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  1. Nice! Can’t wait to watch this ….. so many memories of the Old park…
  2. Leury is your answer to that question I suspect….(Sign a RH corner OF’er that can play multiple positions as an insurance/depth/platoon option behind Colas.)
  3. We need the win…. Better odds on the win against the Rockies….. as compared to beating the Indians( sorry….I’m not into the woke bs)…..
  4. So, I have season tickets for tomorrows game…40 game plan…. But I can exchange the tickets for later in the season if i don’t go, can’t I??.. my rep did not get back to me, but I’m pretty sure my parking pass is the only thing that’s toast if I don’t go…I was prepared to freeze tomorrow night and go…. But now with it being a day game there’s no way I’m taking off work to go….. just looking for confirmation o the season ticket holder exchange program….thx to anyone who can confirm my assumption….
  5. Hey guys, I just checked🤦….Early start times are only for April…. And for the reasons you guys have stated about weather and cold, I agree 100 percent…. I should have checked the full schedule…..im just glad it’s not for the full year, because that would make for a lot of lost fly balls in the evening sky as has happened with the Saturday night 610 starts….those twilight games are not something I’m a fan of…. Though I know a lot of you guys like it for taking the kids to a game….the east coast tv ratings argument could be corrected by Indiana going to the central time zone(Where they belong imho…)…
  6. Does anyone with a full time job agree with this change in start times?. How is anyone with a 9-5 supposed to get to the ballpark by game time? How is tailgating supposed to be even possible?… or dinner at Panchos, Connie’s or Franco’s before the game? This is going to hurt the local businesses, enrich the pockets of JR by forcing eating and drinking in the ballpark instead of tailgating/ eating local, and in general hurt the hell out of the normal working fan going to weeknight games… what a lousy idea this is….do TLR and JR need the games to start at senior friendly times????
  7. Don’t season ticket holders still get it for free regardless??
  8. Lopez blows…..I hope I’m wrong but hopefully he can last until the fourth and we have a better plate approach this game…..
  9. At least a months delay is my guess..... late April should be a safe bet..... God help us if the hysteria takes over and they go longer than that..... and what about a refund of our tickets???? Or are they going to Wirtz/Cub us and keep the cash as a downpayment on future games.....?
  10. Holy crap that is the result of the hat designer using too much LSD......
  11. Jeter to me, without doing a ton of stat research, is the equivalent of Sandberg...... shitty defensive range while being a very good hitter.......but the hype boosted their images immeasurably....
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