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  1. definitely true. Valuing future firsts as second and thirds makes zero sense. Also please win more Rams.
  2. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2023-free-agent-rankings-free-agency at least this list is pretty good for rebuilding the defense. Sucking up some of the TB defense talent from cap hell, getting leadership and winners, would be excellent. Get Javon Hargrave, Jamel Deane, Lavonte David, Marcus Davenport while you build out from draft.
  3. completed a trade on pff.com/mock to the colts for their pick, next years first, the year afters first, this years third, next years third. It's pretty close to the Dolphins niners trade but gets an extra 3rd this year. The idea being that irsay takes over and goes nuts. Fun stuff.
  4. if we had to choose between getting someone with power or someone left-handed (because we can't have both) i'd choose power. Gallo not sure he qualifies for power anymore but he's probably a good buy low. I have zero expectaitons he'll be good for us. What are the odds! Honestly team desperately needs an andruw jones like pickup.
  5. That would be atrocious outfield production.
  6. I can buy that. I think it has been illustrative that Brian Goodwin was able to outperform Adam Eaton, and to an extent the same value churn with billy Hamilton to Goodwin. The jump in price does not seem justified to me. One will breakout but I doubt the Sox choose the right one.
  7. Shockingly good Zips projections
  8. It undershoots it for everyone though.
  9. Better him than the bucket of $8-$10M veterans.
  10. i I bet the correlation is pretty damn good but where the sox are is probably where there is the most variation.
  11. ohhh dang yeah I bet he's like that one bulls asst coach, can't remember his name.
  12. Probably bad when I don't know who is claiming highway robbery
  13. pretty sure Colas will be up day 1. He moved up 3 levels last year, and the whole project bham gave reason to keep him in AA longer. I don't buy the service time stuff, if anything it's just nerves after seeing how Sosa was handled on a straight from AA call up. Colas needs reps, he got more where he was.
  14. do we all realize the best chance at getting above average LH power on this team next year is Yaz even with coming off a league awful year?
  15. I agree with this but that's why I don't want them to sign another catcher.
  16. He said they should draft catchers not first baseman and DHs
  17. I wouldn't be shocked necessarily. There are a lot of teams competing this year, and when you think of those like Paxton 1 yr 16 mill, Hamels 1 year 16 mill deals, I could see a team that is under the luxury tax going to those levels. But I wouldn't be surprised if Cueto goes for multiple years and is closer to a 2 for 20 type set-up.
  18. good for jose's hall of fame case.
  19. Actually it's completely relevant because the entire issue of the Reinsdorf white sox is doing this mental accounting where there is this assumption that they will not have a payroll in 2024 unless they explicitly sign players to it. The starting pitching class is strong this year, and next year you are losing Giolito and Lynn is one year older. But as soon as you sign someone, that means Jerry can't pretend that he won't field a team next year.
  20. Because next year they'll totally fill it internally and not do the same song and dance.
  21. the sox will think this is cheap and that makes me nervous. They constantly say to themselves "I'd rather pay $12 million for Clevinger than $17 for Bassitt" or whatever and then they'll have ended up paying way more for the production they get than the team that signed the "market rate" option.
  22. Well, of priorities now, MLB is not in the top ten. Not saying much but you know it's true. The main bummer of yesterday was mainly that the season truly is over. Now we know how much we truly can have with tanking, and obviously getting a trade like the dolphins received would be a huge boon. Or getting a dominant edge for cheap like Will Anderson. So it's hard to even want Fields to carve up packers. Kinda just want Semien.
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