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  1. And it’s the fans of 70% of teams who will suffer.
  2. Sure, but at the end of the day it’s MLB’s CBA that allows poor teams to cake in revenue sharing money and for rich clubs to spend without limits. It’s beyond broken and I say that as fan of a franchise not horribly impacted by that.
  3. It’s not this contract, it’s the fact they’re going to spend 4x some clubs. The competitive balance in baseball is broken.
  4. I got to be honest, baseball kind of sucks when the Mets can roll with a +$300M payroll. Really fucking lame.
  5. Sure, but they have a ton of top 100 prospects. Miller & Busch are both top 50 guys at multiple sites, BA has Pepiot as a top 100 guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get Caraya, but he seems like an untouchable.
  6. The Sox are at a critical inflection point right now and really need to pick a lane. If Jerry isn’t willing to spend like a serious contender, then there is a legit argument to do a hard retool by selling off all major pieces with two years or less of control. We could get a ton of near major league talent for the likes of Anderson, Giolito, & Hendriks. Yes, we’d be mostly punting the 2023 season, but it would help set us up for a new window beginning in 2024 with several core pieces still in place (Robert, Eloy, Vaughn, Colas, Cease, Kopech), all the pieces acquired from the trades mentioned above, an influx of talent from the farm (Montgomery, Ramos, lots of pitching), and newfound financial flexibility. If that’s not possible because Jerry claims he wants to win, then you have to tap into the farm and add a legit difference making LH bat for 2B or OF on top of a Gallo like addition at the other spot. I don’t have a ton of ideas there, but a guy like Brandon Lowe would help tremendously. Going half-assed next year would be highly problematic given we’re quickly running out of time with certain core members and Jerry is unwilling to support a competitive payroll without playoff revenue. As such, push some chips in and give yourself a legit shot at a World Series if all goes right or make some moves that hurt your chances next year but will take advantage of a great seller’s market and help set ourselves up for the future. It’s really that simple although I fully expect Hahn to half-ass it.
  7. With all this movement, hopefully Hahn can finally do something in the next couple weeks.
  8. I’m simply trolling Harold…I too do not want Madrigal back
  9. Other than he’s historically been a quality defensive OF where Sheets ranked as one of the worst.
  10. What if we trade Lopez to the Cubs for Madrigal to solve 2B? Would that help or hurt?
  11. Early polling results suggest a 9.8 excitement level which is impressive!
  12. He’d a perfect 4th OF for us, but will probably cost $6M or $7M which may be too rich for our blood
  13. Hopefully they bat back-to-back-to-back frequently to keep to help make gamethreads even more entertaining
  14. I will say this, 75% of Sox fans will hate Joey Gallo
  15. Gallo plus trade for a LH 2B like Lowe. I’m ok with Gallo (would prefer Conforto) but we’d need to pair him with a serious 2B upgrade IMO.
  16. I just wish he didn’t talk to the press until he actually made a move. I get it’s part of the job, but he’s got to know when he says this same s%*# every year it’s going to rile up the base.
  17. Did we lose anyone in the minor league portion?
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