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Last Comiskey Documentary...

Lip Man 1

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You've probably heard or seen some of the trailers for this over the past year or so.

Now the release dates have been announced for the three part documentary "Last Comiskey" profiling the "Doin' the Little Things" team that won 94 games shocking the baseball world and the final year of Comiskey Park in 1990.

Parts will be released on You Tube starting on March 2, with the other parts to follow on March 9 and 16.

Many of the players and front office agreed to be interviewed for the documentary as well as fans, media members and Nancy Faust (who provided the music!)

Matt Flesch and his people worked for over two years on this which started as a project during COVID isolation.

I provided a lot of the highlight video from out of my library. Fans also provided still photos and home movies.

Looking forward to watching this...from what little I've seen Matt and his people did a very professional job. 

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My quickie memories. ...

-- Was in a watermelon eating contest as a kid on the field outside the Sox dugout in conjunction with 4th of July twinbill. Activities took place in between games. I remember Ken Brett saying "don't choke on the seeds."

-- Got to walk around the old park with friends with a banner on banner day. Again between games of a DH.

-- My last game in the park was against Cleveland late in that final season. It was rainy and ugly out and we stayed til the 7th and it was fitting the first game I ever left early was my last. Patted one of those pillars, took a last look at the field and me and brother left satisfied emotionally.

-- Saw some roof shots in person; will never forget the sound of bat on ball in that gem of an old park. Saw Eric Soderholm break up a no hitter in a 0-0 game and the full park going crazy. Other memories for sure. Like Fred Lynn whacking a home run knocking out Hammaker in the all star game. And Dick Allen hitting a moon shot homer to rc. And Sammy Sosa as a Sox throwing out a guy at third from RF with us having seats right there at third. Neat to see the rocket throw and tag vs. a Yankee. And a Tom Seaver gem when he was old. Went six or seven strong innings and fans went wild for him.

Love old Comiskey.


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9 hours ago, The Grinder said:

I remember getting high practically right in front of Andy Fram usher who didnt care one bit.

Yes great memories, saw some awesome games there, what a great atmosphere 

Comiskey was to baseball what the Chicago Stadium was to hockey

Those were the days the security took unruly fans to the basement of the stadium for a talking to. Different era. 

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51 minutes ago, Lip Man 1 said:

Just a reminder, tonight a *PM Chicago time, part I of the documentary is available on You Tube. Part II will be on March 9 and Part III on March 16.


Please let me know the link when part 1 is up :)

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Really impressive, I watched last night. 1990 was such a bittersweet year and it was full of surprises. My second favorite White Sox team after 2005. The Sox were picked last in the division by everyone and they fought a powerful talented A's team down to the last week of the  season. Reminded me how good a manager Jeff Toborg was and how those guys hustled for him. Several interviews with "One Dog" Lance Johnson, he was such an igniter for those teams. I look forward to the next two episodes, I would recommend to all Sox fans...

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On 2/20/2023 at 10:35 AM, Lip Man 1 said:

Documentary parts will be released on You Tube at 8PM Central time on March 2, 9, 16.

Thank you for your contributions to this wonderful series of films Mark. I saw you had at least 3 credits in the 1st part.

Anyone who hasn't seen it should watch it. Just turn on your TV to Youtube and look up Last Comiskey. You'll be glad you did and will look forward to parts 2 and 3 when they come out .

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