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  1. The Athletic’s Tim Britton projects that Lee will land a four-year, $56 million contract, which would come with an additional posting fee of $10.3 million. The bidding could go higher than that — the rival San Francisco Giants are among other teams interested. Although recent numbers might not reflect it, Ha Song Kim has spent considerable time helping his friend prepare for the jump to the majors. Lee, who hit .349 with 23 home runs in 2022, hit .318 with just six home runs during his injury-shortened 2023. Besides an early-season slump, there was at least a partial explanation for the decline: Lee perhaps needed time to harness a new swing he had honed with advice from Kim. In a Korean interview, according to KBO analyst Daniel Kim, Ha-Seong Kim relayed how he struggled in his first experiences against big-league velocity, eventually prompting significant swing adjustments. Lee, with Kim’s help, sought a shorter learning curve while still playing in the KBO in 2023. And he later seemed to find some comfort with his reworked swing; over his final 20 games before a July ankle injury, Lee hit .403 for the Kiwoom Heroes. https://theathletic.com/5119778/2023/12/07/juan-soto-trade-padres-next-moves/?source=freedailyemail&campaign=601983
  2. The Tennessean has a really good story about Dave Stewart and the parallels with Oakland and Nashville situations...more from a socio-economic/cultural side. Posted a link about 12 hours ago or so in this thread.
  3. Nobody knows. Depends on how much he interferes...how much he trusts his own baseball people that he brings in...and how much the analytics team from a financier's standpoint can leverage "real world baseball success" from computer models/algorithms/simulations.
  4. Memories of Giolito, Reynaldo and Dunning for Adam Eaton...perhaps the greatest trade of Hahn's tenure, along with Cease and Eloy for Quintana. Kept in a very well-paying job for the better part of a decade...that and signing Luis Robert, Jr.
  5. https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/39054696/mlb-juan-soto-yankees-padres-grade-trade-blockbuster B to Yankees, A- to Padres, comprehensive grades for both teams after the trade https://www.yahoo.com/sports/grade-padres-juan-soto-trades-153914460.html C-, although it's including the 2023 results and the fact they were forced to trade him in the first place, rather than just the talent going back and forth in the trade itself
  6. Missed that...not really surprising, the White Sox have their own version already in Colas.
  7. Laughing now about the idea of Mike Caruso ever becoming a star...but I guess you had Lorenzo Barcelo there as well, with Keith Foulke and Howry. Foulke was very good with the Sox for the majority of his time, but certainly not a "star" by most descriptions. More like All-Star caliber in a number of seasons.
  8. This guy is going to get something like $50-75 million, and that might be low. And a number of Korean stars have failed to translate as positional prospects...so there's almost no way JR would authorize that kind of transaction with Benintendi still on the books. (Benintendi will likely be cited the next 3-5 years just like Danks was...as a reason for NEVER AGAIN signing pitchers to more than 3-4 year deals)
  9. Cohen with the Mets would be another, although on a whole DIFFERENT scale in numerous billions under management...
  10. Balta is a bonafide populist rabble rouser/Occupy Wall Streeter now. Proud part of the 99%.
  11. I'm glad an internet stranger can have so much influence on you. I'm perfectly happy to discuss the implications for the Yankees as well, as I have already done in this thread. Did Harold also cause you to hate Jared Kelenic in equal fashion, lol? At least when I pick a player like Puig or Tatis, they generally make more of an impact upon the sport, for both good or bad. Although Jared did kick a Gatorade cooler out of anger and knock himself out of action for two months in a key season for the Mariners...hence, his trade to ATL where he will have no choice but to toe the line.
  12. We already have the Cuban pitcher Yosimar Cousin, lol...Cousins is going to get confused with the NBA player due to the same last name.
  13. https://www.mlb.com/news/analyzing-juan-soto-trade-for-padres Already attempting to spin the positives...
  14. Like Rangers signing Seager, Semien, de Grom, etc.
  15. Look at how many owners they've had since Ewing Kauffman and his free-spending ways...that's three that overlap JR.
  16. Notice he didn't compare with the Reds or Orioles...since the difference in farm systems is so vast. Two more hyper aggressive athletic teams who punish you on the basepaths.
  17. Yoan's managed to make Byron Buxton look like less of a disappointment, somehow.
  18. Reds have way too many infielders unless 2-3 are changing to outfielders. Steer can, obviously. And an opening at first base for Votto...where Steer can also go. Jonathan India and Nick Senzel two of the more obvious odd men out...will try to convince Getzy they have his second baseman of the future on their roster.
  19. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/chicago-white-sox/yoan-moncada-16234/ Still owed $29-54 million over the next two years...but 98% $24 and buyout of $5million if not traded at DDL this year. Would have to hit a minimum of 725-750 with GG defense.
  20. Jerry would take less of a hit than moving the team in the middle of the night...there's that.
  21. Last thing they need to do is put him in CF after his toe injury last year. His bat is too important and expensive to be sitting on the bench except as DH...sure maybe Ohtani at DH and Yamamoto as well.
  22. Trent Grisham if he stays…no way Judge isn’t on a corner. The guy is a GGer…that’s his single biggest individual strength. Grisham is a lhb just Verdugo so depends on who is hottest between him and Verdugo…if anything too left-handed lol. Verdugo could be in CF with Soto in LF and Judge in RF…or Verdugo for Soto with Juan DHing and Grisham in CF. Or Soto LF Grisham CF Verdugo RF with Judge DH.
  23. Seems 2-3 years too soon. Maybe the Nashville White Sox will offer more NIL opportunities, lol.
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