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  1. According to conventional wisdom and there is some evidence that has been published JR signed Belle to pay the other owners back for settling the labor issue in 94-95 and not on terms he wanted.
  2. Assuming ownership doesn't change in the next few years the operational philosophy won't change...which mean the talent won't really change and neither will the results on the field. I agree with you, a team in a major market shouldn't be one of the worst in baseball since the start of the 2007 season, but current ownership feels they are smarter than everyone else and their way is the correct way to run a baseball operation. Until that changes the fan base is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  3. I can easily see the team losing 10 straight over the rest of the week. It is now at four...and counting.
  4. You obviously didn't see a follow up post of mine: "I'll cut Getz slack in one area though, he works for and is under orders from JR, which probably explains some but not all of the bizarre moves."
  5. And unfortunately it seems practically every "aggressive" or "proactive" move he's made has been either bringing in over-the-hill; injury prone, has-been's and stiffs or replaced said garbage with more garbage. That's some way to run a "professional" organization isn't it? I'll cut Getz slack in one area though, he works for and is under orders from JR, which probably explains some but not all of the bizarre moves.
  6. May very well be. And who knows what pressure (if any) he's getting from JR who loves to stick his nose in baseball on-field affairs). Honestly, this is my 64th season following the franchise and I don't know if I've ever seen a season with less Major League talent on the roster. Even in 1970 they had several solid Major League players...Wood, Melton, May, Herrmann, Aparicio, John, Horlen. This bunch is just garbage everywhere.
  7. Fundamentals continue to be an unknown word in this organization despite seemingly every spring comments posturing about how this time it will be different. Baseball-stupid players + coaches who don't know how to properly teach things = what you see every year.
  8. If they lose the next five/six straight I still think around Memorial Day.
  9. If you are always hurt you won't play and won't produce at an All-Star caliber. And those guys are ALWAYS hurt.
  10. Compared to five or 10? Yes it is. Keep the faith...sooner or later new ownership has to arrive.
  11. Just constantly replacing flotsam and jetsam with more flotsam and jetsam. Garbage in...garbage out. I can't see any rhyme or reason to what Getz is doing or trying to do.
  12. Can't say I expected anything different this weekend now that the Sox are playing some very good clubs. Next two weeks they may win two or three games...total.
  13. Well for his first season he certainly understands how to get his name out there in various ways with the public: https://awfulannouncing.com/local-networks/john-schriffen-670-the-score-feud-radio-losers.html
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