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  1. I just felt better when told my alma mater's big leaguer was a very very nice guy. If we're gonna lose a ton I'd rather have him patrol 2B and no offense to Naperville, but Nicky has already had his day.
  2. Yeah our bats are back in dead man walking land. When our lousier players aren't hitting, like DeBong and Maldy and Lopez and Andrew and Sheets aren't hitting, it's really bad. I heard some good news today, I was asking somebody who works for the Royals if Bro Rice grad mike massey is a good guy and he said absolutely. I had heard Naperville's Nicky was kind of a jerk but I was assured definitely NOT TRUE and he's a good guy as well. Go Chicago! Bring Massey to The Cell.
  3. Sox are back in the tank, dropping game after game again. Pirates announcers amazed on the lazy DP effort that gave Pitt its first run and defensive positioning on their big hit to the right side. They also questioned the pitching choice there. Sounds like a good day to fire Pedro. After tomorrow's game get rid of him not that it matters. He could take a nice vacation with his buyout.
  4. Cause we've lost for too long and the idea of two seasons after this worse than this one saddens/disgusts me.
  5. What you are telling me is there's no reason to be a loyal fan of this team. The team deserves our scorn over and over and over again and if somehow they actually win the division some year then we cheer a bit for them. What you all are basically is saying is the Sox are not allowed to have any 'great' players again. Our pennant hopes rest on somehow a batch of young guys clicking some year cause this franchise will not pay a 'great' player. Case closed on that. ... I don't even see why at Jerry's age it'd be worth having a team if it's never going to be good. He's that loyal to his offspring that he wants to leave them a team when he dies instead of just a huge check after he sells the team now? Weird. If I were his kids I'd want the money now.
  6. If the Sox had Witt wouldn't he be on the market as well? Little difference between he and Crochet/Robert.
  7. Stay in the present. I told ya how they built this winner. Bought 2 pitchers in the offseason for pennies who are excelling and have one phenom in Witt and a steady leader in Salvy. Yeah I'd like to be 9 over .500 like they are. Plus Witt was No 2 in the draft; they could easily have not gotten him so they weren't planning on him being savior.
  8. Someone's gonna pay him, might as well be Jerry and the partners.
  9. Not to be debbie downer again but who are the Bulls kidding with that pick of Buzelis? According to yahoo, "Buzelis shot the ball under 30% from 3-point range during his one season with the Ignite." Good luck waiting on him to be ready.
  10. Commish needs to hit the Sox with the biggest fine in history in the best interests of baseball. Or demand they let fans in free.
  11. Boring loss. Poor fans. Not worth the price of admission/parking tonite.
  12. Lip: I understand your position that JR won't do the things I want. But with the Sox payroll as high as it is it's simply ridiculous they can't build the same way the Royals have. The Royals have a lot of bad players as do the Sox. But they are putting it together riding one superstar and a couple pitchers they've spliced together into a decent staff. I do realize they lost 105 games or whatever last year and now are good. But the way the Sox allegedly are going to do it is this year is ridiculously bad but not even close to how bad it's gonna be the next two seasons. After the previous tank, that's just unacceptable and the commish should protect us fans and fine Jerry mercilessly and reprimand him or even contract the team. It's unacceptable to put this kind of product out there the next two seasons minimum, prolly more if our minor leaguers like Monte stink.
  13. I saw my mlb.com highlight video (free) in the game summary and I coulda sworn Thorpe threw a screwball. I know what a screwball does cause I used to throw one and the ball swooped in to a hitter as a screwball would. Am I seeing things?
  14. Would u guys prefer I stop whining about the sadness I feel in trading Crochet. Serious question, not a troll. I'll try if u suggest I do that. Other option is to let greg mourn when I read posts like this.
  15. I was talking to a second non biased baseball expert today and they agreed with me that a team the White Sox market size should not be trading stars for prospects in any tank maneuver. He said the lure of the unknown dominates sports fans. Here's an example. Royals SPENT a little bit of cash to acquire two starters Lugo and some other guy who turned out good. And one hitter, Witt, is basically carrying the lineup. Robert is our Witt conceivably. He also agreed with me a pitching staff of Crochet, Rodon, Cease, Fedde, Thorpe and Kopech should be fine if we had it. ... By the way somebody like Beni and Eloy, by all means trade 'em. There is absolutely no reason to go to 2025 spring training with a 40-win team!! A city the size of Chicago with two consecutive tank jobs is SAD IMO.
  16. What does it matter? Trade DeBong for peanuts (everybody's much-desired younger player) and let TA play SS on a minimum deal. Or DFA Lopez and let him play 2B. We got nobody we're blocking there. Trade Vaughn and Sheets for peanuts and let Abreu play there for grins. Sox seem intent on not playing Colas, etc. Speaking of Vaughn, why was he the third overall pick in draft? Did people think he'd develop a nice lift and pull stroke? He seems like kind of a bust to me, although he still is only 26.
  17. The luck thing is not gonna happen. We are worse than the Orioles during that stretch where they stunk every year; worse than the Pirates during that stretch when they stunk every year. Has anybody picked up Abreu or TA yet? Would at least be interesting. Sign em for the minimum.
  18. Good video but very depressing. Points out pretty much there's no hope.
  19. As a Sox fan I never noticed too much the hazards of cheap owners (Jerry) or owners with no money (Veeck). That's because the Sox always seemed to have at least a few good players. Now after the current purge is complete we'll have no good players on the 40 man. It's why I've said many times on here Jerry should be fined heavily by the commissioner for putting this c--p on the field. It's disgusting. The few fans that go to the games (that Twins DH was a joke for attendance if u look at the highlights) are going for the same reason you'd go to a minor league game: just to do something on a summer nite. Sickening.
  20. We're talking about .500. ... I saw some video yesterday from an all star game with Konerko. There were 7 Sox involved in the game during introductions. Seven. It was Konerko and Dye and AJP, Buehrle, Jenks, Contreras. Those were the days. The Chicago White Sox who soon will have no good players on the 40 man after the trades had 7 all stars!! And they didn't have to ever tank to get to that point. It's almost like the Sox are some Class A team stuck in the bigs. Very sad and very weird. Jerry should be ashamed that everything about his organization is minor league.
  21. Would any team be dumb enough to want him in a trade with the Sox?
  22. He definitely is no good. I'd still move him to starter, though.
  23. Four hits each game makes for dull baseball. Lucky to get a split. That said, the Sox have great starters. Bullpen is C- to D-plus but starters are sensational. Thorpe baby.
  24. I hate to be such a nitpicky idiot of a fan. I'm not calling for his firing and I commend his getting such a good job at a young age. I just think screaming La Pantera and doing the Tony the Tiger growl is too much and sort of embarrassing and not worthy of an MLB broadcast.
  25. If you remember the Twins were blah before taking 4 from the Sox and having the Sox help turn their season around. The Sox make a lot of mediocre teams well.
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