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  1. He definitely will. Most top FAs get way more than fans expect, he's an example of one that will get less.
  2. It only took 3 offseasons for Manny Machado's deal to look normie. Nolan Arenado's looks positively paltry.
  3. Trea Turner has been one of my fav ball players of the decade. What a world where instead we have Rodon on our team and are targeting Turner rather than watching both that we had and could have had in our "tank" year go to teams serious about winning.
  4. wow did not realize how good he became what the hell nevermind they are amazing
  5. I feel like they lessened that mystique with DeJongs tenure
  6. More than anything I just think we need a SS who is going to be strong defensively to set the tone on all the mistakes we see. Anderson does get to a lot, as Jose valentin prior, but I do think the sloppiness feeds off each other. In my patented 2023 plan, it included a follow-up to trade out TA and instead sign Swanson. Do I buy swanson's top? No. But I don't think "let's swap out TA for Bogaerts" passes anyones laugh test, but maybe swansons market is more strict than expected. And he is so, so solid, and comes from a winning franchise.
  7. Their top prospect is Jordan Walker, and Matthew Liberatore is a great pitching prospect. Nolan Gorman is a not convincing 2b but is LH power that hasn't yet translated as much in big leagues
  8. I think good ref point for Rodon will be zach wheelers 5 year 120. It came after a pop-up year after years of lack of health. He signed it for age 30 season, same as Rodon. Years have passed, bigger CBA, more competitive teams. I'd say 6 for 180 is feasible, 5 for 150 is likely, 5 for 140 maybe the low -end of expected.
  9. I think I'd be happy for a clean break as well. Either him or TA. But I realy did like the idea of getting a gleybar and having them compete for 3b and say loser goes to 2nd and knock yoan into more competitive state.
  10. the sox have zavala on a 4 year contract...
  11. well yeah. They had the new ownership group come in, they brought in a ton of the yankees F.O. They seemed to be on a pretty clear rebuild. They had a top ten farm...then Jeter leaves, they seem to stop trying to add, their farm takes a huge hit with max meyer. But this is a world series rotation. They are going to blow it up again?
  12. I would be scared to give him a 1 year 18.5 m offer in case he signed. Would totally derail some bullpen signings.
  13. I don't understand the marlins right now. At all.
  14. no but he still blossomed offensively and we were like "Ok we know defense here at the white sox, and that guy don't have it!"
  15. yeah. But I kinda don't want to see kershaw be anything else but a dodger at this point.
  16. remember when we used to look up the amount san diego needed to pay for their stadium debt and be like "no way they can sign them"!
  17. I'm not sure how much of my fandom is left to die but I can't imagine how much of me will die if they trade carlos perez and he ends up like a omar narvaez guy.
  18. I don't think the white sox should rebuild. I think if steve cohen was owner there is an easy path with this FA class to put the white sox in the world series. I'm just saying that there are good years to sell and bad years. This year a lot of orgs are competing, and the top ten farms include many of those teams. You don't want to sell when the top ten farm systems are made up mostly of rebuilding clubs, because they aren't going to trade them at that point. Right now BAs top ten farms include Orioles, Dodgers, Guardians, Rangers, Cardinals, Mets. If you are like, the brewers, and decide you are at the end of the rope with this group and farm, you could easily just rake in tons of those orgs top prospects.
  19. But also dylan cease alone is a ridiculous piece to kick off a rebuild. Luis Robert would get you a lot. This actually, given the teams competing, is a good time to rebuild. But the sox have no right to. They need to show they can't rebuild and hopefully resign in disgrace.
  20. The real problem with blowing it all up and starting over is the sox front office still has no strong claim that they have a strong player development or drafting regime in place. Hahn just had the best draft position the white sox have had in 30 years and drafted a bunch of players that not only aren't impactful in the majors, but quickly lost prospect value in the minors. Why give him a rebuild? The mariners had very little in the cupboard to sell when they kicked off their rebuild, but unlike Hahn, when Dipoto switched gears he was able to build a strong farm and player development system that actually looks like it can be sustained. he also appears to want to use his additional budget to sign high impact players not dallas keuchel. This group didn't deserve the first rebuild, nor the second. Definitely not a third. And individually i like getz. And I like shirley. And I like Paddy. But they don't have a competent team above them making sure it's all working together.
  21. I don't really like FIP for relievers and the amount of innings they throw. Joe Kelly missed enough bats that he could certainly be a good reliever next year. He could also be another in the long line of players that have joined the white sox as their last stop before retiring unceremoniously. Annoying to pay a multi-year deal for with that margin. 1 year deal you live with the variance and hope for the best. I have loved joe kelly as a reliever most of his career. Seemed completely unafraid in big moments in the playoffs and after the astros, it seemed only Bummer was that for us. But doesn't matter how unfazed you are if you can't get hitters to believe a pitch is coming over the plate.
  22. But they may not have known a particularly good fit is available, and can’t sign abreu just in the hope one does. But Bell to me isn’t that outlandish. If you take clevinger, remove Vaughn, and add Reynolds, you are at like $172M. $180M is the most likely, but bell is like a $184-188 type signing. Again, unlikely, but actually would be a strong improvement to this years team. But you could also say no to Bell and end up with Sheets/Grandal as 1B. Then you have 8M for some pitching fliers. Hell, get Ryan Noda in rule 5. Regardless, not convinced we are past point of trading Vaughn.
  23. Yeah, I really, really want them to maintain this pick position. Either they get an incredible edge, or enough draft capital to trade for one nearer FA. March - May may be the best bears fun I’ve had since 2018
  24. I would not be surprised by Rays there. Disney money coming in clutch for them.
  25. Sox have historically power year for the franchise. Fans see this and then losing Abreu and think “we should sign Andrew benintendi!”
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