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  1. But to answer your question his BA w/RISP was .268 and the team BA w/RISP was .269. Abreu was down from .286 in 2021 and .329 in 2020. So that could support the idea he is in decline but with another hitting coach we could see those figures bounce back.
  2. I can't think of one Sox hitter who had good figures in 2022 with a hitting coach that wanted them to ground out rather than hit for home runs
  3. I'm thinking of next season when age and his lack of general fitness likely to catch up with him even more. If we are relying on a whole season out of him and expecting him to pitch at a good level throughout, then I think that is optimistic. There is a risk he will start falling off a cliff like Keuchal did.
  4. Oh I agree about Clevinger, but it would be nice to see the Sox go after a genuine top of the rotation SP, rather than reclamation projects, but when you have no money I guess you have to buy in the bargain basement. We already have enough reclamation projects of our own in the rotation, and next to nothing other than Martin in the pipeline from below.
  5. Nothing particularly against Clevinger but it is depressing that the Sox are signing a 5th starter level player when they already have Lynn and Giolito who need to rebound or they will be that level and Kopech who is recovering from an operation and needs to improve next season. Apart from Cease the rotation is made up of players who we are hoping to rebound and that is if they stay fit.
  6. Do you think Colas will get RF straight out of Spring Training?
  7. That would be great because it means he stayed fit and played 150 games, which he hasn't managed in the last 2 seasons combined. If Eloy and Robert could both stay fit and play that many games, it would make a massive difference offensively; but Robert's 98 games this season is the most either has played in the last 2 seasons.
  8. There were too many real candidates for it to be TLR last time, but that is still who we got, and it is the same clowns doing the hiring again so I wouldn't write off anyone no matter how unlikely.
  9. The only worry is that if they actually do sack Hahn imagine who Jerry would hire to replace him! You would probably get TLR as GM, and his first piece of business would be to extend Garcia's contract!
  10. Sadly not even JR knows what is happening either!
  11. I know where you are coming from as AV needs to be moved to 1B if he is to contribute properly and Eloy needs to be DH if he is to avoid missing half the season by getting himself injured again. I am just concerned that we may regret ditching one of the most consistent hitters in the team, he could bounce back with more power next season. Basically, this whole mess has been caused by bad roster building by the FO that has resulted in so many 1B/DH types and Grandal who is basically a DH now at best, along with Eloy. Realistically I know that not renewing Jose is the easiest option, but it would be hard to see him for another team next season especially if he still produces.
  12. But neither Eloy or AV can be relied on to last a full season without spells on the IL whereas Jose has been fairly robust over the seasons, and as for not being able to hit 20 hrs this season, neither did any other White Sox batter, so should we get rid of them as well?
  13. At least it will be warmer for him in April!
  14. I think those odds actually suggest that even the bookies haven't got a clue who it will be 8 names split by only 5 points in the betting.
  15. Even if they did sign Rodon to a big multi-year deal you just know he would get injured and be a bust, but if he goes elsewhere he would probably win the Cy Young and we will be moaning about it for years to come!
  16. The comedic next manager? Is that to follow the comedic soon to be retired manager? But Mr Burns did a stand-up job for the Springfield Nuclear Plant team so maybe we could lure him out of retirement, although he may be too similar to TLR.
  17. No, I expect Hahn will trade for the same type of players he always does and with the payroll and roster he has his wiggle room is slim at best and I just don't think he is creative enough to do that.
  18. Whoever the pick I hope the process doesn't drag on for months as the new manager needs to be in place to start getting his backroom staff and general philosophy across. And any trades or acquisitions need to reflect the new manager's approach, otherwise any incoming manager will be hamstrung by having to work with the same players who failed this season, this is the last chance Hahn has before the 'rebuild' is officially a write off and he needs to get it right, although past experience tends to suggest he won't.
  19. There is a big difference between playing through niggles and playing on while injured when rest or an operation is best. This season time and again the medical department has got it wrong and not put players on the IL who were quite plainly too injured to contribute at anywhere near their level
  20. If they are going to 'retool' this squad for a genuine attempt to reach the offseason and challenge then some very creative trades will have to happen, but with Hahn at the helm that isn't going to happen.
  21. I wouldn't tolerate a rebuild with the same idiots doing the rebuilding as the result would probably be a whole roster of 1B/DH players plus a few ageing NL free agents on ridiculous contracts, and of course Leury Garcia getting an extension!
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