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  1. Wish we could re-fire Hahn after looking at this
  2. I moved back to Chicago in August of 2022 after three years in Nashville and had heard that the city was literally dying from the inside out. As a lifelong Chicagoan prior to this, it pained me to hear that not only were people leaving the city in droves for all sorts of reasons, but that Chicago was no longer a tentpole city that all Americans should visit. We took the kids down to the city for the summer and stayed in a hotel in the thick of things and I was shocked by the amount of tourists in the area hitting up all the major sites. There is no doubt in my mind that if this stadium gets built, it will be a hotspot for tourists who fly in for a long weekend and want to see all the things near the loop. The location is literally a short cab ride away from where people will be staying and/or visiting. I honestly think tourists and casual fans will eat up the experience if done right. I also went to San Diego last year for spring break and hit up their stadium and it has a very similar feel to this proposal. And I was literally blown away about how it’s just part of the city and how the little plaza outside of it was actually a cool way to partake in the game without even being in the park. It was just such a different experience from the Rate or any other stadium that’s in the field of parking lots and I say that as someone who grew tailgating in lots A, B, & C. To me, this is a no doubt game changer for the franchise and while there will be some Sox fans impacted by the location (including myself), I think the greater revenue profile that comes with it will be worth those sacrifices. I also hate Jerry Reinsdorf more than just about anyone, but if he can truly pull this off without any new state money (and carrying forward the existing hotel tax would be ok with me with certain caveats) then I don’t care that that he “wins” again per se. I just want championship level baseball on the south side before my elderly parents leave this world and my 10 & 7 year sons become actual adults who have experienced nothing but losing. This franchise hit a new low point in terms of hope, but this new stadium along with a new ownership group (which a new stadium could help accelerate) would almost certainly transform the franchise and hopefully allow us to finally become a best in class, major market franchise. That’s more important to me than Jerry’s kids inheriting a couple hundred million more upon his death.
  3. A sports team theoretically drives hotel stays so there is some basic logic for the tax in the first place. In this proposed location, it will be an ever greater draw for tourists and the logic could still hold. That being said, the city should be funding more police officers regardless of this decision.
  4. It’s absolutely wild that you’re still unable to see just how transformational this proposal would be for our franchise and you’re even more nuts for suggesting spending a boatload of money at the current site would somehow be better. I thank god everyday that you are neither a part of the ownership group or the city / state government.
  5. Yup, he’s just trolling as usual. And I love the “driving drunk and hurting someone but not killing them” example ignored the underlying element that driving drunk alone is illegal. There is this thing of escalating levels of criminalityand all can / should be pursued accordingly.
  6. Yeah, who fucking cared that someone snuck a gun into a packed stadium…not a big deal at all and no reason to further assess the how’s or why’s.
  7. Oh gotcha, so he couldn’t say “no comment” then?
  8. Why would Chris Getz feel compelled to comment on this?
  9. My theory (hope) is that Getz is trying to raise the floor with cheaper vets, but will be willing to cut these guys if a young player proves ready. My fear is that it won’t matter, because we now a roster full of them and Grifol has already stated he won’t sacrifice a single win for development.
  10. Rice is a total wild card, but I do think a cheap platoon DH who can serve as an emergency 3rd catcher has real value. Given his age and lack of tools, he’s a guy the Yankees shouldn’t lose sleep over giving up in the back end of a deal.
  11. Theoretically it would be good to have a LH bat off the bench who can pinch hit for the catchers, DeJong, & Lopez late in games. But Sheets isn’t even a good hitter against RHP at this point, so obviously a questionable fit.
  12. Vivas is tough for a couple reasons. First, I think he’s got more near-term utility for the Yankees than other prospects in the teens for them (and may be simply too good to be a 4th piece). I also question the fit now for us with very light power in the corner OFs. Obviously it’s still very early to worry too much about lineup construction, but I don’t like to the idea of having three spots dedicated to guys with below average power for their positions. I think Serna would be a more realistic get at the bottom end of a deal with solid power upside (but not LH).
  13. For me, if the Yankees won’t do Jones and we have to “settle” for Arias (and I fully get that Rodrick is a very special talent), then I want Lalane as the #3 piece in the deal. Arias, Hampton, Lalane, and a semi-decent 4th piece (and ideally someone not too far out) could work for me. Call me crazy, but I’d be willing to take a flyer on Ben Rice as that final piece and hope he can be our future DH after an Eloy trade come July.
  14. That’s my concern unfortunately. Obviously a deal could come together quickly since we’re not looking for any “win now” pieces, but less time limits a little bit of the gamesmanship and requires two very serious parties.
  15. Would be nice if Boras would hurry the f*** up with his free agents, because I still think there is going to be someone desperate for Cease when it’s all said & done and that could very well be the Yankees. But it’s going to suck for Getz if Boras drags this s%*# out deep into Spring Training like he probably will.
  16. One thing worth pointing out is that Arizona’s AAA site (Reno) is super offensive friendly and anyone even worth the slightest damn absolutely crushes there. Accordingly, Jake McCarthy put up some fantastic numbers there (better than Fletcher), but has been a very ordinary hitter in the majors so far. Not looking to throw more shade at this move, but Dominic’s AAA numbers are somewhat meaningless without additional context, especially the power figures.
  17. Let’s hope contract year Moncada is a healthier, more motivated Moncada.
  18. We’re talking about guys like this on non-contenders. Unlikely most of those names will on the block come July, which is good for a Cease market.
  19. Who are likely sellers who will actually have high-end SPs available at the trade deadline? Most of the true garbage teams in our company don’t have a SP that is the quality of Cease. I’d say the Tigers with Skubal fit the billing the most and possibly the Marlins with Luzardo. And I don’t see a hopeful contender like the Mets with two aces who could underperform and then undermind the market. I candidly hate waiting until then due to general pitching risk, but I think the market conditions will be even more favorable than they are now and how they were last year. Which is why I’m shocked more teams aren’t willing to pony up for Cease now, because the price will almost certainly go up with even the slightest of improvements from Dylan.
  20. We also gave up Lopez who was a pretty desirable reliever. I will continue to look at the trade as Quero for Giolito and Bush for Lopez. Doesn’t change your main point, but I think it’s worth clarifying.
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