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  1. A .635 POS and 78 OPS+ from one of the main stalwarts in your offense is awful. He & Grandal blew up their offense this year. I realize we're stuck with Yo Yo for the time being, which sucks. I see no reason to expect a significant turnaround from him in '23. Would be shocked, actually.
  2. A microcosm of this entire hellhole of a season.
  3. Such a vital game to win tonight. Win and you take 2/3 in a place you typically struggle while establishing the potential for a much-needed winning road trip before returning for 19 straight against your division. Lose and it's just another in a series of "one step forward, two back."
  4. Certainly the most disappointing Sox team since 1984...
  5. Exactly. injuries aside, too many key guys (in particular, Yoan, Yaz & Giolito) flat out underperforming. Unless this changes [not likely), we'll struggle to break .500.
  6. 93 & a deep playoff run. Will add a quality SP at break & the offense (assuming the Big Boys stay relatively healthy) will mash. Line-up is absolutely loaded & Pollock just makes it that much better. I predict a big 2nd half for Moncada ... don't ask me why, just a hunch.
  7. I didn't see the game today, so no idea what kind of stuff he had, but is Sousa a possibility for a bullpen spot, especially if Ruiz struggles all spring? Sousa had 71 K's in 47 IP last year, so must have decent stuff. Also had 2 K's in an inning today.
  8. Winning games and playing good ball. Strong pitching, overall, some timely hitting. Enthusiasm. Fun to watch.
  9. I have a feeling you're spot on here. Trending downward, for sure.
  10. Pinch hit...offf the bench...game winner!
  11. Eloy returns August 6th just in time to face the Scrubs at Wrigley...
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