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  1. in shocking news, the titans are firing their GM. Hope it was clashing in opinions/personality and not some personnel stuff.
  2. I believe we as fans deserve to win the lottery (to select a maxed out 1b/dh type)
  3. Yeah what I love about Ramos is just his insane work ethic. Considering the org doesn't ask players to do anything, that is huge to actually hitting his potential.
  4. Naw, our best hope is Rick is too embarrassed and resigns a la paxson.
  5. I loved Ramos'. Not enough guys read like that in our system, ever. I'm surprised, given the pre-draft stuff, how they had schultz ahead of even pallette.
  6. also they traded all the bullpen arms for like maxed out 25 year olds with back problems rather than trying to get younger higher ceiling guys.
  7. He gave up three singles, one of which had an xBA of .120 and another an xBA of .240, both grounders. Kimbrel then came in and every ball was hit in the air including a scorching double and a homerun giving the ERs to bummer.
  8. He’s risky. But I also think I’d eventually move him to OF and Sosa to 2B. His obp was remarkably consistent. He’s fast as hell. Still means we need to find a LH bat. If you were a real owner, you could say ok to Nimmo, start year with Colas in AAA, eventually move Grissom back to 2B and Colas to OF. At that point, you could go into year and it offense is a disaster for stars again at least it’s now younger. If it’s just bullpen, you can trade for a guy.
  9. If the braves offered Vaughn Grissom would you take it?
  10. Welcome to relievers. He came back from injury last year late. In 2021 I watched him strike out the side vs the Astros in the playoffs and was the only reliever not crapping their pants. Good offseason he’d be a strong candidate.
  11. But was good two years ago. Between Bummer, Lopez, Graveman there is a closer there.
  12. https://twitter.com/jamesfox917/status/1600105496995721216?s=46&t=dkm75wyEuQdyLbcA7WGTEQ Having some hardcore Nick Friedell / Garpax era flashbacks.
  13. Hahn's entire tenure has been fans asking "why can't we be like the cubs" to "how can we prevent becoming the cubs" and now are back to "why can't we be like the cubs". I think, personally, it would be great news for him doing a paxson resignation if the cubs whipsaw back into first place this year and would have lapped his genius rebuild.
  14. It will only embolden him to sign even less free agent contracts to set an example for other owners and try to singlehandedly tip some of that balance back toward ownership.
  15. one crazy part about Hahn compared to KW is also how much money of JRs he's been allowed to waste in DFA. From Keppinger onward, there has been this thought the sox would hang onto guys just out of prudence, but he's had to go to his boss to cut (from my memory) some pretty big numbers in Keuchel, Keppinger, Eaton, and I know there have been more. I remember in 2017 when this all kicked off hoping hahn would have learned the lesson on paying for depth pieces and the waste of money that was. But they can't help themselves. I thought having to waste $4 mill on emilio bonifacio when Sanchez outplayed him easily on $800k would have been some sort of revelation on paying for replacement players, but then they signed Leury for a 3 ... year...deal when they had Romy at that point on the way and Mendick. Both showed they could match negative value for free (this is all aside from the fact that we hoped they would, like, actually focus on building a farm but instead had hostetler try and just hack the farm by only drafting fat college players with advanced approaches). He's so clearly hamstrung on some of the splash deals that could cover up his mistakes that it obscures how many mistakes he makes and how much more budget runway he'd have if he could just stop wasting money on depth. Just where he is healthwise, I think if any other team started talking about trading hendriks it would be seen as somewhat savvy. But it's so obviously that hahn so bloated that bullpen in contracts they are trying to redistribute.
  16. Still think Hendriks for Gleybar is a thing, personally.
  17. On board with all of DAs thoughts. Only a team ridiculously tying one hand behind their back would be in this position. But if you are…
  18. You haven’t had a $15M raise in three years? In this economy? Sorry man.
  19. dodgers will give him like 3 for 120 to be a reserve infielder and it has an optout each year.
  20. I'm gonna say under. Obviously the last two years help, but I still think many of the orgs don't believe in his availability.
  21. Can't answer without the return.
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