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  1. Yeah they are like a suit you rented for a wedding, but then the wedding got canceled and you never got to use it, so now you just have to wear it every day to get your moneys worth anyway even if it is not, like, the BEST thing to do. It's just what has to be done.
  2. Eh no can’t get behind that. An org running well on pitching coaching, trainers and scouts is doable and has been a huge advantage to places like San Fran/MN and most notably MIL. Doesn’t mean it will work with kopech but he’s got the biggest range of outcomes.
  3. I read this 3 times and visually I have no idea what I’m supposed to picture. How close is the hula hoop to the pitchers front? Is this like that da Vinci sketch with those arms and legs everywhere? https://soxmachine.com/2024/02/brian-bannister-white-sox-michael-kopech/ But main thought reading this is glad to see the progression of focus here on command. I thought Katz focus on stuff over all and not worrying about walks as much made sense when the pitchers played in front of a defense so bad any contact would be a hit. Bannister seems to be gently layering in some changes to harnessing this now with our worlds best / cheapest defense. Good luck to ye.
  4. It wouldn’t really be high end real estate as you’d have to either make weird shapes to get people access to windows, or create lots of windowless condos. OR - you could go into a public private partnership to start pulling more residential right next to the loop to at least help support its retail and restaurants as the solutions are figured out.
  5. That is…not why they haven’t built anything.
  6. One of my favorite books of all time. Her other novel Piranesi was just as good.
  7. I normally give a lot of leeway for this stuff because it can just be taste but yeah these are just absolute trash. They absolutely look like tball uniforms.
  8. I don't really understand the point of it all but when we are discussing who are the young players that are supposed to be influenced by this veteran group - it's the pitchers. We are going to have a fresh bullpen and a lot of tryouts. They may not be that young, but in terms of experience, clearly they see changing the culture to a bunch of motivated, bad veterans who can play defense is better than a bunch of unmotivated, bat veterans who were once good and also can't play defense. Both are bad though, really need to emphasize that there is a lot of bad on this roster. Worse than 17 imo.
  9. Well, hello Chicago. Thought it would have been a cool place and I like tailgating for football games, but, hey, let's just make the lake work. And there is no group I hate more (this is an exaggeration) than friends of the park so I will be forced to be absolutely, obnoxiously on the Bears side thru all of this.
  10. going head first to home is by far the best use case for it. They should just enforce the rule to not block the base.
  11. It really is amazingly old. Like Luis Robert is 26 and the same age as a lot of our "young new talent"
  12. I don't think the position thing hurt his development. From the jump he's just been a big ass dude that...doesn't hit like it. Big slow boy with weak power is just not a good combo. He had so many chances for us because he's left handed, hard worker, and we are a pathetic franchise.
  13. Possible for the stadium, the full plans I don't think can happen before 2034 or 2035
  14. I could really care less. The benefit this design has for the sox is taking advantage of the beauty surrounding the stadium. Much of it visible while sitting in your seats. Add to that a place to sit along the river. Those are nice things. The "garble it will have GLASS" stuff is fake. I believe you all that you don't want a stadium, I don't believe your excuses.
  15. Definitely feels like things are shifting away from "game competition as only development". We'll see how brutal this transition will be for high schoolers to A ball will be now. If you get any NIL money and aren't a projected top 50 bonus guy I'd definitely go to college to develop.
  16. Modern architectural design will NEVER fit in ...chicago
  17. One thing that has started to trickle into reality - if you include paying Jaylon Johnson, the bears don't really have that much money this offseason. Last year they really structured guys with some upfront money to avoid paying them if Justin turned the corner, so maybe with the clarity of Williams they have a longer timeline they could play with pay structure. But there really may only be one big splash player.
  18. Just the nimbyest of nimby playbooks being deployed.
  19. I would probably be advocating for JJ McCarthy at 6 tbh and Odunze at 9 and keeping Fields
  20. Not the only person clearly who had internalized him as a very tall impressive man
  21. Everyone knows the time to judge a new front office is a few months into its first offseason before you let real results influence the true reality - how it feels. But nonetheless, as someone extremely skeptical this will work, I have to at least remark that it does feel a lot different. First - I think I can say somewhat accurately that this board would have said the worst thing Getz could have done is act like they were still just a, say, RFer away and tried to patch it up. This offseason was painful, because this upcoming season is horrifying, but at least it appears to not be putting off future pain. I'd need an ethicist to tell me if it's better to take more pain in the short term or have more time to adjust future pain. Second - The trades do feel different. I would say in general Hahn got more leeway than deserved because my strong opinion is he sought out trades that got him prospects with higher "prospect handbook" grades specifically to get him a better set of reviews. The hype around the trades continued to meet an underwhelming reality, because often these rankings are outdated, and we were buying guys starting to fall off. He was like buying a car literally after it rolled off the lot for the full sale price, but still showing the sticker on the windshield to us. Posters can check me (I encourage it), but I really can't pin trades that hahn did similar to what Getz has done this offseason. He has gone for volume of some bounce back candidates/dfa candidates, and players whose age/grades seem to have undervalued them. Or...accurately valued them. But it certainly has felt like the sox own grades on these players were what drove the acquisitions. Were they right? I have no idea, but it feels like what is happening. Third - For seemingly his entire tenure, when Hahn is facing free agent position players in his "budget", he has opted for marginally more offensive upside over competency in literally every other area. If you saw a guy that had hit 95 wRC+ over the last 3 years who was slow and horrible defensively, and one who hit 90 wRC+ over the last 3 years and was good/great defensively, Hahn took the first guy 100% of the time. Fourth - Hahn's analytics seemed to always boil down to "this one weird trick will fix all woes". It seemed like they were way, way too focused on contact rate and cutting down Ks after 2019, even if it was a guy with low walk rates or horrendous power, and it came with a bunch of players with horrible zone contact who just chased every pitch for a nubber. For pitching, K-rate became everything. Some of this made sense. When your defense is horrid, getting guys that just don't allow contact made sense. But then also loving sinker-relievers in front of horrid defense made no sense ever. Fifth - he hired from the outside, albeit from the royals exclusively (jk). And even where he did not firesale his PD staff, I have to pay attention when Keith Law says this: "They did extremely well in last summer’s trade binge, they’ve hit on a couple of recent high drafts, and we’ve seen guys develop in that system to a degree that we hadn’t seen in some time." SO - maybe there were was headway. Now, what I'm not saying is different will equal success. You can make a lot of different versions of bad. But as a concern that he was promoted from within, he certainly has some different ideas. But obviously, he needs to show he can find well-rounded, elite talent from the draft, from intl, from trades, from everywhere. Different though! Go Paul DeJong!
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