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  1. I’m picturing Hahn with his feet up on his desk puffing on a cigar celebrating this move.
  2. I know it’s not real popular to be positive on here, but the team did win 2 postseason games in those 6 years!
  3. How much would it have cost for the Sox to keep Jose?
  4. JR found a cheap flight so Hahn isn’t getting there until Tuesday.
  5. For anyone interested, the MLB draft lottery will be aired on MLB network Tuesday at 7:30 central.
  6. I would like to see this happen. I’m not sure how many innings to expect from him though. It’s been a while since he’s played a full season.
  7. Could be one of the top off season moves for the Sox.
  8. So if a couple people can shut down the forgiveness program with a lawsuit, can I then sue those people for my $10,000?
  9. Right on, thanks. I wasn’t sure how long that window was.
  10. Is there a way to get my password without having to reset it?
  11. Oh, yeah, I kinda remember some of that now, but I had completely forgotten about it.
  12. What’s this about? What makes him a nut bag?
  13. Agreed. I really like Clevinger and especially at that price.
  14. Is there really a baseball position player named Outman? That’s funny. Kinda like a golfer named Bogeyman. Now if he was a pitcher, that would be a badass name.
  15. Of course, but didn’t he have some type of surgery last year? With some things time and rest the only way to recover.
  16. Yeah, I feel like we just have to really hope that Grandal was never fully healthy last year and that he will be next year. The shift ban should help him some.
  17. I didn’t hear it, but someone tweeted that Heyman said he thought Jose would return on the Score a few days ago. I don’t believe the Sox have commented on Jose’s situation as of yet.
  18. Yeah, I thought so too, but how does someone like Heyman say that he thinks Jose will be back?
  19. Not sure if it was mentioned here, but on the White Sox Talk podcast, Garfien & McGuffey interviewed Grifol and they asked him which players he had spoken with. He listed TA, Liam, Lynn, & Grandal. They perceived the omission of Jose as an indication that he will not be back, though obviously some (Heyman, others?) think he will be.
  20. Obviously a change was necessary, and the team definitely needs to hit more home runs. But I also remember when one of the main complaints on this board was the lift and pull approach that so many batters had.
  21. Where is this Konerko talk coming from? Was his name really mentioned somewhere?
  22. I meant no offense. TWTW is a Hawkism that has been a running joke on here for years. My point was that you have been here long enough to have heard it, but post so infrequently that maybe you haven’t.
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