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  1. Does Getz have the balls to bring back Clevinger and sign Bauer? Two A-1 assholes, but also two good, potentially very good pitchers for a team severely lacking pitching depth. I know there are fans who would revolt, but it could be interesting.
  2. I’m pretty sure half of those homers are against the Sox. Or close to it.
  3. Yet another guy who will destroy the Sox yet be mediocre or less against the rest of MLB.
  4. I actually like Lee, and I look forward to seeing a full year from him. He hasn’t hit, but you can see he’s got the right mentality. Dare I say, TWTW is visible. His swing looks good (at least quick) and he just needs to lean into it instead of pulling off. But he’s looked more like a big league catcher behind the plate than either of the guys we’ve been using for the past few years.
  5. I thought the announcement on the day of the firing was that Grifol was safe for the rest of 2023, but no decisions beyond that at the time. Nightengale also said on the Score that he expects them to interview a number of candidates besides Getz for the position, and that TLR wasn't a "consultant," per se, but more of a friend giving advice. Until an official announcement is made, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a decision has not yet been made and TLR isn't officially involved in any of this.
  6. I think the plan is to have this guy as the starting catcher next year, and until Quero is ready. Might as well see what he's got now, and identify things to work with him on before next year. Or if he's absolutely terrible, at least they find out now and can start targeting other catchers to bring in for next year.
  7. Is there more context in the full story as to what Paul Sullivan is referring to, i.e., specific circumstances in which those guys "backstabbed" their teammates while on the Sox, or is he just speculating and finger-pointing at the now-departed?
  8. So Quero is a top-100 prospect (86) in AA at 20 years old. And while Ky Bush hasn't shown much yet, Giolito has been terrible since the trade (1-3, 8.14 ERA, 1.57 WHIP, .289 AVG). Lopez has been pretty good, but is a bullpen guy, and he wasn't the big piece in the trade. That Angels' trade was questionable from an Angels' perspective when it happened, but it looks real bad for them right now. Yesterday highlighted how bad it was as Giolito took the loss giving up 4ER over 6 innings, 7 hits (including a 2-run HR), 2 walks and striking out only 5, while another pitcher traded at the deadline, Jordan Montgomery (for whom the Rangers gave up zero top-100 prospects), got the win going 6 innings giving up only 1 run on 6 hits with no walks and striking out 9. Yikes.
  9. JR's problem is that even though it was roughly $8M per WAR at that time, he didn't think it should be, and was/is upset with other owners for setting the market. He lives in his own reality where the market is what he says it is. As for this stupid Loria stuff, he comes off like a whiny, self-centered, entitled POS. "Jeter took down my artist friend's sculpture," "Jeter fired members of the staff I had hired," "Buehrle sent me mean texts after I traded him to a team that plays in a city his family couldn't live in without sacrificing their pets, and I tattled on him to the commisioner," "Fernandez's death was sad, but at least I talked him out of buying a fast car," and so on. Only person looking bad here is Loria if you ask me.
  10. Yea, and…? It seems like that’s exactly how many WS fans feel at this point. These failures are beyond human capabilities.
  11. I honestly think he’s faking it. He didn’t want any part of this. He was forced to go as the lone white Sox rep, and then he got pressured into the derby. It was clear from the derby that he’s just not into this stuff. He doesn’t care if he plays in the all star game, but he doesn’t understand that every white Sox fan wants him to play because he was the only one of 26(-ish) deemed worthy. He doesn’t understand, yet, what it means to be a superstar in the MLB.
  12. Yeah, and the announcer kept talking about how his stance made it so he wouldn’t get as tired as the other guys.
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