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  1. Yes, his track record is lacking and his FIP hurts him, so I am anticipating a return that might be comparable to a middle of the rotation starter. Since he has a reasonable two-year contract, we will receive a bit of a premium, but given his age, I doubt we will receive a large return. There is just too much risk of regression for whoever gains him.
  2. Why should we celebrate a modest return for someone we should have never wasted a roster spot on to begin with? I want us to go after the kind of guys in the offseason that are good bounceback candidates and could bring back the kind of returns that will actually make a difference in our rebuild. Not just sign trash placeholders and celebrate when they are moved for something.
  3. The only money we should be spending is on placeholders. Here is the problem with spending money on long-term guys: this team is straight trash, and we all know the way the MLB works all the value on FA contracts is on the front end. Why sign someone who is just going to be eating money by the time we are theoretically going to be good? I say theoretically because I have no confidence in this FO at all. The guys I wanted to go after in the offseason are the guys with decreased value you throw in a prospect not worth much buy a lottery ticket and hope they bounce back into something valuable to the club or something to be moved at the deadline. O'NEILL, VERDUGO, KELENIC We basically wasted this year and signed guys that are trash that had no upside to bounce back at all with the exception of pham who I have always liked. Grossman, Maldonado. DeJong. These guys had little to no upside. We wasted money and a ML roster spot on guys who were unlikely to bounce back and gain any sort of value. That is why I won't applaud the trade it was a bad signing and waste of an opportunity and we got trash for trash. What is there to like?
  4. That was always the most likely outcome. Eder was a lottery ticket. He was a high upside arm coming off TJS who had frontline stuff before the injury. He appears to have not regained his velocity pre injury if he never does he projects probably to a more back end rotation type starter. Still the thought process of taking a chance on Eder is solid because if you hit the dream is you end up with another Spencer Strider (injured again) type but if you don't, you lose a marginal DH 1.5 ish war player. Its a chance I'd take every day.
  5. I agreed with the initial strategy of asking for a ransom for Cease and waiting to the deadline if noone was going to offer a ton. Instead, we gave in. Cease is having a Cy Young caliber year which was always the concern. The return would have been there at the deadline even if Cease didn't bounce back, but he did, and we look like fools. So yes to me this was a firable offense because the strategy made no sense. Literally, the only thing that would have prevented the kind of return we got at the deadline would have been an arm injury. He was really our lone remaining asset.
  6. He has a negative WAR. He'd fit right in with our current group.
  7. Cease would be the top pitcher available if our idiot GM held onto him. He is a legit CY Young contender right now. Instead, we took at the time was a poo platter back. Using him as an example of how to conduct a trade is maddening. F chris Getz for selling low. At least Iriarte and Thorpe are off to hot starts, but neither guy would net us Cease at this point.
  8. No spot for him to play and he is a marginal DH. We sold high on him. Let it go folks.
  9. I am not really paying attention to this year. Terrible product and with Chris Getz in charge I have no hope for the future. I have never been more disillusioned as a fan.
  10. Okay, I will admit that. Therefore, all you can do is hold onto him in the hopes that he will regain some value. He was under control for two more seasons, I don't know why this FO or fanbase felt pressured to finalize a trade.
  11. Although I am aware that he was only recently hired, he has really underperformed in his scouting work under Hahn, and his work after being promoted to me has been extremely subpar. Though it might sound crazy, I have already completely lost faith in him as general manager. I do not think any of his offseason moves will pay off. This, in my opinion, is what occurs when you hire someone who performed poorly in their prior position and, for some reason, you give him a promotion.
  12. Where it is really going to hurt is if the Padres are out of contention and they decide to flip Cease at the deadline. Because I think they easily beat this return
  13. I voted D. For one of the best pitchers in baseball, this is a pretty pitiful return. SD didn't give up any of their best prospects. Although I would have shot higher for Jackson Merrill or Ethan Salas, it is almost criminal that they walked away from the deal while keeping Robby Snelling and Dylan Lesko. Since Cease was our best remaining asset, this trade hurts. Next year, we would have been in a situation where we would have needed to move him, so I could see us having to make do with this kind of return. Right now? He still has 2 years of control. I am aware that the market is currently soft, but given the circumstances, you are not required to make a deal. I don't understand why we didn't just wait until the deadline instead of taking this poo platter.
  14. Whatever Tim Anderson ends up being at least there is potential that he can rebound and have a good year. Dejong is just awful. Which has been the theme all offseason we replace guys who had down/terrible years with awful baseball players. So where is the improvement going to come from? Tim Anderson, Grandal, etc were at least bounceback candidates I am not saying I wanted them back but at least last year as a fan I could tell myself Grandal and Anderson are going to hit because they have their entire careers basically. Dejong and Maldonado are never going to hit or be anything except marginal players. In fact if either of those guys even ended up being a marginal contributor that would be a huge positive as far as I'm concerned I don't think either are going to have positive wars or be in the lineup when the season ends.
  15. I am so tired hearing about the clubhouse. Maybe he was a problem, maybe he wasnt. Regardless this team is going to lose 100 games. Whether it loses it with a good clubhouse or a bad one quite frankly I don't care and neither should anyone else. What this team goal should be is not trading or signing glue clubhouse guys on shortterm deals who can't play but finding talent who are bounceback candidates. Those guys are often going to have stigmas attached to them whether it's something they did off the field, or not being a great clubhouse guy, or coming off a terrible year or even some combination on the three. People are acting like we can sit back and be choosy at who we offer shortterm contracts. We are like a homeless dude thumbing our nose at someone offering McDonalds demanding to go to In'N'Out instead. We are going to lose 100+ games and are openly in a rebuild we are not that attractive of a destination either. There is a decent chance if we offered 1/5M he goes to Miami anyways. The issue for me is all offseason I didn't see us targeting the guys we should.
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