War II and then saved Private Ryan Seby Seby Seby did everythin!!! Seby Seby Seby did everythin'!!!
  10. Career Save #116! That's a Seby Zavala @DoUEvenShift Forth Straight White Sox Winner!
  11. Graveman has warmed and will have the eight against the top of the order. Kendall holds them, and Liam will likely handle the ninth, perhaps his first save opportunity!
  12. Out of the jam, nice job Kelly bearing down after the "double".
  13. White Sox 2, A’s 1 -- July 28, 1976 Blue Moon Odom (5 IP), Francisco Barrios (4 IP) It was a wild night in Oakland, with Odom walking eight batters through five innings, then getting pulled for Barrios after issuing his ninth free pass to begin the sixth. Barrios walked two more, as the White Sox set a record with 11 in a no-hitter. Only 3,367 fans were on hand to see this history made.
  14. Scholtens pitching well tonight. Would have been nice slotted in for tomorrow.
  15. Lucas and Seby working really well together tonight. Seby does it all.
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