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  1. This was my thought coming into the off-season, but Rosenthal & Fegan are as credible as it gets. I don't think this rumor would be out there if there's not smoke to it.
  2. If the Sox go cheap at 2B, Josh Smith could make sense as a lefty option to mix in with Sosa, Romy, Popeye etc
  3. Andrus was the only hitter on the team last year who swung like he knew pull power was the only way to do damage. I'll admire that about him, at least.
  4. Cleveland or Tampa are teams who are able to win consistently while doing this, but constant roster churn I think puts a ceiling on how good your team can realistically be. The Sox, at least under this current regime, will also never be the scouting & player development machine those organizations are so it's moot point anyways.
  5. 2nd base specifically has only been an organizational black hole for almost 20 years now. 🙂
  6. The Sox had the 5th best batting average & 8th lowest team strikeout rate in baseball. There's room for someone with that profile in the lineup if they actually hit.
  7. Kepler's history of being a high walk guy with a low strikeout rate is intriguing. Last year his power cratered, but he had hit for significantly above average power 6 years in a row before that. The defense is solid. If the price to acquire him is minimal, I could definitely talk myself into this.
  8. If anyone's looking to pile on a bit more misery, check out the early ZIPS projections for 2023 https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-absurdly-preliminary-2023-zips-projected-standings/ Just as close to the last place Tigers as the 1st place Guardians, according to these projections 🙂
  9. The Sox haven't had a 2nd basemen surpass 2 fWAR in 17 years and Wong hasn't played below that pace (prorating 2020 out for him) in the last 6 years. I think people are sleeping on what a significant addition he would be even if it's not a huge splash.
  10. Wong is a pretty good player. You aren't going to get him completely for free.
  11. Is this guy more credible than the foodies? Of course Wong makes a ton of sense as a trade target. Assuming the price tag isn't crazy, he'd be a great fit here.
  12. I can't vouch for this model, but as I referenced earlier in the thread, Eno Sarris of The Athletic has a model that's been very successful at spotting breakouts over the last few years. His model seems to line up very well with whatever the Dodgers are doing internally considering their pitching staff + bullpen is filled with arms his model liked that weren't having great results prior to the Dodgers acquiring them. There are a ton of really smart people analyzing pitching through this perspective that teams continue to hire away.
  13. Interesting prediction from Olney on Pollock's next contract in that article as well Olney: AJ Pollock, Giants, two years, $20 million. The Giants love their platoons, and Pollock wrecks left-handed pitching (.935 OPS vs. lefties in 2022). Plus he knows the division so well.
  14. Definitely seems like there's an interesting set of materials for him to be a useful reliever
  15. The Dodgers attempted to trade Bellinger before the tender deadline but obviously nothing came of it. Him doing better than the ~18-20M he was estimated to receive in arb would be a pretty big surprise. https://dodgersnation.com/cody-bellinger-news-friedman-reveals-dodgers-tried-to-trade-outfielder-before-non-tender/2022/11/19/
  16. His agent allowing him to sign that contract is disgraceful, honestly. There are club friendly extensions and then there's whatever the hell Albies signed.
  17. Trading 5 years of a good player (Albies) for 2 years of a good player (TA) doesn't make much sense from the Braves perspective, but I'd be all for it
  18. That is a good question. I don't know how good or predictive this stuff plus model is. I do know Eno Sarris of The Athletic has one that's useful and has been predictive of nailing breakouts over the last few years. There are a lot of smart analysts who pop up on twitter/various baseball websites with models like this that immediately get snapped up by teams.
  19. Eric Longenhagen from Fangraphs with a few tidbits on arms the Sox didn't add to their 40 "On the pitching side, we were surprised that Lane Ramsey, who was sitting 95 with a plus upper-80s slider by the end of the Fall League, was not added. Neither was Kade McClure, who amid a shift into a multi-inning relief role maintained good command over his four-pitch arsenal, including his above-average slider. Middle relief prospect Caleb Freeman spent a couple months on the IL and struggled to throw strikes when healthy. " https://blogs.fangraphs.com/40-man-deadline-analysis-al-central/
  20. There's a recent history of pitchers popping on stuff models, ending up in orgs with good pitching coaching/development like Tampa or LA & exploding. Katz is really good, imo, so this plus the fact he's already a ++ GB guy definitely should have Cronin on peoples radars.
  21. Those numbers from Cronin are from the AFL so I wonder if he made a tweak late in or after the minor league season that isn't apparent in the results.
  22. Like 7 years ago. He's never shown any eagerness to improve rosters on the margins like that.
  23. Thomas would be an awesome get, but I'd imagine they could do a lot better than that package. Fangraphs had him as the 21st best prospect when he lost eligibility mid-season. The performance in the majors was bad, but there was still some encouraging stuff in his profile from a plate discipline & batted ball standpoint.
  24. The one instance where the Sox don't go the nepotism route or just bring in whoever they're most comfortable with. 🙂
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