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  1. A couple observations from today's game. Vaughn is turtle slow and is a bad base runner and Romy Gonzalez is built like a brick shithouse with popeye forearms.
  2. “Everybody knows what type of hitter I am. I wouldn’t throw myself a fastball right now either,” What? Pretty sure Anderson couldn't catch up to a 94mph fastball yesterday. Maybe his ego won't allow him to work on his current flawed swing.
  3. Mrs. Anderson hasn't been making much spaghetti lately. Could Anderson be affected by Trade talks? Would he be dogging it a bit to keep from being traded? Why can't he pull the ball with power?
  4. When was the last time Anderson got a hit to the left side of the diamond. When ever he attempts to pull it results in a lazy ground ball out. I thought he was a 20 to 25 homer guy and wow, hits to right are all we get.
  5. With two outs, why didn't Anderson score on the double. Not running hard.
  6. He is not hurt. He has been dogging it because he hasn't hit well.
  7. I couldn't watch the bottom of the ninth. What a surprise.
  8. The White Sox also have very little team speed. Of all 30 MLB teams, only the Giants have less team speed.
  9. Eloy is the biggest female sex organ on the team.
  10. Usually, when a team scores a lot of runs in a game (like 12), they struggle to score the next day. Unfortunately, the Giants get a day off to rest.
  11. Bet we have some conflicted Mike Clevinger detractors on soxtalk today.
  12. You can't win them all, even the Mighty White Sox lose one once and awhile.

  13. I can't read the article, (who pays for that s%*# paper), so it is hard to comment on Jose's comments. I would hope he would not have negative comments about his former team, even if there were negatives.
  14. Truly a great documentary. Can't wait for parts two and three.
  15. Holmes and Bernstein are Sox bashers. Not one word escapes their lips that is not negative. I tune in to their radio station to hear sports news and find myself quickly turning them off. Remember, before you except their opinion, that their main talent is running their lips for three hours.
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