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  1. Those projections are always crap and are always over stated too. Reinsdorf deserves nothing, the guy who won’t spend at all on free agency should not be gifted a new stadium to make his sale of the Sox worth $2b instead of $1b.
  2. They also have pick 32 this year because of Henderson winning rookie of the year so they have 2 of the top 32 picks even with this move.
  3. Their offense is good. Their defense was trash all year.
  4. Absolutely absurd that fans booed Krause tonight. That stuff happened 25 years ago and he’s passed away. Embarrassing
  5. That matches my eye test that a huge amount of the pressures and sacks are on Fields. There is a reason the sack rate drops dramatically when he has been hurt and a backup has played. And the phenomenon was the same when he was at OSU. Before his years as the starter OSU was among the best in the country at preventing sacks and it was the same after when Stroud was there. Yet when Fields was the QB they allowed a ton of sacks. OSU didn't suddenly have much worse offensive lines during that period either (their starting OL from 2020 included a 2nd round pick, 2 3rd round picks, and then their other tackle was also drafted into the NFL and 2019 you had 3 of those same starters plus a 3rd round pick).
  6. Would 100% be better off just rotating through AAAA guys and seeing if something sticks then signing Tim Hill. He's awful.
  7. Yep. Really sucks for FSU but they are basically Iowa without their QB. Hopefully the committee doesn’t repeat its mistake from last year of leaving Bama out (im assuming Michigan, Texas and Washington are all in) for a clearly inferior team.
  8. Like all things Reinsdorf touches just an absolute loser group or players and franchise.
  9. Just an awful win. And I cannot believe Flores brought zero pressure on the last drive when the Bears did nothing against the blitz the entire night
  10. Williams is terrible. Why would that sweeten a return?
  11. Yep. Hope he rebounds in his second year back from missing so much time and flip him. Don’t see any actual upside to the rest of the pieces (well the one A ball guy is a lotto ticket, maybe something there down the road).
  12. I’m guessing it’s because Shuster and Shewmake were relatively recent first round picks. But Shewmake is 26 already and can’t hit and Shuster is a AAAA arm. The real hope to get value out of this is having Soroka revert to 2019 form and then flip him.
  13. This trade is basically a bet on Soroka becoming solid again. Lopez is just a gap filler till Montgomery is ready, Shewmake can’t hit, and Shuster isn’t good and has very limited upside if any.
  14. Yeah, I’m never siding with super rich owners (especially ones like Mark David and Fisher whose only achievements in life were born into billionaire families) extorting cities for $100s of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds.
  15. Totally agree and it has become really clear that it is just incredibly hard to tell in the modern era which QBs are going to really make it in the NFL. It is just such a massive jump from college to the NFL with the level of defense played and it is such a difficult position to play..
  16. There is zero reason to give money to the White Sox or Bulls while Jerry Reinsdorf remains in charge. Just absolutely terrible franchises. If Reinsdorf doesn't inherit the greatest basketball player of all time his franchises would have one title in almost 80 combined years of ownership.
  17. Probably not but for people that do tune in they now are almost certainly going to get the pleasure of a terrible broadcast team.
  18. He’s great and there’s a reason he’s gotten so many big opportunities. I’m sure the replacement will be worse and they probably replace Stone with Beckham so a garbage team will also have terrible broadcast team.
  19. Yep, he is lighting it up without a great o-line, a terrible running game and Nico Collins who looked like an average at best WR in his first years as his #1 guy and a 3rd round rookie as his #2 WR. People need to just be honest with themselves that Fields is a great athlete that can at times make plays but just hasn't shown any ability to process and make reads or make the throws you need to on a consistent basis to be a good NFL QB.
  20. When you can duplicate 10 years of sucking for 2 good teams that only really won in the playoffs because of an all time great bullpen (which is mostly luck) you have to try to do that.
  21. He was a really good player from 2016-2018 as well (3.5+ WAR pace ever year during that stretch) but he became a legitimate star in 2019.
  22. If he isn't extended Poles should be fired immediately. My concern with this move is that while Sweat is a solid player, I don't think he is special and I'm guessing he is going to get a really really big money extension.
  23. It is honestly pointless following the Bulls and Sox until Reindsorf dies or sells unless they just flat out luck into an MVP caliber player like they did with Rose. And even then I wouldn't be confident they could built a championship team around that player. I've saved so much money and been happier since I stopped giving Reinsdorf any money for tickets. I just watch teams and players that I find fun to watch. Maybe someday I'll be able to follow the Bulls closely again.
  24. Plaschke has always been an absolute moron so not surprising. And the Dodgers during their run have won a World Series, made two others and made the NLCS 5 times. Beyond hilarious to say they weren't built for the playoffs for several years when they won the World Series in 2020 and made the NLCS in 2021 and in 2021 Kershaw was hurt and then Roberts royally messed up their rotation by overusing Urias and Scherzer out of the pen. But a team with Scherzer, Buehler and Urias in the rotation is clearly set up to win in the playoffs. Plus look at the Braves, they win the World Series two years ago and now they are on the verge of losing in the NLDS the two subsequent years despite having much better teams in both of those years. I think the playoff setup for baseball is also really really dumb since expanding beyond four teams. Two years ago a 106 win Dodgers team had to play a Wild Card game and then play the 107 win Giants just to make the NLCS (which messed up their pitching bad as discussed above). They haven't had the postseason success they should have had for their talent level but s%*# happens sometimes in baseball. And their team this year looks way different if their pitching staff wasn't completely ravaged by injuries plus Urias being a piece of garbage. Not many teams are going to have a ton of pitching left when you lose Gonsolin, May, Buehler and Urias. I mean that is a couple top of the rotation type guys and solid depth. I assume they are going to go hard after Ohtani this offseason and also try to sign a starting pitcher and if they do they will 100+ again next year and be formidable in the postseason if their pitching is healthy.
  25. This has been as boring of a postseason as I can remember and I’m surprised the Dodgers didn’t just try their young guys like Pepiot or Sheehan over Lynn. Dodgers without Buehler, May, Urias and Gonsolin just didn’t have enough pitching left.
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