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  1. Thanks for the correction, it was 9 in a row.
  2. I was, great time but the ironic thing is when we won the pennant in 1959 the Yankees weren’t much of a factor that year. Cleveland wound up second and I remember a key series in late August when we went into Cleveland and swept a 4 game series against the Indians in front of huge crowds, IIRC there were 70,000 for the Friday night game and over 60,000 for the Sunday DH. The 60s came along and the Yankees went to the WS 5 straight years from 60 to 64, the Sox had their best chance in 64 finishing 1 game behind the Yanks but the Sox had to win the last 10 in a row to finish that 1 game behind. The Sox were damn good in 63,64 and 65 winning more games than any other team in MLB those 3 years but never saw the post season, they won 94, 98 and 95 games those 3 years, the best 3 consecutive years in Sox history.
  3. No, a complete housecleaning is needed.
  4. Grifol is horrible but Getz has given us a bullpen that can’t get anyone out and blows one game after another, both of these clowns have to go.
  5. So what is going on with Robert, didn’t he say the other day that things are going to get better with the Sox and sounding like he wants to be part of it.
  6. If he can’t stay healthy he will never put up Superstar numbers. That being said I still think they should build around Robert and Crochet and hoping that Robert can stay on the field.
  7. The man must have no pride at all as he has put the franchise in the worst position since the 1919 Black Sox. He has to care a little bit that he is in charge of the second worse franchise in MLB and probably all of the Professional Sports franchises. Maybe all he cares about is that he can laugh on the way to the bank, well screw him.
  8. It’s time to DFA Kopech, the guy is never going to figure things out.
  9. Is it just me or are the Sox going for the record in roster moves for a season.
  10. You know what’s sort of funny, the best friend I’ve had in my 30 years in Florida is from Boston. Great guy, when the White Sox won it all in 2005 he special ordered for me a dozen Titleist Pro V 1 golf balls with the White Sox World Series Championship logo with my name also on them.
  11. It has to be a haul and hopefully guys that can help right away, I’ll be 79 soon, too old, I’m done with tanking and rebuilds.
  12. As I said earlier, Crochet and Robert if he can stay healthy are guys you want to build around, the key is JR having an epiphany and for a change spending some money.
  13. The Carmines ( Bruins and Pats too) and their fans (obnoxious people) have been unlikable for decades, they should give Boston and Plymouth Rock back to the British Empire.
  14. I thought about that but wasn’t sure and we were heading out to breakfast at our favorite diner.
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