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  1. Rosenthal said Royals were in on Fedde if you wanted a connection to our father franchise
  2. I do, however, think getting lots and lots of reps in college helps you start your NFL career faster, but it's not everything, as Stroud showed. I'm interested to see how the college careers of Penix/Nix/Daniels help them in their nfl careers. Nix had almost 2000 pass attempts, Penix/Daniels over 1500. Mahomes had 1300, and even in that pass offense I think it helped. I think Tyson Bagents 2000 attempts clearly helped him. It's my biggest concern on JJ McCarthy, but there are reasons to think he got other reps that mattered.
  3. Honestly felt a bit bad for mitch but my God he was bad. The last 4-5 years, weirdly has left me less sympathetic to this view that QBs are "doomed" based on their situations. I see way too much retrofitting of this to try and make it seem like Herbert/Stroud had these great situations. There really is this element to the top ten QBs of you either have it or you don't, and then a mix of 10 still "often can make it work" qbs, and then utter trash. It's an insane position. It really took me out of the NFL for a bit because it was so random but it's fascinating nonetheless. I still think Justin Fields could be in that 2nd tier if he cuts down on the fumbles. But it appears the ability to process information extremely fast, correctly, while keeping your body in a position to throw a football accurately 15-30 yards to targets moving 20 mph while also giants are about to sack you is a rare, rare skill that is hard to know if you have until you are faced with the speed of the nfl.
  4. I just think this guy is what Getz is saying he wants the new ball club to be. He is relatively cheap. And clearly we are building a more budget SP staff than I expected.
  5. You don’t have to pay the full contract in a lump sum at once.
  6. I think we should sign him.
  7. I kinda wonder if this regional sports network thing has created too much uncertainty for the money squeezed owners and we may see them sell.
  8. Why is every other fan base so lucky
  9. I like the package mentioned because it was dudes largely ascending. Board gets too caught up in ratings for guys from 6 months ago. OTOH i also like the braves package and am only one.
  10. Jeimar Candelario definitely wins the award for "dude who is way better than you expect every time you look it up" but you can see by the contract how skeptical everyone is about it.
  11. I wouldn't expect either to be top 100, but regardless we only have two 60 prospects in that top ten, and the rest are going to be in that mix of 55s. The write-up of Quero was favorable, but there's just not a lot of impact in our system outside top two. All the type of input we've not really heard from any of our catcher prospects so great news. also, why we continue to stan for Ramos:
  12. While the bulls offense is definitely worse without Lavine, it's made way for players that actually seem to care and lo and behold. I'm just done and wish we could get rid of him, but also we need to get something for him. Separately - For my son's fifth birthday I was able to secure floor seats to last nights game. This is the second time now I've been able to do so. I had actually never sat 100 level for bulls games until I was mid 30s, and this has been insane. It is so wild to be that close. My son had so much fun, we made the big screen/also tv, benny the bull patted his head and pointed to him, the players chatted toward him (continue to be amazed how nice pro athletes are at these games despite the intensity) Anyway here is the key: You should target games that may work for your schedule, but you won't be able to really buy ahead. You target shitty opponents during a weeknight. It won't work everytime, but I've now been able to take two of my kids to dates where we found extremely cheap floor seats. I've been able to buy both day before, so you don't necessarily need to wait same day but I'm sure it's even better. The floor seats are just behind the courtside ones, and 4-5x cheaper, but very similar experience. Free drinks, food service like on lexus section. I actually can't imagine how fun it would be with other adults, but these were the dream-come-true type games with your kids. He's been obsessed with the intro for months and you think he's barely soaking it in only to find out on the car ride home he basically recited the entire starting lineup. The first time I did this we were behind visitor bench, which was fun in a "get to hear the interactions" but the downside is they are 7 feet tall. This was on opposite side and so much better. Easy to appreciate Caruso's game on TV, but unbelievable to see so close. Great night!
  13. No one has been better about trading their hyped prospects and keeping their valuable ones than Cashman. That said, the yankees are just going to be again an extremely weird team.
  14. I'm much happier they are signing some seat fillers and readjusting than trying to sign like...an andrew benintendi type player and saying our 100 loss team was closer to competing this year. It's a rebuild, clearly. But we have so much work to do. There is a group of talent near arrival, but we could easily look like the royals (bobby witt, and nothing else) if we don't seriously jump start our talent acquisition and development. Like not throwing away our international slot on a slap hitting 22 year old second baseman who sucked in cuba.
  15. Naw man this is our ben zobrist, total swiss army knife. You won't understand until you see what Grifol can do with him.
  16. JR, weeping, to Getz: "I'm sorry, but I don't think we can afford Perez this year. I understand if we don't make the playoffs"
  17. Forgot we no longer had many lefties in the bullpen so makes sense. Sounds like he's the next keith foulke.
  18. Right I just don't see anything to say " we are good here". Yeah everyone wants the Orioles guys here, but the fact that no other org can put together a package anyone else likes because of the lack of position guys should tell you all you need to know about the orioles leverage there.
  19. I’d say this list of pitchers is not much better than any other org.
  20. Surprised people are so positive on that package and were so anti Braves packages.
  21. having missed out on Fedde, Steve Cohen is working on his fall back Yamimoto according to Rosenthal. Does that make you feel better @Eminor3rd
  22. I think my hope is Anthony Hoopii-Tuionetoa, RHP, Rangers
  23. Kopech needs to start because his 130 innings basically makes him Walter Johnson of the staff
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