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  1. I hope he gets a 162+ game ban & blackballed from the league if the investigation shows he did what he's been accused of doing...
  2. So if you ask questions and want the investigation seen through, you're "defending Clevinger?" Displaying patience and wanting it done correctly before running an athlete out of town is a "trick in the book?" Desiring to not apply overall statistics to an INDIVIDUAL'S guilt or innocence is somehow "hiding on the sidelines?" Interesting...
  3. There have been a number of "credibly accused" who have been genuinely not guilty of whatever the charge might be (even murder). That's why patience & deliberation are so important ... how many times have we been fooled? Other than this accusation, is there other evidence that suggests he's a "shitbag?" Genuinely asking. If it's strictly accusation of philandering, that club is huge.
  4. So if he's eventually exonerated (not likely, but certainly possible), you'd still want the Sox to "cut ties with him" and you would still "cut ties with them?" Just wondering...
  5. Right, so no one in MLB holds & expresses extreme views at the other end of the spectrum? Pretty sure I've seen plenty of questionable tweets from MLB personnel, particularly during the summer of 2020 and specifically as it relates to overarching, toxic, and unfair opinions of law enforcement.
  6. SO want to finish this season .500. Would be the perfect ending...
  7. A .635 POS and 78 OPS+ from one of the main stalwarts in your offense is awful. He & Grandal blew up their offense this year. I realize we're stuck with Yo Yo for the time being, which sucks. I see no reason to expect a significant turnaround from him in '23. Would be shocked, actually.
  8. A microcosm of this entire hellhole of a season.
  9. Such a vital game to win tonight. Win and you take 2/3 in a place you typically struggle while establishing the potential for a much-needed winning road trip before returning for 19 straight against your division. Lose and it's just another in a series of "one step forward, two back."
  10. Certainly the most disappointing Sox team since 1984...
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