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  1. I agree. Eloy's and Robert's contracts are crazy valuable IF they can stay healthy for a full season. Per BR, Eloy is making $10.333M, $13.833M, $16.5M (Team Option) and $18.5M (Team Option) over the next 4 years, while Robert is making $9.5M, $12.5M, $15M, $20M (Team Option) and $20M (Team Option) over the next 5 years. With top tier guys getting $30-40M/year, and guys like Joc Pederson and Bellinger getting $19.65M and $17.5M respectively, and knowing FA signings just keep getting higher and higher each year, I just think it would be crazy to trade away either Eloy or Robert at this point. If they never amount to slightly better than average players, hell, you're only paying them what you'd have to pay a slightly better than average player on the FA market. But if they can get close to what we think is their potential, you're paying them half of what they'd earn on the FA market.
  2. If they have the green light to spend, and they need a catcher, why aren’t they just paying Contreras?
  3. How many of the worst balls made it into White Sox games? Possible factor for the power outage?
  4. I can't see how getting a catcher helps the Sox, unless it's in conjunction with other moves where they either get rid of Grandal, or some of our other 1B/DH guys thereby creating a need at catcher. With that being said, though, how about any of the Toronto catchers, Jansen, Kirk, or Moreno? I don't know anything about how they rate on the defensive side of things, and they're all RH, but I like the offensive potential and they're also 27, 24 and 22 YO, respectively.
  5. You know when the Dolphins got a bunch of criticism for sending Tua back out too early after concussion? This seems worse.
  6. If JR can honestly sit there and say “I’m now giving you your chance” while ignoring the fact that his dipshit choice to hire TLR burned 2 prime years of “the window,” and likely set more than a few players back in their development, then maybe this is happening, but I don’t think JR is that dumb. He’s just stubborn and doesn’t like the notion that spending money is a must for almost every team if they want to win. There are a few exceptions, and he’s trying to prove that the white Sox can be an exception, too.
  7. You’ve cracked the White Sox draft method. (I know he was an international signing)
  8. Seems a little light, like we coud actually have matched that. I would have liked to see Hernandez in a Sox uniform. He seemed like a very good player that never got full acknowledgement because he was always in Guerrero's and Bichette's and even Biggio's shadows. Oh well.
  9. If Pollock declining his option is truly an indicator of players wanting (or not wanting) to play for the Sox, it might be hard to convince FA's to sign unless the only other teams that want them are equally as undesirable to play for as the Sox. In other words, there might be a limit to what can actually be done this offseason. That's based on reading into Pollock's decision, but based on comments from other players that recently "left" the organization, they may be facing an uphill battle.
  10. Sounds like this guy has a history of digging up the analytics himself. Maybe that's why the FO was "blown away" by him because they're getting a manager, but also an extra analytics guy without having to pay for it.
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