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  1. “Glory days” much like I remember the glory days of his contemporary, Adam Dunn. So fun it was
  2. I mean if the Sox had the shitty baseballs it certainly didn’t seem like it affected the other teams
  3. Bob Sacamano got married you missed the party
  4. Jon Heyman committing Arson on his Twitter account
  5. I wonder if Santos is having that same groin muscle issue that basically got him cut from the Chiefs and is trying to gut it out
  6. Shane is a big fan that is closer to the action than us and probably does get a little side info that none of us would ever be privy to, but that tweet is straight from a white sox fan not an insider. I actually like him because of his personality but I can see why a lot of people are rubbed the wrong way in certain situations
  7. Also why do people really worry about what Shane thinks like that? He is a producer for the score, he might find out something a little sooner than us but he isn’t some plugged in rumor guy
  8. Three straight runs after a 45 yard bomb wtf
  9. How you gonna tear your oblique in warmups so bad that it ends your year lmao
  10. Would be amazing to watch salvy turn into a white Sox pumpkin like so many before him lol
  11. Why is getting one of the worst me first players in the league a good idea. Make this make sense to me.
  12. Fitzgerald survives, but his staff was fired today
  13. I don’t think he will be (or should be)a starter and the NFL knows it. I’m happy for TJ Edwards beating the odds
  14. That’s fine I just disagree, Hillenmeyer at least warranted a draft spot. Upgrade is needed across the board, I really haven’t seen anything out of Sanborn that makes me think he can sneak a starting position next season.
  15. Next season they need to have almost a completely new LB corps imo. Sanborn is a backup and a special teams guy at best, but I’m not gonna get excited about a guy catching 12 tackles downfield
  16. That Covid protocol was extremely important to the Guardians because of the health and sickness immunity of their manager and I believe they still had Carlos Carrasco at the time who had just finished cancer treatment and also was immunocompromised. That was a big fuckin deal
  17. Dude even made a looney tunes face immediately after impact
  18. That roll up didn’t look good at all, I’m not surprised at the result for Mooney
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