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  1. Sosa reminds a bit of Semien in that regard. Marcus obviously had much better patience, but he put up some massive numbers in AA and never cracked a top 100 list to my knowledge.
  2. Wow…Cespedes had a 45% chase rate 😱
  3. I’m good with guys like Hamilton, Reyes, & Payton as extra depth in AAA. But they can’t be first guy up when a starter misses extended time. Go sign Duvall for like $5M and give us a quality 4th OF.
  4. If the Sox don’t add a solid 4th OF then they aren’t serious about competing next year. Can’t rely on Gavin Sheets or Billy Fucking Hamilton to fill in when one of our starters goes down. And that’s assuming Colas comes up and is able to be semi-productive from the get go.
  5. There are multiple RH hitting OFs could be quality 4th OFs.
  6. I’m guessing the guy photo-shopped, but would love to see Mets fan react to that after convincing themselves they’d get Liam for McCann & filler.
  7. It doesn’t matter if you have to move a piece if five other teams are eager to acquire said piece. For a player as attractive as Liam, the poker element only works on margins. You should be able to get a quality return regardless of how your hand is positioned.
  8. Now this is more like it 😎. Obviously completely ridiculous, but people should spread this over Twitter to see those fucking Mets fans squirm.
  9. Why would teams lowball for Hendriks if they want an impact reliever? This is simple supply & demand and there are no other arms available like Liam and he’s a very reasonable deal.
  10. 🤔…Kade actually was pretty good last year for the Knights once he moved to the bullpen. And not having him on the 40 man roster as additional depth was a nice plus. That being said, Santos still has an option and a massively higher ceiling. Probably a risk worth making if you want a potentially more impactful arm.
  11. I was hyped as f*** for that bullpen. It didn’t really work out, but at the time I was excited for guys like Sisco & Aardsma.
  12. Forgot who coined it here, but always be selling relievers
  13. Here is Fangraphs’ write-up from last year where they ranked him the Giants’ 7th prospect and a 45 FV overall.
  14. What staring catcher is available in free agency that would only cost us money?
  15. Eloy vs the Wall just regurgitates whatever NBB says. I find him far less credible.
  16. We literally have three OFs including a rookie. Definitely need a 4th OF at minimum.
  17. Pearson would be a great secondary piece. Prospect stock is way down right now, but move him to the bullpen and let him work with Katz and you may have a bullpen beast.
  18. 4th OF, bullpen (I like a cheap Alex Reyes deal), or even a 2B like Segura. Got to get an impactful piece for him that can help in 2023 and ideally a live arm with options that can potentially help offset the loss in the bullpen. I think Pearson has a legit shot at being a high leverage reliever so when combined with a guy like Jansen I think you have to consider it, especially if helps in other areas.
  19. Because part of the allure of moving Liam is taking advantage of the salary relief it provides and free agents aren’t waiting around forever. I also think the trade market is starting to pick up and Hendriks is one of the most desirable assets available. Just feels like a pre-Christmas trade will happen, but obviously just me speculating there.
  20. And Bob is basically implying the org’s message is “bring us a serious offer or get the f*** out of here.” I think he’s gone if he can land us a quality piece that can help us in 2023 while also freeing up salary space for other needs.
  21. What if you could trade Hendriks to the Jays for Jansen & Pearson and then use the $10M in savings for Duvall and other things? To me, that would likely make the team stronger overall. And don’t get me wrong, Hendriks is a beast, but the dude’s arm could blow up any minute and I think we have other options that can be capable in that role.
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