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  1. Hell yeah great season BamaDoc. Minor leagues gonna be huge next year
  2. "my deep dive analysis has indicated our boat has a lot of holes, so we would like to buy a bigger boat with holes to sink slower"
  3. I gotta tell you, now that he has dragged other people into the boat with him, I feel greater hope he succeeds. Otherwise this is a hostage situation he manipulated them in. Don't they know they can never leave?
  4. biggest issue with Jrue is there is no salary we can fit that makes sense.
  5. just so many teams that I follow are just in the corner while the rest of the league actually plays https://x.com/KevinOConnorNBA/status/1707110592321126870?s=20
  6. i'm impressed that nobody here even bothered entertaining the bulls interest in Dame.
  7. just thought about how one of Eberflus' biggest backers was Rod Marinelli, he of 0-16 lions fame. His coaching tree will be obscene if he sprouts out the first 0-17 head coach.
  8. Going down to Nashville for the most un-SEC of SEC games: Vandy-Missouri. Looking forward to 150 yards of burden receiving at least.
  9. This draft has the best QB prospect since Lawrence, the best TE prospect ever, likely the best WR prospect ever, and then jared verse, a very good edge prospect. A receiver vs An edge you may choose edge. If the discussion was Jared Verse is the best edge prospect since Bosa/Garrett, then you go Verse. But you should take what the draft gives you, because it's pretty good.' I'd also guess the next wave of WR extensions drastically pull closer to edge contracts.
  10. I watched Carter last night run 10 yards after a throw was made to tackle the receiver and punched the ball out.
  11. I don't think you turn down a receiver prospect people are this high on for team needs. Or at least you shouldn't.
  12. Eh, obviously this is an indictment of Eberflus when he highlights "teaching" and his scheme. however, disagree that you can't blame Poles for this. He could have still taken Carter last year, could have still taken Pickens. Packers found a new starting LT in round 5 last year that is outperforming Jones. Everyone looks mid so far.
  13. Anxious to see what coaches rise to the top. Ben Johnson OC Det (play caller) Frank Smith OC Miami (former bears TE coach) Shane Waldron OC Seattle (play caller, McVay tree) Bobby Slowik Houston OC (Shanahan tree) Dave Canales Tampa Bay OC Drew Petzing Arizona Cardinals OC Ken Dorsey Buffalo Bills OC Todd Monken Baltimore Ravens OC Lincoln Riley USC HC Eric Bienemy OC Wash
  14. it is so upsetting that this year was only the fourth worst record even if there is a lottery. It was certainly first in the misery index.
  15. I just think actual good coaches still bend this better. Everyone thought the cards would be trash and trying to lose. They had a terrible defense last year. They hired a d coordinator as head coach and he's had them playing incredibly hard against a difficult schedule. Everyone thought the dolphins were trying to tank. Brian Flores scrapes every possible bit of talent into a team that wins more games than flus could dream of. It's a huge red flag that he can't scrape together a competitive defense. Especially since a lot of these guys on d look hand picked for him, including these massive d ends that can't rush the passer, but also haven't shut down the run for us.
  16. I mean why did they hire him back then? Different ownership/FO, no reason to bring him back from Royals.
  17. Them and the astros would be the two other orgs in the “big market” rules of the CBA that can not truly handle max team salaries. So they don’t get extra firsts, they don’t get extra intl budget. So like could you run the exact playbook as the Rays in the Sox and it still work? That extra stuff matters. The braves market full of transplants has also made it a fickle fan base that needs wins to show up, which they’ve overcome a lot recently. JR always looks at Yankees, dodgers and says no way they can be that. But the Sox have nothing preventing them from success when the braves have been as dominant as they have for 30 years
  18. The bravesation, our most comparable franchise who has built maybe the best offense in history, would be great.
  19. hmm. Confused whether Bannister has replaced Teaford's role, or will be a new position and we still will see a new pitching coordinator.
  20. I mentioned my theory about the downside of executives this long in the tooth is only fighting a battle once. Maybe they did fight for more at one point, lost to Jerry, and then just gave up for 15 years, whereas in new turnover people who have used it before to good effect may convince again. I have no idea what its like to work in a baseball org, but that concept at least makes sense to me. So many things that should be done getting shut down because 5-6 years ago it was tried. Then randomly somebody doesn't care and just forces it in and its a good idea. OTOH, Jerry definitely has re-asserted himself as a control freak owner with horrible ideas as we've seen in the press conference, so maybe he really has been extremely stubborn on that front.
  21. The good news is there should be a larger talent pool to build what Scott Harris has for the cubs and hawks than when he originally built one. I would like to hear Getz putting more of this stuff in-house, as my assumption is its relying on vendors.
  22. I'm discussing a situation where the FBI is not involved, because regardless of McAfee it is really still not confirmed.
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