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  1. It was 3/48, you gave bell the abreu contract for some reason. I also said that was his top market expectation. And the Sox doing this would be by far their most effective offseason in hahns tenure, but no they wouldn’t do it. The Sox who just had a bunch of RH hitting corner IF would instead have added a switch hitting 1B and an OF that officially relegates Eloy to DH. Thats a better team in contention. A team could have just re signed abreu and signed Nimmo and traded Vaughn for something but that isn’t the white Sox and sign verlander and do all of that. Are the white Sox likely to re sign a 36 year old to a 3 year deal worth $58 mill? Unlikely. Are they likely to sign a Nimmo for $100+ mill? No shot. Could they sign Josh Bell, a 30 year old DH? Definitely. this plan would be both plausible and make the team better during contention. I’d enjoy that more than watching Colson on a 70 win team in 2026
  2. Ah sorry, eyes jumped past the catcher part of that
  3. Gets to sideline much better than you’d expect for his athleticism rep.
  4. There was a mutual option called recently. Can’t remember, kikuchi?
  5. Yes would be a much better team. Would be a surprising move.
  6. Eh I’m with scs. San born is a starter.
  7. Yeah I can’t imagine bell gets much. Schwarber got 4/80 last year after absolutely mashing. But is largely positionless. So that’s the ceiling. Nimmo could get 50-75% more than that. Meanwhile Bell is not Schwarber, his power isn’t near as dangerous. Im not even sure. 2 for $30? 3 for $48 tops?
  8. Of course it is, but what threat is it to the pirates that he is leaving in FA? They know that already. They’ll trade him when they are good and ready or just let him walk and collect comp picks.
  9. The pirates message was correct in that Reynolds has less than zero leverage.
  10. We can’t? It’s 1B. We could probably get one in rule 5.
  11. You can’t trade crochet and graveman without making bullpen a priority again.
  12. You don’t see too many trade requests in baseball do ya
  13. Carlos Perez had a great night in winter ball. Future all star
  14. Also should be a fun start to pitching in the minors. Macdougal is back, Pallette arrives, and Schultz gets first non backfield work.
  15. My bad, I am also pro long term pitcher deals though so I concur it would have been good. I think many thought he was a 4/80 guy and one year wonder (eh 1.5). That said I wouldn’t make this deal for DeGrom. And since it’s another team, hope it doesn’t work out.
  16. I don’t recall anyone thinking it was a bargain, especially with the fifth year. This board usually trashed every pitcher deal.
  17. and yet when that deal was announced
  18. I oughtta watch the Mariners more. Was surprised to see Toro here as I thought he was good, but that's because he had like a good first week right after his trade and that was about the last time I watched a mariners game.
  19. Blown away by this acting like Perez is bad because he's being downgraded for the very reason you all think grandal was overhyped. It's like people saying yadi was bad at defense last 5 years. Nobody who watched the game believes that. Perez controls the game behind there, we haven't had that in ....
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