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  1. The thing about hitting the ball hard on a power starved team is that it’s good.
  2. It is always shocking how tall he is. He’s like 5/6th Noah schulzez
  3. Fields isn't extension eligible until next offseason.
  4. So it's 40 mill in cash they need to spend prior to March 2024. Shouldn't be too hard to hit with some additional vet deals + extensions.
  5. I'm not that disappointed by that. I've had a gripe that the gimmicky new food items slow down the operations like crazy. I'd rather be able to get to my seat in between innings than wait in line for 30 minutes just so I could get a chicken sandwich. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn had to be staples for a reason. Can prep em easily and sling em to the masses.
  6. Best bullpen in baseball lock it in.
  7. I remember something different maybe. I think there was a projected "best players of the 2010s" after Gordon's first season where he came up in July and was absolutely on fire. every at bat was a double. He tailed off at the end, and it turned out, permanently.
  8. Definitely the one that caught my eye. Eating it will be rough thou
  9. those puns are brutal.
  10. Good lord 😐 Funkytown Brewery, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (Hip Hops & R&Brew Pale Ale)
  11. not sure why we are getting our hot dogs from the champagne region of france. America used to be good enough.
  12. I don't know...I feel like the bun is too small on that one hot dog
  13. I gotta tell ya...this was awesome. I also can't remember the last time baseball fans were like "THIS IS AWESOME YOU GOTTA SEE THIS" and not "Yeah well it's an acquired taste"
  14. Soxtalk circa Gordon upon call-up in 2009: Hall of famer Soxtalk circa Gordon 2010: He just got jerked around! You can't expect someone who played shortstop to handle...second base or something! Soxtalk circa Gordon 2011: Gordon can't handle the majors mentally Soxtalk circa Gordon 2012: DFA Gordon Soxtalk circa Gordon 2013: DFA Gordon Soxtalk circa Gordon 2014: I am so glad we traded Gordon Soxtalk circa Gordon 2015: You know...Gordon might be the best player on this miserable, miserable team. He plays a pretty nice 3rd base!
  15. Man I do not recall Gordon supporters as late as 2013.
  16. Even if we weren’t maxed out he’d need to be in a 4 year 72 million range to be considered
  17. Ohtani still coming over to US despite our dumbass owners trying to rig rules against paying him just because he had to prove he is the best, prove he is the best, then win for team Japan in this. All time great sports figure.
  18. Hell yes. Full count, bottom nine. Ohtani v trout.
  19. “Regal excellence of Japan”
  20. He’s pretty cool. Raw because of his army commitments, but you see him on the field and can’t help but be intrigued. He was rumored as a second round pick but he’s definitely a guy that could be a much later pick. Could be years before he’s productive.
  21. bmags

    2023 Book Thread

    I read astroball which had ...amazing timing. I wonder if I'd learn anything. (I'd hire luhnow in a second).
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