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  1. Imagine if he has an inning like Big Unit did against Kruk Gwynn etc. at ASG.
  2. Povich isn't leading anyone anywhere this season…
  3. https://x.com/CClarkReport/status/1810851005531041903?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1810851005531041903|twgr^4d109217101a5f8d9c44a9cecd2a7aadea2472bb|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fhawkeyeswire.usatoday.com%2F2024%2F07%2F10%2Fcaitlin-clark-wilson-basketball-limitless-collection-sold-out-day-one%2F In the Caitlin Clark era, WNBA audiences that would have once qualified as milestones have become routine. Saturday’s Liberty-Fever WNBA regular season game averaged 1.87 million viewers on CBS, marking the fifth-largest WNBA audience in the past 23 years. Each of the top five have come this season and involved Clark and the Fever. Indiana’s win, which peaked with 2.65 million in the 2:45 PM ET quarter-hour, was the 12th WNBA game this season with a seven-figure audience — tying 2002 as the most in any season since 1997. (This article originally reported that it was the 11th, but that mistakenly omitted last Tuesday’s Fever-Aces game.) The WNBA entered this season having gone nearly 16 years without a single seven-figure audience. Clark and the Fever have played in 11 of the 12 games with a million viewers this season, and led into the lone exception — Sparks-Aces on May 18. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2024/07/caitlin-clark-effect-wnba-ratings-ad-revenue-rising/
  4. I'm sure Clark games are already demolishing every Sox game.
  5. He’s pitching under zero pressure with the worst team in baseball. Look what happened to Giolito last year after he was actually EXPECTED to perform.
  6. Not if there’s 1 out of 30 GM’s that values him more highly and is willing to pay the price…like the Dodgers with, even though he rarely gets to the 120 IP threshold, he’s valued in the same way as a guy who consistently goes 150-180. 4.8 fWAR last year, 3.2ish track this year. Average over last 1 1/2 years extrapolates to 4 fWAR x 9=$36ish million buying the guy on FA market in pure cash. It’s even higher if you weigh 2023 more heavily than 2024…although recency bias tends to balance that out towards the lesser 2024 pace. Fedde lacks that extra full year of recent high level performance stateside.
  7. Yes, but you cant’t assign human characteristics to a vague term like team payoll…as who would empathize or sympathize with JR, a faceless miser to most? You’re theoretically meaning to say equal to…balancing out…cash flow neutral.
  8. So now back to Wetherholt? At least his bat is already right there.
  9. Jo Adell and Lewis Brinson...forget developing a Griffin. Only worked once with Tim Anderson...that kind of off the charts teenage toolsiness like Griff. Maybe Wolkow minus the speed...certainly he isn't a middle infielder.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/michael-kopech-becomes-first-white-sox-pitcher-to-throw-immaculate-inning-in-more-than-a-century-223224929.html
  11. I meant in the sense most ranking systems have Eflin higher due to the proven track record...Fedde makes it through 3-4 more starts with around a 3 or below ERA, yet another bump up in value. Also...just jettisoning salary is more important than talent return, despite freeing up all that Wander Franco extension money. That money will instead be ticketed to Junior Caminero extension. Also likely to want to dump Arozarena arb year/s.
  12. Right #8-12 Especially after escaping that bases loaded jam in the first inning. More supportive data points.
  13. I'm going to try to get to Drew Anderson in the SSG Landers bullpen tonight in Incheon and ask some Sox front office related questions...and which players are the biggest dicks.
  14. Some team is going to see Kopech as a starter for next year and utilize him like the Tigers used to employ Joel Zumaya.
  15. Oh I misread. Yeah arguably the second best starter. Eflin is getting listed lots of places but more expensive. Flaherty too. Hard to believe the Rays care throwing in the towel. Skubal is great...trading him is crazy talK if the Tigers ever intend to contend. Rolled Tide might go for him warts and all lol. Eeovaldi has the dominant playoff pedigree with two teams now. Scherzer and Verlander will be interesting decisions too.
  16. Now you're over selling him like a used car salesman. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware!
  17. I bet most would argue too low based on advanced stats/analytics and Kopech way too high based on scouts who fell in love with him a decade ago out of a Texas high school.
  18. My mistake. Well...Suarez is definitely going to be laboring. Grayson was hurt for part of last season as well.
  19. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/2024-mlb-trade-deadline-ranking-30-players-who-could-be-on-the-move-plus-where-top-candidates-may-land/ Crochet, Robert, Fedde, Kopech, Pham, DeJong 6/30 or 20% of FA market
  20. 4-4 with a 4.48 ERA from Lynn is much better than 2023 with the Sox. Cease was very much NOT good last season. Graveman and Kelly were expensive, high leverage relievers. Hardly the anonymous guys of this season. Bummer, also much much better, for example. There are many more that improve when departing the White Sox than other way around. Think of Pollock, Kimbrel and Benintendi. Giolito’s one of the few that left and got worse, then hurt.
  21. Start with the Colas reconversion to LHR / pinch hitter / defensive replacement.
  22. You can win in baseball without superstars. Or the opposite. See Trout with Ohtani. How have the Bulls done in the last thirty years when they had any star but an uninjured D. Rose?
  23. We have now turned back to Jasson Dominguez…a much surer bat.
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