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  1. Sheesh he ain't just a senior, guy will be 24 in 2 months.
  2. well good news, this guy had a position.
  3. damn someone almost had a palindrome day of birth OB:10/10/01
  4. I feel like it's gonna end up we paid Hagen Smith like 9 million
  5. jack young, iowa reliever. 47 ks in 32 ip.
  6. was wondering if anyone would post about that stuff, didn't know about it this weekend but tons of socials on this game. Better than the alternative (bronny)
  7. Joel Dragoo. Joel Dragoo. Great name. Either goes by like Ivan Drago rocky IV stuff or mr. magoo
  8. if there is a service i'm ok to not be tracking against, it's mlb pipeline (i know callis is very available and nice, but I don't care for their work).
  9. Well, hopefully kannapolis will be better to start next year.
  10. guessing they got no savings from smith then.
  11. Orioles trade Joey Ortiz for Corbin Burnes. Diamondbacks trade Jazz Chisholm for Zac Gallen. Rangers trade Acuna's brother for Scherzer. Astros trade Drew Gilbert for Verlander.
  12. You can absolutely flip hitting for quality pitching.
  13. While I could handle Jordan because he's big and fast and could be an ofer, I am not sure I could handle the same bat issues with DeMartini. Doubt they go him anyway since he's not in shirley's typical profiles.
  14. Dakota Jordan would at least give us a data point in the "sox can't fix guys like that" because for the most part they haven't drafted guys like that. Maybe Evan Skoug? ANd hey, he does have a lower k rate in charlotte than he did his last year at TCU. I think Jordan (power) or Sirota (BB) would both be good additions.
  15. I think he would have, I think Rhett Lowder is better than Chase Burns who went 2. But regardless "he would have gone 7th last year" isn't really the best counter argument that he was a 1-1 guy. He's super talented, dominated, but has TJS and a funky delivery. That's not usually the 1-1 guy.
  16. I'm not saying he's bad, but like if you aren't going 1-1 this year it's unlikely your draft position improves in other drafts.
  17. One thing I give Shirley credit for that others in this damned org do not is the only time I got to see him speak (2020 soxfest), he described what he wanted as very athletic and big players whose bodies allowed them to make the adjustments to the mlb game. A lot of sox front office types have described what they wanted, and then went out and got different things. Shirley has delivered, when he has gone after outliers they have been guys that were super athletic and tall, not understrengthed and tiny. In the top three rounds, je has not brought in undersized RHP. He has not gone after limited corners. Even Jacob Gonzalez, who stood out, was more so with his swing choice, he is still 6'3, 220 and was a multi sport athlete, it's just he's not that fast to first. In his 5 drafts (2020-2024): - Crochet (6'6"), Kelley (6'3, 220) (2020 was a weird draft just gonna go first two guys - Montgomery (6'4), Kath (6'3), Burke (6'6, 230) - Schultz (6'8), Pallette (6'1 - tjs), Cannon (6'6) - Gonzalez (6'3), Taylor (6'3), Pallette (6'2) - Smith (6'3), Bonemer (6'1), (6'3), So some of the pitchers are borderline small last year, and boiling down that they are physical athletes just by showing their height is over simplified, but anyway I believe it's true and also no surprise that we finally have some guys that have improved through the increase in competition, not just slowly degrading as they move from college to pro ball.
  18. Maybe we find something with some cold weather state prep players having more room to blow up than others, so guessing he's expensive but Dax Whitney would be my favorite. It's not because of his height at all.
  19. I really don't think this is true. I think with a top 5 pick Shirley and the sox would have really loved a strong up the middle talent, but they didn't exist in this draft, so you had to hope that some hitters that were already trending toward first base were not just a product of juiced balls, or were constantly injured, or were from a state that never produces talent, could fit the bill. Not surprised they just went after a guy that had some obvious ability in the mlb.
  20. ok, but this was not a strong draft and he went 5th, so no I do not think he'd be 1-1 consideration in a "typical" draft as this was atypical for how weak it was. Hell...a second baseman went 1st overall.
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