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  1. I gotta say, this has been the funniest thread all year. What a sorrowful team.
  2. Thrilling streak by Colson. MLB record on-base streak? DiMaggio had 56, then hit less with a walk, then another 15 game hitting streak for a total of 72, but not the record. Ted Williams, 84, in 1949. National League record is only 60.
  3. Burger is never going to move Moncada off of 3rd. They should work him out at 1B. He’s a pretty good glove man and a lot taller than Vaughn, and may hit just as well. AV to the outfield. Unfortunately, Sheets is a platoon DH.
  4. I think Chris Getz is the one pushing Burger aggressively up the ladder, and rightly so. They’re going to fit him in next year, probably as a right fielder, until Jose declines at 1st. Sheets is the the odd man out, as much as I like him, but he can’t cover RF Jake will be the future at 1st.
  5. Lamb is moncada’s replacement when Yoan goes on the injured list sooner or later.
  6. Wait. If the batter was tagged out, does that remove the force play, and the run does count?
  7. Hey play a triple header, 4 innings each.
  8. A little known fact, Andrew Vaughn is the grandson of Y.A. Tittle.
  9. I would play 5 infielders with Madrigal. One in short right.
  10. Kasper is incredibly knowledgeable and does his homework. Pretty sure he’s an AI bot.
  11. Indeed. When the Sox aren’t playing I usually listen to Hamilton.
  12. When Kopech comes on it’s fun to listen to the visitors radio broadcast. They’re really impressed with this Mike Kopech.
  13. Baker


    Hung another loss on Colome.
  14. Ohtani got shelled tonight and left with a blister. We may avoid him this weekend.
  15. Steve Cischek picked up by the Angels. Hope to see plenty of him this weekend.
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